Comments on: "Presented By a Cousin of Mine (what a great extended family I have!)" (21)

  1. So many blessings in unexpected places.

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    A powerful message.

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    apart from libido games there survives a beautiful deep concept of family unity and reunion. able to challenges aç misadventures and coping with reaL DRAMAS.

    YOUR APPEALING WORDS ARE VERY COMPELLING AND SDHOULD BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL AND COLLEGE, THROUGHOUT THE LIFE and most specially whenever we share the hard bread crumbs on a table

  4. those kids truly are specila! they are truly close to God’s angels.

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    The power of unconditional love has no boundaries because love never fails. Blessings!

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  7. I feel bad but I hardly ever re-blog. I guess I don’t usually wish to show pictures, either. I like the power of your words you expressed, though!

  8. LOVE IT! We are ALL beautifully and wonderfully made in HIS image and God don’t make junk!

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    So true, so unbelievably true

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    True words

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    Love the saying it’s so true to ..

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    Amazing! ❤

  14. manyofus1980 said:

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    Public Service Announcement

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