Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to generally break the rules. However, it snowed AGAIN last night!! (UGH!!!) About 10 inches!!! And I had a meeting to get to! Out the front door I slogged to my snow covered car. I cleaned off the windshield in order to see out of it, and rolled down the windows to clear off the snow on them. (Sure, the snow fell into the car, but at least the windows were clear.) Off I went to my meeting. There I was, putzing along on the main street, congratulating myself on getting the car ready so fast, (because being late to a meeting is a serious offense.) Singing along to the radio with gusto, (LITE 105), I looked around at all of the other cars so carefully brushed off. SUCKERS! I’ll bet I did MY car in 1/10 of the time it took them to do theirs!

As I so carefully pulled into the snow covered parking spot and stepped on the brakes, a loud sound was heard overhead. Kind of like an avalanche sound. Loud, echoing, freaky. All of the snow that had been on TOP of my car, warmed by the heat inside, now slid freely down onto the windshield, completing engulfing me in a white out. It scared me for a moment when I thought that this could have easily happened stopping at a red light. But I was gleefully overwhelmed by the fact that I had made it to the meeting on time!! Yay!!!! Except for the fact that when I went into the meeting to join the others and there WERE no others…the meeting had been cancelled due to snow! AGAIN!!!!


Comments on: "They TOLD Me Not To Do It…" (25)

  1. I’ve done that. Unfortunately not in a parking lot but fortunately I was able to blindly pull off the road…Lesson Learned.

  2. Hahaha! Glad you made it safely to the meeting that never met. Be careful out there!

  3. LOL! They forgot to send you the memo! Glad you are still alive to tell this little tale.

  4. TradeRoutz livingStyle said:


  5. we shouldn’t, but we all do it. My youngest son has just earned his driver’s licence, so I am trying to be a good mom by stressing the importance of cleaning off our vehicles properly before driving them

  6. ha ha ha!! Im also in the New England area and somehow I have been using a broom, windshield wipers, the heater in the car… all while in my bathrobe.. I’m short and even though i drive a mini cooper.. i can’t seem to get to my roof.. so i like to drive “funky” enough on quiet roads to have it slide down the sides for me before I get on a road where it could be a hazard to others.. usually it’s hazardous to my own self as i open the window and get it in my own face, or get out and plop– on my head.. but I seriously enjoyed the read here.. and felt myself smiling and the grand feeling “Im NOT ALONE!!” thank you, thank you, thank you!! ** great big snow man hugs- fellow New Englander!! Love your style!!***

  7. The worst thing about this winter is the children having to stay indoors! Great post! Brianna (https://childcareandyou.wordpress.com)

  8. Oh no! And you were so brave! But at least you went home feeling good about yourself! 🙂

  9. Sometime after 75 I decided that I wasn’t indispensable and not only didn’t have to show up when it involved serious danger to life and limb, but that I could run moderately late for things after decades of always being on time no matter how stressed it made me and how mad it made me when many others consistently ran late. I usually get places on time or close enough, but mentally accepting the possibility that I may run late or miss a meeting has lowered my stress level considerably. 🙂 I wish I had decided that at 65….a legitimate time for retiring from such things.

  10. Oh, my goodness, you make me miss the glorious New England winters. California weather is so boring.

  11. Bless Your Heart. Well at least they know you’re dependable and committed. 🙂 🙂

  12. B—er. All that effort for nothing but hey you now have a cleared/clean car

  13. Glad you’re OK. BTDT even after years of practice – I should know better! Why is it though, that everywhere you go, people are fooling around with their phones, but it seems no one can manage to call you and tell you the meeting’s been canceled? I’m sure you had a few other things you could have been doing with that time you spent. Rrr, on your behalf.

  14. Oh no that sucks! I know you can chuckle about it now! Sending spring wishes your way! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  15. My car has had a snow mohawk at least a couple of times this winter. We’ve had a snowy winter this year, thanks to the great lakes, but we console ourselves with, “At least we aren’t in Boston.” 🙂

  16. manyofus1980 said:

    Awwww, noooo! Soooo scary but funny too in a way. Glad you werent hurt or injured in any way though. Hope you had a hot drink when you drove home! Xoxo

  17. Pretty funny!!!

  18. Isn’t it always the way 🙂

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