I am thrilled to announce that my book,The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane, has been produced by e-Book Dynasty into Chinese!  I am hoping to inspire Chinese parents to accept their children born with disabilities with love and enthusiasm, enabling the family to live a productive and happy life.  If you know anyone who reads Chinese, please pass this information along.  Likewise, if you know anyone who reads English, please pass along information on the English Version.

Gee!  I wonder what my name sounds like in Chinese???????


Comments on: "I Wonder How My Name is Pronounced in Chinese" (40)

  1. Congratulations! There are an incredible number of Chinese speaking people throughout the world. In my travels over the world, I have noticed that there are always Chinese restaurants wherever I go. They will feast on your book! 😀

  2. This is fantastic! I truly hope tour book inspires Chinese parents to accept their children with disabilities!

  3. Congratulations! How do you know which group of symbols is your name???

  4. Congratulations! This is wonderful news. I pray that your message will truly make a difference!

  5. Well done you. If and when you get this book into Turkish let me know as here children with disabilities can be hidden in the family as some believe this is due to their sin and God’s punishment. Not all but still too many, so anything to help would be great.

  6. Congratulations I have a book I want to publish but I do not know where to begin to get it published. DId you do the POD publish yourself or did you find a publisher. Than you for your advice one day I will be publishing my book on the donkeys and my life.

  7. ABC days of being a mom said:

    Bravo…well done and more to come

  8. Ko Sing Ghaw La. 😆 I made this up. Congratulations!

  9. A wonderful achievement, the subject, the purpose, and the book. Such a mammoth feat, taken together. I wish you the utmost success. iTunes and iBooks…a very good format choice. All the best!

  10. Congrats!!! I’m sure many Chinese parents will benefit from it!
    Your name sounds pretty much like how you say it in English — “LinDa BiDeShun”. It’s never exact though. 🙂

  11. This is wonderful! Such great news!

  12. A very hearty congratulations!! So proud of you. Can’t wait to find out the pronunciation…

  13. Hello Everyone, This is Linda’s Chinese ebook publisher eBook Dynasty. Thanks to lilhoneydreams for “spelling out” Linda’s name in Chinese. Can I please add it should be “BiDeSen”. And the ebook will be in both Simplified Chinese (for readers in China and other overseas Chinese communities that use it) and Traditional Chinese (for readers in Taiwan and other overseas Chinese communities that use it). The Chinese ebook will be launched before the end of August. You can view the English page here ( Cheers, Christine Sun, Manager of eBook Dynasty.

    • Thank you so much for clarifying it, Christine! And thanks so much for assisting me in learning another language, albeit it only how to pronounce my name, but another language none the less!

  14. Congrats. Normally Chinese people just use similar sounds for Western names. Yours would be 琳达 (Lin Da) for Linda.

  15. Your name in Chinese would be…patient, innovative, creative gentle… the same as in English.

  16. So happy for you. Congratulations. I hope you have many, many sales.

  17. That is wonderful!

  18. Congratulations!

  19. Yay! Congrat’s!

  20. What a wonderful accomplishment! (Tail wags, jumps up even though I’m not supposed to)…Woof!

  21. I’m glad to have found your site. I am currently teaching English in China, and I can say that many disabilities are not recognized in China. Especially mental disabilities such as learning deficiencies. It’s good to know your book has been translated.

    • I’ve heard that children with disabilities in China often don’t get recognized due to the possible stigma attached. I am hoping my book can spread the word that there IS no stigma!

  22. Congratulations. well done.

  23. puiyinlab said:

    Thank you for checking out my blog. I have a son who is autistic. I salute you. You are a role model 🙂 And I love the cover with the Chinese words.

    • Thank you for checking me out. My son, who is autistic, is now 21 years old…I can’t believe it! And life has gotten better…

      • puiyinlab said:

        That’s good to hear. My son is 5 years old and he is getting better too, especially for someone so young. I think he will grow up to become a swimmer. His teachers think so too. Anyways, you’re an inspiration to me. Pls keep in touch.

  24. I really enjoyed reading about your post and fishing. Sometimes its those simple things in life that bring back memories to us of yesterday and how life was back then for us. I look forward to reading more of your blog as time goes by. Best wishes from NZ! 🙂

  25. Loved your book.
    My 16 year old granddaughter, Hadley, who has Autism, took a six weeks class in Chinese. I asked her if she could say anything in Chinese. She said, “Only my name.”
    “How do you say it in Chinese?” I responded.
    “Hadley,” she replied with a grin.

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