Let Them See You in Me


My youngest son, Angel, has not been the topic of much of my writing. For some reason, I shelter him and his Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is an insidious mental illness which developed because of severe, continued, horrific early childhood abuse. It has taken him many years of counseling to adjust to the fact that he has twelve personalities that don’t always work together or even know what each other is doing. Even though the special education system in our town has given Angel a first rate, accepting and supportive education, his teenage years have been a real challenge. Angel has a very angry part that spews hatred and vile threats which are too X rated to explain here. Friends who don’t know of his illness have called him to their defense in the middle of the night because Angel’s angry part would willingly and effectively threaten the bullies bothering them. His friends had also taken advantage of his innate kindness and willingness to help, and he found himself driving them everywhere until his gas tank (and our bank account) was empty. Friendships held little advantage for Angel.

And then he found a wonderful young man named Christopher! He and Christopher had been in elementary school together and just happened to reconnect. Christopher provided a friendship that asked for nothing in return, a new feeling for Angel. Christopher encouraged Angel to join the youth group at church. Pastor Joe, whom I had called to alert to Angel’s eccentricities, took a personal interest in befriending Angel. What a huge difference this has made in my youngest son! With a newfound feeling of acceptance for himself and his parts, Angel is beginning to make real friendships without having to hide his disability. Little by little he has discussed his condition with these two accepting individuals. And they still like him!

This morning I was driving home from church and a sense of great appreciation for Pastor Joe and Christopher filled my heart. While driving, I changed the radio station to K-LOVE, my favorite station, which, unfortunately, does not come in very well in my area. Through the static I could make out the songs, which were only background noise anyway because I was deep in thought. It dawned on me that Christopher and Pastor Joe were gifts from God, and that, through them, I could feel God’s deep caring for Angel. Such a thought warmed my heart with happiness and joy. And at that EXACT MINUTE, the radio station became perfectly clear and the song “Let Them See You In Me’ played. My jaw dropped at the timing. Coincidence that this radio station should suddenly come through loud and clear and play the exact song to match my thoughts????? For me, it was just one more confirmation that God is alive and well and lives through some wonderful people!


To read all about Angel’s early years and diagnosis, please read my book. Here is a link:


The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane


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  1. Thank you for giving your readers the gift of this powerful story. It has so touched me.

  2. Beautiful! Btw I love K-Love….i used to listen online at work while working shifts

  3. What a beautiful story. I also have many personal experiences with synchronicity, and believe these experiences to be more than “just a coincidence.”

  4. I love synchronicities like that. For me, they are the universe’s way of telling me that all is well, or I’m on the right path.

  5. What a beautiful story about how unconditional love and acceptance are gifts to be treasured and to be offered to others. I am so glad that Angel has his own “angels”!

  6. I LOVED this post. I experience God doing these radical “coincidences” all the time. What a blessing to hear your testimony. What Joy that Angel can experience HIM despite his past abuse. I am working through Beth Moore’s Breaking Free and am reminded that at time Jesus hides his presence for us to learn to walk by Faith. HIS presences IS THERE He is hiding so that we faithfully build our faith.

    Blessings to you. Your post was to me, like the clarity of KLOVE.

  7. That has happened to me so many times. I care for a spouse with MS and have a daughter with OCD who has a toddler with eating and sensitivity issues. Sometimes concern for them can almost be overwhelming but then God steps in and handles the concerns. He sent my daughter a wonderfully accepting and supportive father who is so good with their child and my church regularly steps in to assist me with my husband is has all his mental abilities in good order but can only use one hand; none of his other limbs function beyond barely moving. So often when I drive, God will send me a song of encouragement or show me a scene of support. Thanks so much for sharing how He works in your family’s lives. I believe strongly there are No coincidences in life; only God’s timing.

  8. Happy to hear Angel is connecting with others and feeling accepted by them!

  9. As usual your post pulsl at heartstrings and mine just went zing! I’m so happy for Angel. And, I love the word synchronicities…It is perfect description for the ways God steps in to soothe us. I once read a quote, “Miracles never happen to those that don’t believe in them.” Miracles happen every day for those of us that do. Pastor Joe and Christopher sound like miracles for Angel.

  10. I am new to your blog. I don’t have children except one dog which can be a handful but I can remember my mother always saying that a parent knows when one of their children needing more love, support etc. Without children I have not clear understanding of what she meant and then I read your post and it is clear in the way you speak about him.

  11. i would love to have your permission to post this reading on my FB page with the link to your book. I find it helpful and a possible source to others with similar present needs. Greg @ GregoryLaFazia on Facebook or plasterman81@outlook.com

    • I would LOVE it if you shared the link! Thank you!

      • i would be very happy to do just that .. thank you for your permission .. I will set it up and send you a link also.

      • hi Linda .. I have sent out your article to approximately 5,000 on mine and a couple friends Facebook pages. I have included an address to your page, at least to your book. Here is the link to my page. If there is anything that needs rearrangement or deletion, please let me know. Greg LaFazia

      • Hi Linda, What a heart-warming story…I am sure the positive message you send out to all your readers leaves such optimism and love that it feeds their mission in life as well! For fear of sounding like a commercial, I am also hearing behind your words of inspiration a voice of logic that says you are trying all that you know how to provide a home/learning environment for your children that will help them in this life journey! I see so many individuals with cognitive issues and reading your blog reminds me how many people do not know about the option of NeuroCognitive Processing. So quickly I wanted to share, it is the combination of EEG Neurofeedback and a comprehensive Cognitive Rehabilitation program. We do it at Cognitive Connections and provide home systems as well, if you find you are interested in learning more I am happy to share and if not, please forgive me for intruding on your space here. I also adopted a child with special needs (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) and your blog caught my eye… Loads of Energy to you so you can accomplish your life-mission~ Dr. Lise’

  12. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy and learn every time I read your posts!

  13. Those God ‘coincidences’ are marvelous! My admiration for you grows every time I read a new post of yours. I imagine your house full of love -chaos, too, no doubt -but so much love and acceptance. Thank you for reminding me so many good people exist out there!

  14. I am not a believer but on a couple of occasions I admit things happen and I have no answer. Great post and I am delighted for your son to have found two good friends. As a mother we worry about things like friendship and fitting in for our children.

  15. What a beautiful story thank you for sharing x

  16. What a beautiful, insightful post. I am so happy Angel has you and a supportive group of real friends. That God’s blessing and arms around all of it is the best part of all. The radio static/clearing was definitely Divine Intervention…

  17. God’s grace is always sufficient in our time of need. He obviously knew the right parent for this job, one who would show unconditional love and understanding as well as his personal support team and educator to others who need to be educated on these issues.

  18. I enjoyed your post immensely and wish you continued joy and happiness. I have just written a story called, ‘Angels behind the Scenes’. If it gets published, shall let you know!

  19. I am so happy for Angel. I am so happy for you that you were affirmed so beautifully in God!

  20. Beautiful… Thank you ♥

  21. “Radio reality” is great stuff. K-LOVE is wonderful. That’s how I discovered Casting Crowns.

  22. I have two kids with emotional impairments from early trauma, and can relate to this story. Friendships come slowly to both of them (my youngest made her first real friend this year, at the age of 12). We’re getting ready to move in about a week, and I don’t like to think about what life will be like for Sarah without her friend. Praying very hard that a new “Beth” will turn up at the new place!

    • I’ll bet she’s find another Beth who will become a life long friend!
      In the youth group that Angel is in, the Pastor brought in a new girl, similarly traumatized. Angel was so amazed to meet someone with a similar history and they have bonded incredibly. And Angel feels like the big shot because he was the one who helped her feel welcome.

  23. Wonderful post! Personally, I don’t believe in “coincidences”. I believe they are all “God moments.”

  24. And so he is… Much live and blessings, Lor

  25. How wonderful Linda! Did is so unaccepted by so many, I’m glad Angel is accepted by his friend and pastor! XX

  26. hi. I love it when god surprises us like you just described. blessings to you and Angel and the wonderful people who have accepted him.

    Blessings! Maria and my guide Karly email bubbygirl1972@gmail.com

    Sent from my iPhone


  27. How wonderful. So thankful that God put just the right people at just the right time into your son’s life. God Bless him and them. Our Father is just so good. XO

  28. Absolutely beautiful, and what a blessing for him (and for you too!) And that song can’t be a coincidence!

  29. Wow. Pastor Joe and Christopher are truly blessings. I hope that they remain in Angel’s life for a long, long time.

  30. Thank you for sharing that beautiful story. God is, indeed, VERY good!

  31. Great post. I’m blind and have mental illness. I have several friends that have DID and are blind and so get it from a supportersperspective how challenging DID can be. I’d love to read your book! However I don’t yet have an I diveice or kendell. Could you submit it to bookshare? A website for blind/visually impaired to read books in accessible format. The site is: http://www.bookshare.org I would so apreciate this and then will be sure to comment on your wonderful story!

  32. I’m so happy for Angel! I hope that these friendships help heal his wounded heart. I’m sure nothing will take away the scars of early childhood, but let’s hope that Angel will grow strong like an old tree. The hint of what once was that shapes and defines the beautiful character. I love how you noticed the song on the radio – I often feel that the timing of these things is designed by a loving, caring God. I can’t wait to find the time to get back to reading your book. I’m sure you know all about the triage of daily life, and how often we need to make time for ourselves in it all… Congrats again on all the wonderful accomplishments of this truly unique and wonderful blog!!!

  33. Hi Linda, thanks so much! Could you maybe post on here when you’ve submitted it? Like make a post called”my book is now accessible to the blind” and then I’ll know you’ve done it? I don’t want to keep bugging you! Hope you and your family are having a good weekend! Sam

  34. […] L (April 2014) Let them see you in me [online] Available at:<http://5kidswdisabilities.com/2014/04/06/let-them-see-you-in-me/&gt; [Accessed on […]

  35. What a wonderfully inspirational post. Thank you so much for sharing.

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