Usually mornings are hectic; get up reluctantly, sleepily make a cup of tea, eat quickly, rummage through clothes to find a suitable outfit, and out the door I go. Yesterday was different. As I was rushing past the back door to get out, I stopped suddenly to look out the window at the pond and was mesmerized by the sight. The water was as smooth as glass, with the exception of the migrating ducks; whose criss cross swimming replicated that of precision swimmers. All were swimming in unison, zig zagging through the water leaving wakes behind them, which decorated the pond like a huge abstract painting. In all of my years, it is a wonder I never appreciated this artwork by nature before.

Stepping out into the cool October air, I drew a deep breath, savoring the crispness that filled my lungs. It was so invigorating that I walked to my car with a spring in my step and a smile of contentment on my face. Such days in October are a welcome treat after the long summer heat.

Driving to work on Route 295, my mood was elevated by the surprise of the colorful autumn trees. Although I had obviously seen them before in my rush to get to work, on this day the sight overwhelmed me, especially when driving from the shade into the bright sun, which delightfully shone down and highlighted the beauty of the yellows, oranges and reds. My heart got goose bumps as I continued to drive amidst the vibrant landscape.

Life is usually too rushed and my brain full of mingled thoughts to really appreciate my surroundings. This day was different, an almost spiritual reminder to appreciate the good things in life.

On my way home from work I impulsively stopped at the grocery store to buy some apple cider and cinnamon. Tomorrow I will have a cup of hot cider in the morning as I relax in my chair and soak in the beauty of the pond.

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Comments on: "Did You Ever Have One of THOSE Days?" (14)

  1. I need to have a day like, my brain has been to mingled and my body to exhausted.

  2. Beautiful!!

  3. I had a day like that recently! There’s just something about perfect autumn days. I’m so glad it was one of THOSE kinds of days for you–not what I was expecting you to write! 😉

  4. We all need more of those days and they’re all around us. I’m learning to slow down enough to enjoy them

  5. I think we all need to slow down and the time to appreciate out surroundings. I live in Maui, Hawai’i and there are times when I have to remember to not take this for granted.

  6. Sorry for the typos. I was in my usual hurry and didn’t proofread.

  7. Just a beautiful read, what a wonderful way to start the day, in my part of the world we say this is ” smelling the roses” may you have many many more.

  8. Beautiful.
    May this day lead to more such days, in ways small and large.
    With gratitude ❤

  9. Lovely. Thanks for taking me with you on your treasure finding day.

  10. Hi! Glad you had the chance to see the everyday miracles around you! Have an awesome week! Many Blessings, Barbara xxxxx

  11. I wonder if appreciating the beauty around us doesn’t comes, at least partially, with age. I remember my grandmother commenting on how beautiful the mountains around my home were. I thought at the time, “Grandma, you think everything is beautiful.” Now that I’m older myself, damn it if the old girl wasn’t exactly right.

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