Marie is a teenager who has had her eye on both boys and girls for a possible boyfriend or girlfriend for several years, with no actual luck finding anyone. We had “the” talk a while ago when she asked me if she should like boys or girls. Knowing her proclivity to try to dress like a boy due to her early childhood abuse, I told her that whether she had a boyfriend or a girlfriend would depend on who she wanted to have sex with when she was an adult. SEX? She looked at me in astonishment! She didn’t ever want to have sex with anyone!!!

Even though she vehemently denied ever wanting to get intimate with anyone, I still had a knot in the pit of my stomach when she went off on her first date with a guy she knew from a previous school. She wore her bright orange Kool-Aid guy t-shirt, which I had suggested she change. (She is quite stout, and actually looked like the Kool-Aid guy in that shirt!) She felt she looked fine, taking no interest in looking good for Carl. When he came to pick her up, they easily chatted in sign language, having not seen each other for about 3 years. She told me they were going out to dinner and I asked if she needed any money. She looked at me incredulous. Of COURSE she didn’t need money, Carl was going to pay! I asked them what time they would be home. They looked at each other quizzically and Marie finally signed “11”. And off they went.

Being the opposite of a night owl, I plopped myself on the couch in the living room with lots of caffeinated Diet Coke to keep me awake. Because I don’t have a lot of free time to watch tv, it was nice to enjoy Netflix and The House of Cards. After only an episode and a half, home came Marie! I asked her if she had a good time on her first date. She was non-committal. She said she enjoyed eating dinner and talking to him, but they didn’t know what to do after that and it became boring, so she came home. That’s my girl, Marie!!!!



The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane
Authored by Linda Petersen
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Comments on: "And I was WORRIED about My Daughter’s First Date; Silly, Silly Me!" (13)

  1. I wonder if she told Carl, “I’m bored, please take me home”. I’m 70 and on a dating site for seniors. There have been so any times when I say, “Gosh, I don’t find we have much in common” when I really want to say, “I’m bored, please take me home.” Good for Marie! Maybe next date she should suggest a movie!

  2. And weren’t you relieved! 🙂

  3. All that worry for nothing :).

  4. Hahh I love reading your blog, your family is so quirky! Good for Marie. I sigh to think of all the hours I could have saved if I was confident enough to just leave the dates I wasn’t enjoying. I also love that she just wore what she wanted and felt comfortable in!

  5. The impressive thing is that she went, enjoyed most of it, and knew exactly what to do when it stopped being enjoyable. How many of us are strong enough to do that? Bravo Marie x

  6. Isn’t it easy to fast-forward our kids as well as our own lives? Good for Marie.

  7. This story is so heartwarming in so many ways. Good for you for encouraging her to find her path and helping her along! Every child should be so lucky to have such a supportive parent and every parent should be so lucky to have such an honest child – coming home because she was bored!

  8. How kind of you to simply “be there for her” and let her “develop into the person that she ultimately will be”…….She seems to be pretty honest and upfront with her feelings and needs (I get from her telling the guy to take her home) – My “feeling” is that she’ll continue to treat other life experiences the same because she has your guidance and love to nurture that…. 🙂

  9. She sounds like a girl who knows her own mind (mostly) and is confident to say what she wants.

  10. manyofus1980 said:

    It sounds like Marie enjoyed it, even though it was boring lol! That part made me smile! She’s only young, and has much to learn and lots of time too! Great post as always!

  11. I thought that was so cute about the coolaide guy! It sounds like the guy was very accepting and on the same wavelength as her as it being an easygoing fun time. I agree I think she’ll do fine in life as she knows what she wants!

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