In her senior year in high school, Dinora was scheduled to go on a trip to Greece with her class. When I wrote to the Department of Health to get a copy of her (adoption) birth certificate for her passport, we were mortified to learn that the birth date on the birth certificate and the birth date on the other legal documents were was different! Thinking it was a simple mistake at the Department of Vital Statistics, I called. “No,” they indicated, “That was the date that the court gave us at the time of the adoption. The only way to change it was to go back to court.” I was horrified and sick to my stomach. Visions of deportation bounced in my head. Dinora, of course, was furious at me. Taking a chance, I sent in the Passport photos, a copy of the adoption certificate, (which had no birth date on it, only the adoption date.) and a copy of Dinora’s Guatemalan birth certificate in Spanish under her birth name. I prayed that although it was unconventional, it would be enough evidence for a passport. Dinora was scheduled to leave for Greece on June 5. By May 28 the passport had still not arrived. Dinora was confident it would come, as she is confident everything comes to her. I was not confident at all, and dreaded the day I’d have to face Dinora’s wrath because she couldn’t go to Greece. Around this same time was Dinora’s senior prom. She had chosen a dress several weeks prior, and I repeatedly asked her to try it on so it could be hemmed. Dinora, who was only 4 foot 11 inches, repeatedly said it would be “fine” because she was going to wear “heals”. She was a busy high schooler and didn’t have the time to try it on. On the morning of the prom, Dinora tried it on before school and came crying to me that the dress was way too long. It was a beautiful, silky cream color, and I am not at all domestic, so I didn’t have a clue what to do to hem it. I ran to the sewing store and bought hemming tape. “I can TAPE it up!” I thought excitedly. It made perfect sense! Nice and easy! I got out the iron and began to iron on the tape. The problem was twofold…the dress had a flare bottom and the hemming came out lumpy and crooked, and also the heat from the iron was melting the silk in the dress! It looked ruined and AWFUL!!! I promptly put the dress down, ran into the bathroom, and threw up. Several times. “Please, God,” I prayed, “I’ve never asked you for anything.” I threw up again “Please, please, please I am on my knees here, please help me out here. I am over my head with this problem.” I knew if ever I needed a miracle, this was it! Still shaking, I got an idea. I ran to the phone book and looked up tailors. There was one about a mile away, so I gathered the dress up and rushed to the tailor. “I need you to fix this!” I almost screamed as I burst into the store. The tailor took one look at it and said “But this dress is ruined. See, here, where you’ve scorched the fabric?” “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!” I begged through tears. He said he would try but could promise nothing. He could have it ready by the following Friday. “NO!” I screamed like a wild woman, “I need it by 4:00 pm this afternoon!” The man was shocked. “I’ll pay any amount of money” I continued to beg. Reluctantly, the gentleman agreed and I burst into more tears of hopeful relief. I drove home to wait until 4:00, and when I got home and opened the mailbox, there was Dinora’s passport for her trip to Greece! I went back to get the dress just in the nick of time for Dinora to get dressed for the prom. It was a miracle, (and for only a charge of $5!) The dress was hemmed and in perfect condition! It was GORGEOUS! He pointed out a few minor spots in the back of the dress where the material was scorched, but he said most of the bad spots he was able to hide under the hem. This was a TRUE miracle which I would appreciate forever. Of course Dinora did not have a clue what I went through for both her passport and her prom dress. She was appreciative, of course, as was I!!!


************ For more stories about Francis childhood and our adventure with foster children, please, read my book. Here is a link: The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane


Comments on: "A Miracle Saved My Life (A Story for Mothers of Teenage Girls!)" (23)

  1. These were truly miracles! One day, if you haven’t already, you can tell her this wonderful story and she will treasure it the rest of her life.

  2. By the Way, I wanted to talk about your book. PEOPLE, if you haven’t read it, please do! It is wonderful!!

  3. YUP, I can understand … although it wasn’t Prom, it was 8th grade graduation, and the “dress” became a tunic top, because I made her wear leggings with it. (It barely covered her butt!)

  4. God loves to answer prayers of desperation. A wonderful story of several miracles!

  5. Get that tailor a gift or send a HUGE thank you! Most would still say no even with all the tears! And yes, God answers our prayers, even at the last minute! 🙂

  6. Dinora should know what you did for her. Have you told her?

  7. Oh wow what a cool story.

    love it.

    Cheers Maria

    Produced on macbook

  8. Miracles do happen! Great story:-)

  9. Colour Me Balloon said:

    Miracles does happen…God be praised!

  10. Teenage girls are an amazing, nerve wracking, dry heave inducing, tear producing blessing. My daughter gave me long nights and hard days where sometimes my whole world to stop and restart revolving around them. But they are an amazing blessing as you see them evolve into young women. My daughter is 19 now, in nursing school and working full time at
    Piercing Pagoda.

  11. The things we do for our children! And we wouldn’t change it for the world, would we?? My daughter graduated this past June and senior prom was certainly a crazy time .. I can relate … now sit back and take a deep breath .. you did it …

  12. haystack3042 said:

    That’s what god will do for us he has helped me out as he will do for anyone! You are a great mom to go threw all that trouble for your daughter! 🙂

  13. I am convinced none of our children know the hoops we jump through to help them through the many “important” moments of their lives. You pulled it off like a super trooper!

  14. What an amazing story, thanks for this!

  15. I LOVE all your stories! Real life is so crazy like this.

    My sympathies, though, that you went through the stress of this! It takes a while before kids understand the difficulties of adult life.

  16. You have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank You for inspiring me and many others!

  17. You are an awesome mom!!!!

  18. sometimes miracles do are a great mum

  19. […] my belief in God. Whether it be my daughter, Dinora, gaining hearing after being deaf, or the provision of a wildly disputed passport showing up in our mailbox just in time for her travel to her birth country when she was a teen, I […]

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