bathroom-mirror-clipartmirror-man-clip-art-royalty-free-640-mirror-man-clipart-vector-73d10fccDressing in the morning for work, I try to look my best. When I look in our bathroom mirror, my hair looks pleasingly curly. My face looks “fine”. Average, (as I am no beauty by any means,) but fine, especially when I smile back at myself. Although I could stand to loose a few pounds, I don’t look overweight. Pleased with how I look, out the door I go to work.

I remain in a confident, upbeat mood unless I have to pee. IF I have to do so, I enter the room with the mirror from the house of horrors ..our office bathroom…oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Prepared for Halloween all year, this mirror somehow magically transforms my okay look into a horror. My hair is wild, frizzy, with straggly curls going everywhere. (Not unlike Dr. Frankenstein or Freud.) My eyes bulge out, with dark circles beneath them, (somewhat resembling characters from the Walking Dead.) My face is mottled and spotted and scary. My pores seem huge and my freckles overpower the rest of my face. And I am the size of elephant!

The first few times I used this bathroom, I scared myself. I am used to its tricks by now, so I don’t pay attention. I am confident enough to know that, at least in my mind, that is not the REAL me. That mirror distorts what I see on the outside so that it does not match what I feel on the inside. So I try not to have to pee all day….


Comments on: "The Mirror From the House of Horrors" (19)

  1. LOL! I’ve walked into a few rooms of horror like that!

  2. I don’t even have ONE mirror that I like myself in! πŸ˜€

  3. Ha! I know exactly what you’re talking about! Some places have the most horrible mirrors. They can change an “I feel good about myself” day into “I’ve been walking around like this!?!” Horrible, terrible, mean, evil mirrors.

  4. Dressing rooms have the same horrible, awful mirrors!

  5. Oh my god yes, and I thought I was the only one!

  6. i have one mirror at home that makes me look tall and thin and, for my age, nice. It matches how I feel about myself. I try my darndest not to look into any other mirror during the day. I don’t really care about how others may see me. As long as I’m satisfied, it’s all okay.

  7. anyonehaveaflashlight said:

    I can think of a few mirrors that I have felt this way about. I have curly hair and it always looks like a huge frizzy mess in these kinds of mirrors. Great post!

  8. My Lovely Litte Corner said:

    LOL! There is a mirror at my in laws house that makes you look 10 pounds thinner. My favorite mirror!

  9. So funny! The full wall mirror at our library does the same thing. Can’t stand it. But trying not to look in a full wall of mirror is nearly impossible. Thanks for the laugh.

  10. Probably won’t make you feel better but it’s the lights not the mirror. They distort what you see.

  11. So real. Love it!

  12. Haha hilarious πŸ™‚ It seems like many of us have experienced such mirrors πŸ˜‰

  13. Sometimes I feel like I need to be introduced to that person in the mirror, and ask them, “Who ARE you, and where did you hide my body??”

  14. Hi, just to let you know you have been nominated for the one lovely blog award if you would like to accept please visit (my name is Rachel from and I have a 16 month old son with Cystic fibrosis called Joe.) Thanks for writing about the day to day struggles and successes involved with raising a family with disabilities

    • Thanks for reading. And thanks for the nomination, but it is difficult for me to complete the requirements…not a whole lot of extra time. But I am honored you nominated me!

  15. Too funny…I have 5 kids – one with disabilities and it is always so good to try and be light hearted (as possible)..Thank you for giving us a laugh and by the way, t is definitely the lighting!

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