As We Talk of Resolutions

Over the holidays I had a wonderful time visiting with relatives from out of state, and visiting out of state with relatives. One of the topics of conversation, especially on New Year’s Day, was “What is your New Year’s resolution?”

Mine are a little more specific than others. I vow to do my laundry all in one day, (Saturday) so that washed and dried loads of laundry do not sit on my kitchen table all week long.

I vow to keep better track of my pairs. Even though 12 pairs of the same exact socks were purchased, only 1 single sock ends up in the clean laundry, leaving me scrounging around for a match. Even though I have a variety of lovely gloves of varying colors and textures, when snow time comes, only 2 singles are available to make an unmatched, interesting pair. Even though many pairs of earrings have sat side by side in my jewelry box, when it comes time to wear the navy ones or the silver ones, the mate is suspiciously absent.   To accomplish this resolution, I will have to be part private investigator and part magician.

Other friends and relatives have expressed their New Year’s goals:

Tara, a good friend who has worked with my daughter, Marie, and is always doing things that I ask, wants to learn to say NO to people. (Hope that wasn’t a hint to me….)

Sally, a friend from the Lions Club wants to be kinder to herself. She rationalizes that it’s easier for most of us to be kind to others but for some reason a great deal of folks find it extremely hard to be kind to ourselves.

My best friend, Karen wants to go skydiving and zip lining this year before she is too old to complete these items on her bucket list. Sounds very adventuresome, and watching her DO these things is on MY bucket list!

Lynne, a colleague at work, wants to spend more time visiting with friends. I agree wholeheartedly, (friends, here I come!)

Jane ambitiously would like to save more money for retirement. What she doesn’t realize is that with her husband’s military pension and Post Office pension, as well as her own work pension and both of their social security checks, she should be sitting prettier than most of us when she is old.

Hubby would like to work less, sleep more, and give up stress.

Pauline would like to work in her garden to restore it to the beautiful, serene, soul-stirring arboretum it once was. (Unfortunately, after several surgeries on her knee, she is not quite as spry as she once was.)

Of course, most people vow to lose weight during the coming year. Realistically I would be happy to just not GAIN any weight.

A new year awaits, full of promise. Here is my suggestion for a universal New Year’s resolution; go easy on yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Look at your successes, not your failures, your joys not your sorrows. Enjoy the little things in life; the waves at the beach, the sun shining through the clouds, and the smile of a child. Give yourself a break and accept yourself the way you are. No New Years resolutions are needed!


Comments on: "As We Talk of Resolutions" (14)

  1. I would be happy to not gain any weight this year too! Happy New Year 🙂

  2. I very much like your universal New Year’s resolution. There are some very good ideas tucked in there. 🙂

  3. Love the reminder to “look at your successes, not your failures”. I think we are all so very hard on ourselves! Happy New Year!

  4. georgiakevin said:

    Yet another delightful post!

  5. I am trying to lose weight this year! I am also trying to have more contact with my friends! I wish you luck with your new years resolutions! xxx

  6. As I’m getting ready to turn 72 I gave myself permission to take stock of what I now look like. I’m getting a lot of age spots on my legs and arms. When I was young and l living in the sun we didn’t know about the sun causing age spots. I spent a lot of time in the sun. I’m still slender so that’s not a problem although my skin is starting to stretch downward in places. All of this can be covered up with long pants and long sleeves, but it’s just too darn hot in Hawai’i to wear these all the time. The last thing I noticed was that my previously oval face is now square. My jawline has dropped to align with my chin. But, as I looked in the mirror I just said aloud, “okay, I have a square face now. I can live with that”. I’m continuing to wear shorts. I have discovered leggings with tunics. So, I’m being kind to myself as New Year’s resolution. I have so much more than looks to be thankful for.

    Hau’oli Makahiki Hou…Happy New Year

  7. Ah yes, all the usual from me. Get that weight back off – again. Give up alcohol – again. But -yes. I am actively reminding myself that I am in my sixties and in apparent good health, no regular medication, only occasional trips to the doctor. 2016 was a tumultuous year for world events, but actually a fabulous year for me. AND skydiving for the first time the day after tomorrow. Not sure the body is in the best condition for it, but, like your girlfriend – I am doing it while I still can. And hopefully it will be a precious memory for the grand-daughter who is doing it with me 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. I am going with “don’t try to convince people.” It never works. As a person on the spectrum i always see things in a black and white way and believe in a REAL reality, and so have felt righteous trying to tell people stuff…no more. No success!!!! It will be easier to live life not trying to prove anything.
    Happy New Year!

  9. So enjoy reading your posts….
    I’ll be looking forward and counting my blessings.

  10. I think it’s just the little things people should work on, then they aren’t so disappointed when the big things don’t last/work! 🙂 Great post!

  11. “Go easy on yourself” … love that one the best! Happy happy New Year to you and the family; may your 2017 be even more than you can ever wish it to be 🙂

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