A Joyful Heart


One of my biggest faults is that I am apolitical. I tend to do my one little thing raising my kiddos, and consider that my contribution to the world. Whom I admire most are those who are activists, those who stand up for what they believe in and work diligently to make it happen, even if they have to work year after year after year. And so my hat is off to those who have worked so sincerely to legalize gay marriage. Congratulations! WHAT an accomplishment!

I assume that everyone knows someone who is gay. People who are gay are, and I say this jokingly, “just like us.” I understand that there are some religions who firmly believe that being gay is not appropriate. I admire truly religious people who do what they think is right, even if their position is different than mine. But I feel comfortable with my belief is that God is a loving Father/Mother; would that God not love all of his/her children equally regardless of class, race, gender or sexual orientation? And if one of Jesus’ disciples was gay, would He not have taught him, loved him and treated him no differently than the others?

I do understand Biblical references against people who are gay, but was the Bible not written within the times in which they lived? My opinion is that people who are gay should be given the same consideration as why we justify that slaves are no longer allowed and that women are no longer subservient, even though it is written so in the Bible.

Oh, dear…here I go being political. For this one little time. In celebration of the legal acceptance of all of God’s children. Thank you to those of you who worked so hard to make this happen!


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  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez said:

    Most of America is rejoicing. 😀

  2. I’m Christian and believe in Gay Equality, for all the reasons you mentioned above. 🙂

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    This blog expresses succinctly exactly how I feel/what I think about the gay community and the Supreme Court’s decision.

  4. Garrie Madison Stoutimore said:

    Jesus loved all people. How can we do anything less? Bravo!

  5. God loves all people regardless of who they are or what they believe. His love is complete and unconditional; however, he did establish expectations for our behavior which are often for our own growth and well being. He does not approve of living together before marriage, or adultery, or homosexual relationships according to his word. Sometimes his word is hard to follow and he forgives us when we transgress and repent but just because we want something to be true does not mean it is. I fully understand your point of view and I know how happy this makes so many people but if we believe the Bible is true, and I do,then I cannot celebrate our nation opposing God’s word. This is nothing personal. My heart goes out to those who love in forbidden ways and I recognize their struggles to be as difficult as it is but I can’t approve of Gay Marriage any more than I can approve of sex before marriage or adultery within it based on God’s holy word. Just a difference of opinion and interpretation of the Bible.

  6. Hooray for you. Funny how we take what we want from the bible. No one I know is advocating we give all we have to the poor. No one wants to go back to telling abused women that they can’t divorce or if they do, they mustn’t remarry. No financial institutions would go back to not charging interest. Few bankers would approve of the forgiveness of all debts every seven years. Very few, even Catholics, believe we shouldn’t waste human seed by using condoms for birth control in marriage, even if it means the wife would likely die having another child. (I was told that after five C sections.) Haven’t seen a hat in church in years…..or any head covering for women except Muslims. When I have taught classes for both men and women in church, I’ve had more positive response about something I taught changing lives from the men, than the women. (Probably because the women already knew what I was teaching about spirituality being about a personal relationship with Jesus and God.)

    End of sermon from the molehill! 🙂

    Love your posts and your whole way of being in the world. You and yours are in my prayers. Eileen

    I just reblogged a post relevant to this one of yours that you might like on Laughter: Carbonated Grace. It’s “Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Listening on Face Book.”

  7. I don’t think it’s political. I call it being human. 🙂

  8. I don’t think it is a fault to be apolitical. Everything is too political right now and politicians will use anything as a political football to divide us. They maintain power that way. I too believe homosexual people are just like us, they’re people. There are behaviors that I regard as less than the best that God wants for His children, but homosexuals aren’t further away from enjoying that than most heterosexuals. I don’t know very many people who have remained pure, for a life-time, in their sexual practice.

    I’m not so happy with the Supreme Courts decision because I already regard homosexual people as equal with heterosexual people and I believe our government should protect the rights we are all born with and not take it upon themselves to ‘bestow’ rights. When they start doing that, they also, start taking natural rights away. Marriage licenses were first titled as Fornication Under Consent Of The King and that is where the most popular euphemism of our day originated. I think the government is F_____ing us and they’re using the confusion over homosexuality to do it. However, my heart remains joyful! lol!

    • You have an interesting perspective. I am optimistic to a fault and have a hard time understanding how politicians play such games, (even though I know they do.)

      • It’s hard for me to understand them too. I think it is because I am motivated by choosing between what is right and wrong. They live their lives by seeking power over others. In my estimation, they have too much power right now and they’re using some pretty nasty trickery to gain a lot more.;0/
        I’m a thinker and I like to make others think. Sometimes, I can be obnoxious. lol! I thought I might have crossed that line…

      • I have to say I much prefer my little life where I go about my business without thinking about politics. I may have my head in the sand most of the time, but at least I don’t worry about such things. I don’t think either of our views are right or wrong.

      • They are just our views. What I meant was that I’m motivated by wanting to do what is right and not because I want power over others. My husband is the political one so, I can’t ignore it all of the time. I think about things but I don’t have any hope in politics or political solutions. I do prefer small government because I like my freedom. I love my little life, too and I don’t need their help, and I don’t need their permission to form a family. I guess, I see them as a somewhat, necessary evil that needs to be kept in their place. lol! It’s all a kind of kabuki theatre that reminds me of what I don’t want to be and that is the positive I take away from politics.:0)

  9. LucyBre said:

    Thank you thank you thank you for this post!

  10. Hopefully we can all agree that it’s good to understand each others perspectives. I appreciate your willingness to promote and accept differing views. Most of us seem to understand the LGBTQ perspective in this debate – that it has to do with fairness and equal treatment under the law. Unfortunately, those who disagree with the LGBTQ political perspective are very often assumed to be anti-gay, hateful, and bigoted.

    Even though I’m a follower of Jesus, I never use religious arguments when discussing public policy because they only carry no weight with people who don’t believe as I do. My reasons for opposing the redefining of marriage, (as the Court has just done,) has primarily to do with the rights of children. Government has an interest in encouraging and even incentivizing lifelong, monogamous, heterosexual marriage because hetero sex often produces children. Gay sex never does. If the 2 biological parents who make a baby don’t care for that dependent baby, someone else will have to. If this happens on a large scale, the costs to government and society are great. So society depends upon hetero marriage.

    This isn’t saying that gays shouldn’t love whomever they want, or raise children together. But gay marriage must essentially result in intentional motherlessness or fatherlessness. Furthermore, once we redefine one aspect of marriage, redefining other aspects will be redefined as well, and this will also hurt children.

    Thanks – I greatly respect what you’re doing!

    • I understand your take on the issue. My only humble comment is that most of the dedication people who are gay who are married that I know all have children…they have adopted children, mostly through the foster care system, and I don’t mean babies. The people I know have adopted children who have been abused and have emotional issues similar to my own children, an honorable way to form a family, and one many heterosexual couples do not do because they can have biological children.

  11. Very well said! Everyone should be treated the same and given the same opportunities. Everyone deserves to love and be loved.

  12. I do enjoy reading some of your posts as we have some grand-kids with various disabilities and we an relate. Got to lovingly disagree with you on this though. God never stops loving but He also never changes. Marriage was first created by God in the garden. We were made essentially different to reflect a unity that can only be lived out by his love as our two different kinds of people become one. .
    God created man and woman for a very special reason, not only to address the alone-ness of Adam but to also mysteriously paint a picture for us of what the love relationship would be one day between Christ and His church. So sorry I can’t agree but I believe nothing could be lost in keeping lines of communication open.

    • I think you and I, and the many other people who have contributed comments, can prove that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and everyone can serve God in their own way. It is a conversation that is welcomed, as long as it is not done in a prejudiced, hurtful way.

  13. notsoquietmomma said:

    I am Christian and raising a gay trasngender child…..I did just blog about it today a bit. I am so happy this has come to fruition

    • Extra congratulations to your family! My daughter, Marie, has had transgendered issues. She insists she’s a boy, and dresses like a boy. For a while we thought she was genuinely transgendered, but when she was about 14 she confided to me that she’s really a girl inside, she just can’t let anyone know because then men would hurt her. (She was sexually abused for years before we adopted her.) You have my empathy.

      • notsoquietmomma said:

        As you have mine. …I as well as my brother are both adopted. I was lucky to be adopted so young where my brother endured years of abuse. However it has helped me with raising my bonus daughters who are both RAD and deal w extreme abandonment issues

  14. Here is my take on this. I am a Christian, a Baptist even. But my belief is, that as the Bible even says, we all have free will. To tell the truth I get frustrated when seeing some of what my brothers and sisters post–let people do what they choose. If you refuse to be gay yourself, (which is the case with me), that is fine, but I think that those who prefer that lifestyle should be allowed to live it without persecution.

    • I have wonderful friends who have been together for 42 years. They are a loving couple who until just recently were denied marriage. I agree with Steve. It doesn’t change my views on marriage. If they can be in love for 42 years, they are doing a lot better than most couples. It’s their choice, their love, their marriage.

  15. If you believe God made everything then he also made gay people. He obviously had a reason for it so who are we to argue?

    • I had a severely developmentally delayed brother who was also blind and deaf, looked very odd, and grunted when he talked. My mother’s first words about him to me were “God don’t make junk”.

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    Finally – Equal opportunities for all. I am a Christian who supports ALL of God’s children.

  17. This world holds – and has room for – all sorts. I grew up in a homophobic family, though I myself wasnot so. I remember the summer my cousin came out to us all, and that very same summer there was a couple of male mallard ducks courting in the pond by our house. I was so happy.
    THOSE OF US WHO ARE FOR EQUALITY (such as we advocate bloggers) MUST BE FOR EQUALITY FOR ***ALL*****
    Full Spectrum Mama

  18. I have just found your blog, and enjoyed what I have seen so far. I agree with you completely about gay rights. If “Liberty and justice for all” doesn’t mean everybody, it doesn’t mean anybody.

    Being gay is not a choice. It’s like being left-handed – it’s just the way you are, and God wouldn’t have made you that way by accident. He loves you the way He made you. Many men and women try to hide from themselves for years, and it doesn’t work.

    We have a couple in our parish who are gay. One of the fellows is the father of another member; he tried to “cure” his homosexuality by marrying and raising a family, but it didn’t work. I was never so proud to be an Anglican as when the son invited his dad and partner to come worship with us, promising that we would welcome them both. When they announced that they wanted to get married, the only question raised was when one of the silver-haired ladies in the pew wanted to know if they were registered anywhere! Obviously caused quite a stir!

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