cold weather


I was fortunate to purchase a very warm, name brand coat from an expensive store eons ago.  When the weather seemed to turn wintry last week, I donned this comfy, warm coat, which would have kept me warm even if a trip to the Arctic was in my future. Pulling on my gloves, I made my way to the car to head to work.

Providing reassurance for the winter ahead, the car boldly turned right over, no fluttering or stalling in the cold.  However, even when the temperature gauge showed it was hot enough for heat, no heat flowed to warm my feet.  What a horrible time for the heater to break!  In addition to frozen toes, my fingers had also frozen and a pain set in that rivaled none other. Where did I buy those gloves, at the Dollar Store?  They obviously were broken because my hands weren’t warmed at all.

Cursing my bad luck, it took me a few minutes to come to my senses.  The bold thermometer that hung on our maple tree signaled that the temperature outside was 12 degrees! With the heater blowing its best train imitation: “I think I can…I think I can”, the car was suitably livable within 10 minutes and my hands had begun to unfreeze. In this kind of weather, I need to buy gloves that would also keep me warm in the Arctic in the future.


To read more about Linda’s cold and warm adventures, read her book The Apple Tree:  Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane, available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Comments on: "Broken Heater, Broken Gloves" (5)

  1. Hearing about the cold weather my Northern friends endure makes me SO glad I live in NW Georgia! It never ceases to astonish me that more of you don’t head down here–and then Summer reminds me why! 😉

  2. Purchasing a good coat and gloves are a must in the winter!

  3. I would quite literally die! When the temp goes down to 45 I’m thinking I won”the make it through through the night. We, living in Hawai’I have developed thin skin!

  4. Glad to hear about your coat, but at that temperature, I can only wear mittens. When my fingers are separated in gloves, they get too cold. Back when I’d ski, it was mittens only for me. Also glad your car started up for you. I remember the coldest morning that I went out to start my car before going to work and it was minus 14 degrees F. And my little Sentra started up! (Back in about 1989).

  5. brrrrrrrrrrrr…glad you warmed up!

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