Little Boy Tadpoles


Communicating with a daughter who is deaf can be particularly challenging, especially because my signing skills are not at her level I have always said, however, that I have enough signs for her to understand what I am saying.

For instance:
Marie loves camouflage shirts, pants and sweatshirts. One day she asked me why the clothing looked like leaves, and I told her it was made that way so people could hide in trees in the woods to shoot deer or other animals. As expected, her mouth opened wide and the surprise showed in her glinting blue eyes. SHOOT an animal? She would never do that! She thought for a minute and then told me she was going to say the leave shirt is for playing hide and seek in the woods and no one could find her. I tend to think they might be looking for her for a very long time…

Another time I had difficulty explaining things was when we were talking about sex. She wanted to know how women get pregnant. She knows about the mechanics of “sex”, (she was abused for years.) What she couldn’t understand was how the woman got pregnant. So, in my best non-professional way, (and I will skip over the highly graphic part) I told her that the male has tiny tadpoles which he shoots up to meet the females tiny eggs, then the two would get together and a baby would develop. Tiny tadpoles, huh? She looked at me quizzically. Tiny eggs? After a minute or two, she shrugged and accepted my explanation. However, when she was fishing recently in our backyard, she saw some tadpoles. And caught them. To give to a boy who might not have any…

To read about Marie’s traumatic early years with us, please purchase my book, The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane on Amazon.


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  1. When reading the post I smiled at how Marie was able to turn your camouflage explanation into something positive for her. But I had to laugh out loud at the “tadpole/egg” result. She may never look at a tadpole or egg in the same old light again.

  2. I love the way she thinks! The camouflage is for hide and seek and boys need little tadpoles so they can make babies. LOL!

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  4. This is too cute! Marie has an awesome way of looking at life!

  5. Great explanation! LOL πŸ™‚

  6. Enjoyed your post. My daughter was hearing impaired, but wore hearing aids and and FM system at school. We didn’t need to sign. She’s an adult now. But, I do know the communication issues. Lovely post.

  7. Oh my oh my! Soooo funny. Thanks for sharing this story and giving me a giggle. XX

  8. Oh, my, that’s too funny! And try to explain how the tadpole turns into a frog and the frog gets kissed by the princess and turns into a prince?

  9. Thanks for the smile.
    Guess what? I just nominated you for The Liebster Award:

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    Good one πŸ™‚

  11. Oh my, I hope you didn’t have eggs for breakfast the next day! :-O

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