Inconsiderate Moi


Sometimes people are not thoughtful!  I am embarrassed to say that this category fits me.  Just in the past week, several mishaps have occurred which have demonstrated that my mind is just not aware of my surroundings all the time. Thoughts of life, work, and children, or just daydreams about what else I would love to be doing, (lounging on a beach in Florida, or getting a massage), have interfered with my ability to do 2 things at once.  That is, think while paying full attention to what is going on around me.

One day last week I joyfully went into the bakery to purchase Marie’s graduation cake.  Being thrilled with the way it came out, I felt lighter than air and, with a whiff of happiness, I opened the door to the bakery and let it close behind me, smacking an elderly woman with a huge tray of cookies, almost knocking her and the cookies over. Of course, I apologized immediately, but with the cake in my hand, I couldn’t offer much besides “I’m so sorry.”

Another morning, driving near the junior high school, my line of traffic was stopped so students could cross the street in the crosswalk. There were many students, and I was anxious that I would be late for work. With that single thought rattling in my brain, as soon as the students were safely across the street, my car lunged forward.  As I drove by, the crossing guard, who had not yet fully returned to the sidewalk on the other side or officially let traffic “go”, looked at me with anger and hatred.  Little ole me!  Hated by a crossing guard.  I’m so sorry, it was a mistake!

Then there was the time at the mall that Marie and I had to stop in our tracks so I could focus on what she was signing. There is the joke about a person who can’t walk and talk at the same time. For me it is I can’t walk and “listen”, (i.e. pay attention to interpret her signing) at the same time. This caused much annoyance from those behind us who were walking at the same rate of speed as we were with the purpose of getting somewhere. When we stopped suddenly, the pedestrian flow of traffic stopped, resulting in people bumping into each other, surely NOT a pleasant experience for them. Sorry gals and fellas, didn’t mean to do it. I tried to get Marie to wait to talk until we were somewhere less crowded, but she is a teenager and she has ADHD, so there wasn’t much hope for that.

The worst thing I did was on that rainy day last week when my car was whizzing (speed limit wise) down Warwick Avenue. Being careful to stay in my lane, my front tire hit a puddle and a deluge of water sprung into the air…and landed on a person who was standing at a bus stop, drenching them from head to toe. I was mortified, and too shocked to know what I should have done.  If that person is reading this, I am SOOOOOO sorry!

The only safe solution is for me to stop thinking unless I am safely seated and nothing is expected of me.  At all other times, my eyes will be on the environment, scanning for possible areas of disaster I could cause.



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  1. We all have those moments once in a while. I just always hope that my brilliant moments of demonstrating great consideration for my fellows somehow balances out the times I thoughtlessly screw up.

  2. georgiakevin said:

    I have so much I want to write in my comment on this wonderful post. First of all, I am way behind on reading your work. since I am behind on reading I haven’t commented on your work in a very long time so I will add an obvious comment. Your writing is outstanding and always well worth reading.

    That being said I can get to comments on the content of your post. As a special educator among the most heroic of all heroes are GOOD PARENTS of children who have disabilities/challenges. What you write about is a hero being human. Thank God for that. Every day there are people all around us doing what you wrote about and much worse than that .Take away your normal everyday stress of being your child’s best advocate and then take away the stress of special celebrations like the one for Marie what sets you apart from all of the others around you who did what you did and worse is that you cared enough to feel bad for your little faux pauxs while the others just went on being rude and uncaring. You my friend were just being your daily life a life whose plate goes way beyond being full.Thank God for heroes who are human.

    • No one could’ve said it better than GeorgiaKevin. We all have our moments of being unaware of our actions and how they will affect others. None of us is perfect, though you are certainly more perfect than most. I, for one, love your human side, foibles and all.

      On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 8:02 AM, Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog wrote:

      > georgiakevin commented: “I have so much I want to write in my comment on > this wonderful post. First of all, I am way behind on reading your work. > since I am behind on reading I haven’t commented on your work in a very > long time so I will add an obvious comment. Your writing is ou” >

    • Thank you for the justification…I feel a little better. And thank you for reading!

      • georgiakevin said:

        You are welcome, I believe that in public education the focus for everyone but our families is just on our students’ time public school until age 22.

      • georgiakevin said:

        Sorry I sent that too soon. What we should be focusing on is life beyond school and beyond age 22. We should be focusing on supporting not just our students but our families. We should be providing respite care and be a clearing house of the latest data that will provide insight on how our students and their families can live their lives to the fullest. Sadly our society is reactive rather than proactive. I keep thinking that at least in my little world when I retire I want to provide that service to family like yours.

    • What Georgia said. Wise words to a person who: let’s see how many cliches apply?
      You’ve got a lot on your plate, you’ve got your hands full, you’re in up to your chin…
      You deserve lots of free passes when you’re distracted, at least that’s what I think.

  3. AdoptiveNYMomma said:

    It happens but no you are not inconsiderate so forgive yourself and move on. I did think about you though when I was driving through the puddles here and I was like “woah slow down remember you could splash someone” so see you taught me to be more careful so all it not lost!!!

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