Driving around with my daughter, Marie, is always spirited fun, especially during the nice weather. She loves to “listen” to the radio by feeling the vibrations from the speaker when she leans her leg against the door. Today, with the windows rolled down, we were bopping away, tapping our hands on the car door, and shaking our bodies in time to the music. The music was not generally my “type”, but in a way it was, because any music that brings me and Marie together is my kind of music, even if she did the choosing, (and she choose based on the sound of the base vibrations.)

As we were bopping along with the windows down, I became self-conscious of the booming vibrations coming from the car. We were having fun, so what! THEN I became shocked when I heard a word in the song that should not be spoken…a word I didn’t even know the ASL sign for. Previously not even listening to the words, I started to pay attention. There were many words not suitable for family listening, as well as words that are not socially acceptable. I was MORTIFIED! Here was this sweet little, ole mom and her teenage daughter listening to urban (VERY urban) rap!

Marie didn’t understand my quick channel change, and I did manage to find some tamer, not as exciting base vibrations for us to bop to. I explained that the song had “dirty” words in it and it wasn’t appropriate to listen to. Marie said she couldn’t hear the words, anyway, so what did it matter? Thinking of all of those cars stopped next to us at red lights and in traffic throughout the day, I shuddered!

So this is an apology to anyone who was driving near us and heard the booming, top level, uncensored urban rap blasting from my car. I didn’t meant to do it…REALLY!



The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane
Authored by Linda Petersen
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Comments on: "Singing Do Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy……..WHAT???????" (20)

  1. What’s more important than what they think is what Marie thinks. She thinkit good.

  2. I agree. You don’t know how many people play that music and they are steriotypically well urban rap type people! You two were connecting which I know from past posts is sometimes hard. You were both enjoying it, until you realized the words LOL! I agree that it’s what’s important to Marie not anyone else but I can see how you’d be embarrassed!

  3. That’s so funny! It sounds like that was one time not being able to hear would have been an advantage.

  4. Too funny! Happened to me once, was all excited because I downloaded a song for my son & we’re rocking out when all of a sudden the WORST word. I turned that radio down so fast!!

  5. So Marie loved it and you had that lovely sharing time with her

  6. I can picture this easily. Really did laugh out loud. Love your ability to laugh at life, and even more important at yourself.
    One of the better perks of old age I have found is that I laugh much much more now. Of course it’s when I’m home alone and at myself and the crazy things I do.
    I like these two truisms:
    Learn to laugh at trouble or you will have nothing to laugh at when you are old.
    Learn to laugh at yourself and you will spend most of your time laughing when you are old.

    Keep on laughing, you have lots of company out here. 🙂

  7. Pity they have to spoil good music with unacceptable words, Maybe we should start a movement for “clean” rap!

  8. YouTube enthusiasts who upload songs, with the full lyrics included have changed my perspective so very much!

    I fall in love with a song’s rhythm and/or what story I think it’s telling, or what the Video said it was telling – only to find out later, the actual lyrics paint a world that I hadn’t seen, considered or recognized – or one I want to promote/draw attention to 🙂

    I submit the Possibility for you to consider – anyone who observed you all jammin’, didn’t tune in to all you’re worried about –

    They, in their frustration over traffic/work/finances/personal growth issues had a better day once they viewed the source of the racket –
    A mom and daughter cranking the tunes, with smiles and windows rolled down in a beautiful spring day – and they were cheered and went forward with a lighter heart – confident there is still beauty in the world – because they just witnessed one of life’s little joys 🙂

    • Ah, what a nice way to look at it!

      • Next time you’re out in metropolitan traffic, play the “Count folks with a worried/grumpy look on their face, or passengers in the cars around you” game….

        Seriously – after years of experential data, I tell you, 1 car out of a hundred contains happy, laughing, animated folks – My 2 year old and I would jam out to the rock song “Do You Wanna Get Rocked” before I knew what all the lyrics were – – 🙂 Didn’t matter – there were folks that loved to see a 2 year old doin’ the air-drum solo – – – 🙂

  9. 5kcane said:

    you shouldn’t have to apologize for living in the moment and bonding. I myself am deaf in one ear and get lyrics wrong all the time. my family and friends think that my lyric changes are funny not knowing that’s the way I really hear them. lol

  10. Oh wow, I was enjoying the word picture of y’all rocking out together! Then Boom! The peace was shattered! I know how you feel, about being embarrassed. Hopefully, all who saw and heard you were just enjoying the sight of 2 beautiful people enjoying each other, and themselves.

  11. Oh wow. your blog post made me giggle. Oh dear lol.


  12. That’s so funny. I’l never forget the first time (the only time!) I let my daughter watch the Lady Gaga Paparazzi video. I;d heard the song – all lyrics fine. Was distracted when she asked if she could looking it up on the ipad. It began and I happened to glance over – I literally took flight to jump over the furniture to get to the ipad! Arrghh – I still get shudders!

  13. manyofus1980 said:

    How fun! As you said, it brought you and Marie closer, so what about the rest of the world! Once you enjoyed yourselves, thats what matters!

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