Like many of you when driving, my mind races with thoughts of things I have to do, problems to solve, errands to run, crisis to deal with and so forth. Yesterday was different. As I was driving on a back road to get to a client’s home, I found myself following a gentleman, (or gentlewoman as I couldn’t tell; the only clue being the gray hair on the back of his/her head.) Because it was an awesomely beautiful day after a horrendous winter of being snowbound, the top to the MG convertible was down, sunlight shining happily on the occupant. Looking at the car, I recognized it as similar to the one bought with my own money when I was a teenager. My pride and joy that was purchased with my dad, a gentleman who did not generally interact with people, including me. Buying that car bonded us in a way that still brings tears to my eyes. The fact that HE always wanted such a car and possibly was living vicariously through me didn’t dampen my extreme love for him, even when he borrowed it for a joyride himself.

I loved driving my little MG, especially with the top down, and joyful memories flooded back to me while following the car. That was a happy, carefree time in my life. Not that I have regrets about anything I have done since then, including dealing with five difficult children, but remembering being young and without worries induced a sense of euphoria. My current thoughts and worries disappeared, and I became one with that little car. Instead of a stranger driving it, I imagined it was me. My own windows were rolled down so the wind was flying through my hair. My radio was playing songs from the 70s, turned up very loud so it could be heard through the whoosh of the wind. I sang along to the songs, surprised the words came to me so easily. And I was innocently, thoroughly happy without a care in the world.

When the car turned off onto a dirt road, I wanted to scream “No! Stop! Let me follow you!” but of course I didn’t. Instead, the happiness of this memory was etched in my mind. It still gives me a warm glow when I think about it, and I am smiling as I type this.

My thought is; it is easy to get overwhelmed with every day problems and issues. Making time for ourselves may be almost impossible. Look for unexpected joys and happiness, a grandfather walking down the street holding onto a toddler’s hand, the sunlight streaking through the clouds, the flowers bright and blooming, or an old memory that strikes you at unexpected times and makes you smile. Sometimes we have to make our own happiness in unconventional ways, but we all need to have joy in our lives. You just have to look for it.



The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane
Authored by Linda Petersen
The link to the book:


Comments on: "With the Wind Just Flying Through My Hair" (16)

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster said:

    I love this as I try to find the peace in all the bustle.

    (I’ve added your book to my cart, though it’ll probably be a few weeks before I place the order. I’m looking forward to reading it!)

  2. I love your words 🙂
    Thank you

  3. georgiakevin said:

    You wrote another outstanding post!

  4. My first “self-bought” car was a bright yellow convertible…a Triumph Herald. I’ve never seen another since 1965. But, I remember the feeling of cruising around with the top down, the wind blowing through my hair. It was a car that my Dad had seen and recommended. Since he was a mechanic, I appreciated his input. When I moved from Waikiki to Manoa with so much more rain, I traded it in on a Ford Mustang. But, I always loved that little yellow car.

  5. Reblogged this on Rose with Thorns and commented:
    What a great coping skill to use! It might be difficult, but try to put yourself into another situation or experience something as another person. Even better, go back to a happy moment of your life. That sounds lovely to me!

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  7. You have no idea how timely that reminder is for me right now. Last Sunday morning my precious rescue puppy died and this Sunday morning I am trying to keep my sweetest cow alive from incurable mastitis long enough to arrange for a backhoe to dig a grave and a vet to come put her down. Right now everything looks so dark, and I wake up every morning sick to my stomach, knowing I have to go out and cause my sweet girl pain while I massage and milk her and knowing each day could be my last with her and that I will soon be struggling to get her 2 week old calf to take a bottle in the absence of his mother. I definitely need to look for the small blessings and hang onto them, so thank you for this.

    • I have such empathy for you…going through two such tragedies in a row must be heartbreaking. Try to focus on the future of that little calf, a sweet thing that you will be able to feed and nurture and call your own.

      • Thank you! God has done an amazing thing! Sunday my son came out to the barn with our three grandkids (6, 4 and 2) and they loved on my cow and fed her treats and sang to her and prayed for her–even the baby in her sweet little voice! A couple hours later, a vet from U of TN called me to tell me he thinks he can help me save her and that all is not hopeless. So she’s still here, I’m still treating her, and I’m waiting to see what God will do. I don’t know if He’ll heal her or just give me peace that I did everything I could, but I do know that He answered the prayers of my little grandchildren. I just thought you’d want to know.

      • That is so heart warming!!! Thank you for sharing. It made my day!

  8. What a lovely thought…. amidst all the chaos of our lives,…. it’s good to take a moment to stop and remember who we are…

  9. A beautiful story full of wisdom and insight into years gone by – thank you

  10. Love it! I do a “Daily Challenge” and today it was to list 3 things that make you happy, and I listed three things, and then went on to add, that my real happiness comes from inside me, it’s a choice I make, and you are right, sometimes we get to make our happiness in unconventional ways! 🙂

  11. Those little things that make me smile are what keep me sane

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