I’ll Stay Inside Til Spring


Looked out the window today and all I saw was snow. Literally, the entire window was covered with snow, which reached up to the roof. Due to the high winds that blew the light and fluffy stuff across the small lake on which we live, our house window resembled the inside of a freezer. This actually kept the outside of our house “warm” at 32 degrees, compared the the howling wind outside at negative 15 degrees!

The saving grace is that the snow outside the front door is much lower at about 4 feet. Because one of my sons has consistently shoveled the walkway throughout these snowstorms, only about a foot of fresh snow covered the walkway. That’s the type of snow I hop through like a bunny. Jump, jump, jump with the longest strides I can muster, over to my car. Ready to go for the day! BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Wish I was Punxsutawney Phil who could burrow down into my warm home, emerging in the spring!


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  1. Remmy Meggs said:

    YOU are so lucky. You probably have a few hundred snowmen/women in your yard. Only thing I ever got was the coal for the eyes!

  2. Yeah, I know about that stuff coming across the lake!. We get “lake effect snow” from Lake Michigan, when cold air blow from the NW over the relatively warmer water. If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t really get that much snow. Really enjoy your writing.

  3. I always enjoy your writing. I’m off work today. It’s -3 degrees with windchill they say of -12. I’m sitting her at my desk with a cup of hot tea and catching up on my writing and online reading.

  4. Your posts always bring a spark of sunshine. Thanks

  5. Punxsutawney Phil has the right idea! Brrrrr

  6. 76 degrees and balmy here in sunny northern California. But I miss my Connecticut days in the snow. Wanna trade places? πŸ™‚

  7. You can DRIVE in snow!? We Texans have never heard such things! Cause let me tell you how Dallas/Fort Worth will shut down for 2-3 inches of snow.

  8. Wow! I thought 68 degrees (in our house) was cold!

  9. So ready for spring! I have been sick with bronchitis and only been out of the house 5 times since the first of the year! Come on spring!

  10. There are moments I wish we lived in an area which receives snow every year. Until I watch weather reports. Snow is good for one day. Hope you stay warm!

  11. It’s trying hard to snow here, but just managing to blow some flurries around. However, it’s below freezing with a fierce wind chill, so once the animals are fed with extra hay, we’re glad to stay home and have hot chili for supper! Spring can’t come too soon!

  12. What’s crazy is that here in the Pacific Northwest, we are having much warmer temps than normal, and spring is popping up a full month early. Daffodils are starting to bloom around here, and I keep thinking the temps will drop and we’ll get snow any day. The grass in my yard has started to grow again, but everything is way too soggy to even think about mowing. Our yard gets extremely wet and soft/ muddy. I hope you all stay safe and warm.

    • We have all the snow and we’re not sharing!

      By the way, I love your title, Life is a Journey Not a Guided Tour!!!!! So true!

      • Thanks. I so very much admire you! I only have one kid with a relatively mild disability, but at times he brings me to my knees.

      • I was born with “the gift” of extreme patience…can’t think of anything that has brought me to my knees…sometimes I think I’m crazy because I DON”T get upset even in some of the most difficult times. It is not ME, it is this wonderful brain I was born with that turns off the upset part and only looks for the positive. Crazy for sure!

  13. So we got 7 inches of snow in Texas last week, something that hasn’t happened in at least 5 years. Our reaction? Cancel all the schools and go out and play in the stuff as though it were a once in a lifetime guift from god! And the drivers, what few there were, drove the roads procariously, always afraid to crash. Of course, though, there were the “northerners” who were completely fed up of the snow and who could drive just fine, but that’s not the point. πŸ™‚

  14. I love your blog!

    I wanted to say that I think in this case Marie is correct. Who you marry is not based on who you want to have sex with. Some married people aren’t very interested in having sex. Who you marry is based on who complements you. Who is your “opposite” – not in the sense of being completely unlike you, but in the sense of being a lot like you, in a way that completes you and allows you to complete him or her. πŸ™‚

    I think every woman, no matter how unconventionally feminine, can find a man who fills the bill, no matter how unconventionally masculine. The problem with just giving up on nature’s design and settling for a same-sex partner is that… well… you are giving up on nature’s design.

    All the best.

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