I Need Your Thoughts

I will be writing a weekly column in our newspaper, and I need to come up with a name for it. I need your help!

I have thought of:
Life…or Something Like It
or Chasing Life
all TAKEN!

Be creative and post your suggestions! Thanks!

Comments on: "I Need Your Thoughts" (53)

  1. How about Life Matters?

  2. Life…As I Know It

  3. 5 Babes and Their Hot Momma

  4. Living with Life

  5. Making Life


    More than life

  6. Life’s Little Treasures (I feel sure this is already taken, but maybe it will help generate other ideas).

    A Wagonload of Life

    (I like that suggestion, Life Matters)

    A Color Crayoned Life

    A Path of Life

    Coloring Life’s Path

  7. backtowhatever said:

    Efil. Life the other way round.

  8. rlincolnharris said:

    the Life of Facts

  9. Life, my way.
    Life, as it goes
    Life, interupted
    ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  10. AdoptiveNYMomma said:

    And then Life Happened

  11. “You can’t make this stuff up”
    “Yes, it Really happened.”
    “Life in a nut shell” hee hee
    “Life in motion”
    “Efil is life in reverse”
    “The Sane life”

  12. Sanity is Overrated

  13. atimetoshare said:

    How about ” Living it up” with an arrow pointed to heaven?

  14. Life’s Journey

  15. The Journey of Life

  16. Life Happens? One Life To Live? Puzzle Pieces of Life?


  18. Thoughts on Life
    Life in a Nutshell
    Weekly Nuances of Life
    Life Happens
    Ramblings of Life
    Exploring Life

  19. These are the Days of My Life

  20. An Inside Look
    Thinking it Through
    Living Through It

  21. Reality in the Raw

  22. what about lifeโ€™s ups and downs, or life and love. hmmm thinking process isnโ€™t so good today.

    Maybe i have sparked some ideas. >

  23. Hi,
    How about ” Lively Living” , “Living it Up” or “”From My Heart” ?
    Good luck with your choice. You have a number of good suggestions.

  24. How about “My Perspective on Life”

  25. I already send it by email and I’d like to share it her:

    ” Ups and downs”
    ” And life goes on”
    ” F stands for five”

    Good luck

  26. Life: My version of it.

  27. Behind the scenes

  28. Dis Life
    As in ‘I didn’t choose Dis life, Dis life chose me’. Play on words (from disability, as this is what you blog about) and a well known phrase.

  29. Chaos in the Key of Sanity.
    [Admittedly inspired by Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life.”]

  30. Our journey towards the old oak tree

  31. When tomorrow comes – though it’s the title of my blog, I think it brings out a lot of thoughts and feelings

  32. violetannie63 said:

    “Our Version of Life” ? Lots of good suggestions above…I’m all out!

  33. The Abilities of Life. I work with people who have a full range of disabilities and they always amaze me with their ability to live life.

  34. Life Chasing Me. A twist on life is what happens while we are making plans ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck to you.

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