As a busy mom, improvising is a way of life.

Have YOU ever used:

Aluminum foil as a scrubber when your cast iron pan is real dirty?

A hair dryer to warm the bent frame of your glasses so you can bend it back into position?

Butter to remove your wedding ring? OR to put on chapped lips?

A plastic fork to substitute for a hair pick?

Eyeliner as a pen?

Socks as mittens?

A bathing suit bottom to substitute for underwear?

52 pieces of paper, with appropriate hand drawn markings, to replicate a deck of cards?

Guilty of all of above. My biggest new “substitution” happened the other evening. Being on an everlasting diet, I try not to keep chocolate and candy in the house. After a hectic day, an overwhelming chocolate craving overcame me. Frantically searching the house for one last piece of Easter candy, (or even a Halloween candy that had fallen behind the seat cushions,) my search came up empty. Desperate, I expanded my search, standing on a kitchen chair to look high into the cupboards. AND THERE IT WAS!!!! Hiding behind the flour and the spices sat the jar hubby proudly used to make chocolate covered strawberries. CHOCOLATE!!!! So there I sat, on the kitchen floor, sticking my finger into the jar of chocolate and licking it off with great satisfaction. Sometimes, you just have to improvise!


Comments on: "Got My Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar" (16)

  1. The ‘search for chocolate’ episode sounds more like an obsession (and I am speaking from first hand experience)!

  2. todessakane2013 said:

    Awesome love this!! Being the mum of 6 children I could clearly see how improvisation has been an essential and fun part of our lives too 🙂 Have a blessed and beautiful weekend 🙂

  3. I was thinking of removing tempting snacks from my home to go on a diet. And I know it would come down to this at some point.

  4. Necessity is the mother of invention. I love your improvisations! Twist ties and paper clips are the things that come to my mind of things I use for things other than those for which they were designed. I have stapled the hem of my son’s pants, in a pinch. And lately I’ve been using some decorative glass buttons on my hair elastics to decorate them (picked up a couple of beauties at a bead shop). Fortunately, chocolate is no longer an issue since I did some deep healing work around my emotional attachment to food. (Neither is pasta or bread). The freedom is crazy good.

  5. I have a secret stash, and most times I forget where it is. It’s such a treat when I find that stash.

  6. So funny! Unfortunately, been there, done that!

  7. Oh how well I know that SUDDEN IRRESISTIBLE craving – so relieved for you that you found something for your addiction 😀

  8. I had to use bio washing powder to clean my bath tub once after I had run out accidentally, but it turned out to be the best idea I’ve ever had. I do it all the time now, it makes the shower sparkle and it smells amazing!

  9. Sometimes it just has to be chocolate, no matter how you come by it.

  10. Great post and lol your so naughty but being a fellow chocoholic I get this!

  11. kirsteenelaine said:

    Have done similar to all of these things! I have 4 kids, sometimes you have to do what you have to do 🙂

  12. manyofus1980 said:

    I love it! Improvising just works, always. XX

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