I lead a complicated life, but every evening I take time out for a nice bubble bath and frozen wine cooler.  I used to read the newspaper while in the tub, but lately my patience has been tested and I find it too big and cumbersome to read without it dipping into the water.  So, I have been playing Scrabble on my telephone. I have played Scrabble all of my life, most often with my mom who passed away a few years ago.  We were pretty evenly matched, and playing together gave us quite a bit of quality, stress free time together.  I welcomed the chance to play Scrabble in the tub, equating it to the fun, stress free times when I played with my mom.  Instead, I have found out that it is no fun to play Scrabble against the computer.  It is not that the computer always wins, as I can beat it 50% of the time. It is because it does not play fairly.  When playing with my mom, instead of choosing a small word for a lot of points, (think zip,quit, hex…) we would play a larger word (such as trainer) in order to open up the board more.  There is nothing I hate more than having a board where the words are concentrated in one area so that there are few options for play.  By playing the larger word, more options would be available.  Sure, it would be less points, but the game would be easier and more fun.  Also, my mom and I would purposefully set up an option for the other player to use a double or triple word score.  Again, not a lot of points individually, but more fun for our partner, and therefor more fun for us, who gained pleasure from the happiness of others.  I guess we played Scrabble like we lived our lives…considerately, unselfishly, with an eye towards more fun and enjoyment.  These traits have not been programmed into my Scrabble computer opponent.  It wants to win, and does not care if the words are too close together.  It also chooses to use the double and triple word scores itself, not sharing them with me!  It is not like playing with my mom, and playing it does not relieve my stress.  It is just no fun to play Scrabble alone…






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Comments on: "It’s No Fun to Play Scrabble Alone" (52)

  1. merbear264 said:

    I play Words with Friends on facebook..with family and friends…its much better to play a human than a computer.

  2. Don’t go anywhere near the online games then, you will be utterly disheartened by the selfish competitiveness of real life opponents. Much worse than any computer!! They deliberately avoid a stocking great score in order to avoid giving you a chance at a good score too!

    Try solitaire instead! Xxx

  3. Friend me on FB (Lilly Green), and I will play Scrabble with you. My family are Scrabble addicts. I can not promise to set you up for a triple, though. 🙂

  4. fransiweinstein said:

    I recommend candlelight, leaning back against a nice bath pillow, and a glass of wine (or your cooler) in the tub. Leave the games for another time and place.

    • You have set a beautiful setting…but I need something to keep my hyperactive brain from thinking about “things”. I used to watch tv in there, until they made all tv digital! Maybe a nice talking book…

  5. Visit this blog for some giggles; http://tinman18.wordpress.com/category/written-weekly-photo-challenge/

    Laughter is the best medicine xx

  6. I hear you. I miss my mom desperately. {{{hugs}}}

    Personally, I’ve become quite addicted to Bananagrams. It’s Scrabble, without the board, only cooler. There’s nothing better than playing Bananagrams with my friends on Shabbos, after a long leisurely lunch.

    To relax my brain, I’ve taken to reading YA fiction. My 9 yo daughter brings home stacks of library books from school, and I read through all of them. Some of them are amazingly good, and the bonus is that it gives me something that I can share with her. We can discuss the story lines and characters and it helps her reading comprehension. (The large print is good for my tired old eyes, too!)

    • I love the idea of Bananagrams. My problem is that I have no one to play with…
      Love the suggestions of the YA books. It would be great for my eyesight, too. (I save my eyesight even more by listening to talking books!)

  7. I love this post! My mom and I used to love to play scrabble together and it really is one of my favorite games. We used to play it every holiday season. I agree that it is more fun in person. We used to play more for fun than points.

  8. I’d say take it easy. And enjoy the bubble. 🙂 . I love scrabble too. But nobody has time to play with me anymore 😦

  9. I’m glad you play so that others also enjoy the game, the world needs more people looking out for others. And yes, the computer is just not as fun.

  10. I love love love that whole post. You have really brought to the fore, the real reason for playing a game at all. It’s the pleasure of fun and interaction with other humans. The trend today with people playing mostly against themselves on a computer or device or against the actual device itself really has taken that intrinsic humanity out of the simple board game. I’m sorry that you no longer have your Mum to play scrabble with, but I’m glad you haven’t lost that lovely way of playing a game. 🙂

  11. Leaving double and triple word scores open? You can’t expect to get that kind of play out of anyone besides your own mother!

  12. No matter who you play with, it will never be like playing scrabble with your mother!…You are so lucky to have had such a loving and giving Mother!

  13. kelihasablog said:

    I agree…. I play Words with Friends on my Nook or computer with family and a few friends. The only problem is I’ve been slow lately because I get caught up in the books I’m reading…LOL

    • I’d love to have the time to read a book. I don’t because I am so busy and every time I’d pick up a book to read, I’d be interrupted and it go to the point that by the time I got back to it I’d forgotten what I read in the first place! I think I need instant gratification!

  14. Try playing scramble with friends 🙂

  15. Back when I used to play Scrabble on a board pretty frequently, we would always say that the long, interesting words that didn’t necessarily get high scores earned “elegance points”. It was a nice perk to get elegance points, and an acknowledgement of creativity and good vocabulary. I have been playing Words with Friends on my phone for awhile now (against real people — mostly people I know, sometimes strangers). It’s fun, but pretty competitive when you play with good players. There can still, sometimes, be grace and elegance — and with the chat function on the app, you can acknowledge your appreciation of your opponent’s good plays. So, it might be better than playing against the computer, but definitely not as good as playing with your mom… You can play with me if you want! : ) I think my user name shows up as either karlapr or zlunningbrown.

  16. I loved this post… I too miss my scrabble buddy and I haven’t played since she died. It is good to know that we were not alone in our love for the game and not the only ones who showed our love for each other as well, through our play.

  17. amber cease said:

    I agree with above comments about using Words with Friends, I have found grrr enjoyment in this myself 🙂

  18. HI.

    I totally love scrabble but I agree with you. it’s not much fun playing against a computer. I used to have a braille scrabble set and it’s probably still around somewhere but who knows where. Hubby isn’t that much in to word games, so I have played a few accessible computer versions. Now an accessible scrabble game that you could play online would be totally awesome.

    regards Maria and crew from australia email: bubbygirl1972@gmail.com

    • I have Braille Scrabble also which I use with the children with whom I work. To me, it would be impossible to play unless you have a photographic memory…all those words…all those spaces…

  19. Liked the post and do understand the need for others to really enjoy the game…the post gives new meaning to…It’s not about winning or losing, but how you play the game….I never thought of playing any game in the tub…but will now

  20. My heart goes out to you. I feel how much you miss your mom.

  21. I was touched by your story. My grandma is my scrabble person. She taught me and my brother to play to help our English skills. We don’t play as much as we once did, but I still treasure those moments.

    • I don’t think the new generation is used to playing board games. God bless our moms and grandmas!

      • I agree and disagree – new generation plays games that are all electronic versions of boardgames. Its lazy (imho) My generation plays complicated board games. We have board game nights (lesser now that we have children) and there is a different element to it.
        I enjoy playing a good ol’ game of scrabble with friends and a glass of wine- i may not give opportunity for points- but I will play to open the board up. I will also try my best to put down the funniest word i can, and i will risk points to spell it too.

      • You have spurred me on to ask a friend to get together one night a week to play Scrabble! I don’t really care if I win or not, so she can play as cut throat as she wants…I just was to have the interaction of a game with a person instead of with a computer!

      • i am happy to hear this 🙂 enjoy the wine, the game and the good company !

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