A Special Birthday


I sat in church this morning and watched the annual Christmas Pageant put on by the children in Sunday School. This tradition is always a treasure to see, especially when one of my own children had a starring role, such as Francis’ turn as a Wise Man, a role he “rocked” because he is super tall and regal and he is great at leading the way using a staff, (for his blindness); or Dinora’s role as Mary with her long black hair and wide, innocent eyes; or Angel’s turn as, what else, an angel. Although there was a myriad of rejoicing angels, only his had a wide, bright smile and a comical, rhythmical walk down the aisle. (Yes, Angel will do anything to stand out from the crowd.) As a mom, pride would burst from me and tears would form in my eyes as I watched my children participate in this holiday portrayal of the birth of Christ.
Today was different for me. My children are no longer of age to directly participate in the production this year, and I thought my feelings about it would be different. But they weren’t! I was still tearful as I was caught up in the gentle story of Mary and Joseph in the barn, standing in the stable until Mary collapsed in the hay to give birth to her Son. And the animals who engulfed children, their heads peaking out through costumes of a donkey, goat, and cow, who stood on the stage trying not to trip because the animal bodies were interfering with their vision. Then the shepherds were coming down the aisle, carrying stuffed sheep and being followed by toddlers wearing sheep hats, white fur and white gloves, baaaa baaaaa baaaaing like sheep. The angels coming, wings and halos and white robes, singing, dancing joyfully down the aisle, sashaying and waving the arms as though dancing to the movie “Frozen”. And then the three wise men, not lead by a tall, regal child like Francis, but led by a solemn young boy with glasses, grasping his Frankincense carefully, so as not to drop the treasure. And when they all arrived, they sang “Away in a Manger”. Then, like the Keystone Cops, they arranged themselves in front of the manger, in a timely fashion, each raised a letter to spell out a special song, a non-religious song, a wonderfully inspired song; “Happy birthday, dear Jesus”. They were wide eyed and joyful and full of the love of this new baby, Christ, who on the day of his birth changed the world for all of us.



Comments on: "A Special Birthday" (13)

  1. georgiakevin said:

    As always a touching well written post. It is hard for me to imagine a better person than you.

  2. georgiakevin said:

    I know that God is looking down on you and smiling.

  3. anyonehaveaflashlight said:

    What a joy it was to read this post! I laughed when you described them as arranging themselves like the Keystone Cops.

  4. Nativity plays are a wonderful way to involve children in the real meaning of Christmas

  5. I’m glad you could enjoy the living Nativity scene even without your own children in it. Someone on my milk cow forum recently shared this really lovely Nativity video, which I think you’ll love: https://www.youtube.com/embed/kWq60oyrHVQ?rel=0 I showed it to my grandkids the other night, and all three of them (almost 6, almost 4 and going on 2) sat with rapt awe on their faces. Knowing you, you better have a couple Kleenex handy! 🙂 Hope you and your very special family have a very special Christmas!

  6. How sweet! I just survived directing my 7th graders and their Christmas Pageant. Although we don’t have fleece covered little lambs, we do have dancing Angels who always have to put on make-up & glitter! I always enjoy reading your posts; full of terrific visuals and universal truths. So, I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers!

  7. It sounds absolutely beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

  8. Her smile is truly a gift from the King of angels!

  9. Our pageant gets me every year too! Happy holidays to you!

  10. You are blessed and so are they for having you! God bless you all!

  11. HI.

    wow I love your description of the Christmas play.

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