It Took Us the Long Way


I have written before about the GPS, and lauded its virtues. I remember in the 80s using street maps and trying to find tiny little streets among a vast array of tiny lines. (Think “finding a needle in a haystack”.) The GPS is an easy and quick way to get to a destination.

It was with this confidence that, during a recent trip to Florida with a good friend, we punched in “Downtown Disney”. The directions started to flow, and we dutifully turned and joined highways as we were on our merry way, chatting and laughing about our families and “old times”. After about 45 minutes, we both became serious and one of us said, “This GPS seems to be taking us the long way. It shouldn’t be taking this long to get to Downtown Disney…” It was at that point we looked closer at the GPS to see the estimated arrival time…35 HOURS! WHAT? It couldn’t possibly be THAT far! We looked a little closer and, lo and behold, it WAS taking us to Downtown Disney…in CALIFORNIA!!! Being good friends, (and not spouses, which would cause the opposite reaction,) this was cause for hysterical laughing til the tears flowed. Then we calmly changed the destination to the one in Florida!


Comments on: "It Took Us the Long Way" (12)

  1. Hooray for good friends! : )

  2. A lorry driver punched in Gibraltar Point on his GPS, and it took him over the Channel. He wanted Gibraltar Point just outside Skegness!

  3. Ha! Glad you got a good laugh out of it, my friends! Thank you for sharing.,, bless you and yours…

  4. That could have gotten ugly quickly!

  5. Too funny! All’s well that ends at Disney World!

  6. Hope yall weren’t halfway to California before yall discovered it!

  7. Glad you realised in time! I bet I’d have gotten all the way there without noticing! 😂

  8. Poor little GPS is only doing its best! Good thing you checked the ETA!

  9. I can sooo relate to this! Including the laughter. Being with a friend makes any journey too short.

  10. I still use a road map.

  11. Aren’t GPS just wonderful! Ha,ha!

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