We traditionally celebrate birthdays and special occasions at our house because our family home has plenty of room for our teen and young adult kiddos and their significant others, plus, well, I’m the MOTHER who is expected to host celebrations. My recent birthday party was well attended, but having to clean the house prior to the party put somewhat of a damper on the occasion for me. Therefor, I declared that my children are old enough that I no longer have to host events where I am the honoree. While I have certainly appreciated all of the home-made artwork, baubles and trinkets, flowers, candy, (especially those Swedish Fish,) gift certificates and sweaters, what I would REALLY like is to have a day off with no work. No cleaning. No cooking. No hosting.
A nice breakfast out would be great. I don’t eat much and I promise to stick to the $2.90 “breakfast special” and not order extra bacon.
Or a lunch at a local family restaurant where others will do the serving and cleaning.
Or even out for an ice cream sundae. Or a shake at Burger King. ANYTHING where I don’t have to do any work!
Better yet, they could chip in and get me a gift certificate for a spa day. I dream of getting a massage or a mani/pedi, and their thoughtfulness could make my dream come true.
Alas, my children do not read my blog. So I will get flowers or candy or gift certificates this Sunday, which I WILL appreciate. Just don’t ask me to clean my house so they can come for lunch. They will have to step around the dust bunnies and join me in the backyard where I’ll be relaxing with a frozen wine cooler in my hand, serenely looking at the gentle waves washing over the jumping fish and turtle heads popping up from the small lake behind our house, marveling that time has flown by and my children have successfully reached young adulthood, and savoring in that reality. Ah…life is good…


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. This is so true, we get so used to being a parent that we forget how not to be the ‘doer’ all of the time. That happened to me when I realised suddenly that I didn’t need anyone to baby sit anymore and I can go on holidays and have weekends away. I hope you enjoy Sunday 😀

  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez said:

    😀 ❤

  4. Love it! I completely agree!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. Happy Mothers’ Day! I made a similar decision and will not spend Mother’s Day or my birthday doing anything remotely connected to working in or out of the home. Enjoy!

  6. writingthebody said:

    Ha – your headline made me smile – good luck with that! You are right even so, they will not read your blog! Happy mother’s day all the same 🙂

  7. Garrie Madison Stoutimore said:

    I’m with you all the way! I dream of a spa day with my sisters, where we can complain about spouses, kids and hot flashes in a judgement free zone. Alas, It’s not likely to happen- at least not this year. But I’ll settle for Swedish fish.

  8. AdoptiveNYMomma said:

    I agree love it!!

  9. Well said! Have a great Mother’s Day! Most of us mom’s will be feeling it too!

  10. Someone get this woman a Mani and pedi already!

  11. So true. The irony of Mother’s Day is that every mom I know really just wants a day off, from the housekeeping, the grind, and yes—even the kids! Happy Mother’s Day!

  12. I tried to leave a comment on your About page, but I was scrolling to infinity. 🙂 You have an amazing blog, so I’m not surprised so many have come by here. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Happy Mothers’ Day!

  13. Have a happy day; we can but dream that our wishes will come true.

  14. My youngest doesn’t read my blog either. I always find that interesting because I definitely write about him at times. I’m not sure if that makes him smarter than the rest of us or dumber, but it definitely feeds my desire to make fun of him!

    • I also find it interesting that my kiddos have never read my book. They each approved their own chapters, but have never read the book as a whole. I think they thought it was a lark and I wasn’t really serious about it. Little did they know…

  15. I LOVE reading you. AMEN sister! I am planning on boycotting church on Mothers Day. Don’t cook much on most days any way, and when I do, I burn it. Dust bunnies and I are fast friends. I will Talk my girls into riding with me to take my husband to the airport in the morning, then go to brunch maybe…this on Sunday….scandalous in my tradition!!! Oh well……It is MY Mothers Day, right? Today I am skyping my Italian missionary son who is in Malta!!!! Hooray! Hooray! An hour of heart felt gratitude…..Life is TRULY GOOD!!!!

  16. LOL – I’m not a mother, but I totally agree! Why should you have to do all the work on a day that is supposed to be all about you? Rest and enjoy this weekend!

  17. Sounds like a plan!

  18. My first comment on here, and first I’m amazed at the number of followers, I look forward to reading more from you. and second,, I hope you get your wish, we;; we all can dream can’t we. 🙂

  19. swautism said:

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  20. A very happy Mothers Day to you!

  21. Happy mother’s day! Maybe you can have a potluck. They all bring the food.

  22. Does hubby read the blog? 😀

  23. kased777 said:

    Very well said! I totally agree!

  24. Beautifully put- and thanks for the reminder to take care of ourselves!

  25. Jojo said: May 11, 2014 at 6:35 pm
    “Does hubby read the blog? :D”

    I’d print it out and give it to him and all the kids! 😉 Happy Mother’s Day! You truly deserve a wonderful celebration!

  26. Congrats! You’ve been nominated for the very inspiring blogger award.

  27. Sometimes, taking care of yourself becomes the treat. It’s sad. I’ve missed your writing. Hope you come back with more soon!

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