My birthday usually ushers in the springtime. This year, it ushered in yet another snow storm. The picture above is what our little cabin in New Hampshire looked like when we arrived for a weekend visit Saturday, (MARCH 22!) There was so much snow that we spent almost 2 hours shoveling to get into the house. My adventuresome self wanted to just dig a tunnel through the snow, and crawl out the other side, but hubby thought it might be difficult to drag the suitcases through. Besides, he reasoned, it is good EXERCISE to shovel. (Yeah, right, like I’d go along with him on that one…)
Not since years ago when “I was a wee lass who had to crawl through four feet of snow for a mile in order to get to school” have I seen this much snow. It seems as though Global Warming passed us by this winter. I worry about the wild animals; with the snow so deep, how can they walk anywhere, let alone find something to eat? I can only hope that they have all joined their bear colleagues and started the new tradition of hibernating.
Of course, the weather will soon warm and the snow will melt, (hopefully not flooding the place.) Until then, I will reluctantly wait, looking like this:



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Comments on: "Wherefore Art Thou Spring?" (41)

  1. Seeing all that snow, makes my little 4 inches of snow seem like nothing. It also melted already. Snowed this morning and now it is gone. I hope your spring comes soon for you. 🙂

  2. We rarely get any snow but if we get an inch the country nearly stops! Mind you 2 hours digging might make me less enthusiastic about it.

  3. Wow! Ireland would grind to a halt if we got half that amount of snow!

  4. I’m beginning to understand the global part of the warming is selective… it didn’t get us in Delaware either.

  5. Wow that is really snowy I hope you got a roaring fire going x

  6. Im downloading it right now on kindle! I cant wait to read it. You have a gift of writing you know that? Its too bad I cant see the pictures. If any of your readers would like to read our blog I’ll put the link here


  7. And I agree with Olivia, as an irish person, things would definitely grind to a hault! Ireland is too small to deal with that much snow! We’d all go into hybernation like the bears ha ha! XXX

  8. Wow!! That’s a ton! I’m in nearby VT….we had a super cold snowy winter after two years of nothing. But I think your cabin has us beat for March though! Happy shoveling!

  9. My sympathies on the shovelling! I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy the snow while you are there. The increase in snowfall this year is actually an effect of global warming. The melting of the polar ice caps has resulted in increased rain and snow.

    • I did figure it somehow still related to global warming, but I’m not all that knowledgable about it all. I only know it was more snow than I ‘ve ever seen in once place before!

      • My friends and family in Canada and other northern places are all saying the same thing! It has been a long hard winter.

  10. Wowza! We went on our snow machines last Saturday. No springtime as of yet in most of Wyoming either. I can’t wait for sunshine and green!

  11. The ducks are starving to death in my area. Cant get through the ice to the food. It’s been brutal. The snowbis melting…though. it’s light at 7:30. Spring is slowly coming.

  12. (groan) I hear you! I am tired of snow blowing up my tail. We are supposed to get more tonight…not a lot, but still!

  13. Oh how fun it would be to have a cabin up there. Even with the snow, I bet the surrounding area is beautiful. What a calming place of refuge.

  14. Uncle Spike said:

    Wow… not seen snow for years, and never that much in my life 😀

  15. I’m one of those odd ones – the more snow the better and I would be fine if it never got over 50 degrees. Of course my wife is just the opposite. Which means when we retire she’ll move to Florida and I’ll hit Maine. We’ll meet in Virginia over the holidays.

  16. I live on the island of Maui so no snow here, but one winter I visited a friend in Lake Tahoe, Ca. and when I awoke in the morning in my trusty VW bus I was unable to see anything but snow out of the windows. The bus was merely a large hump in the snow with me trapped under this incredibly cold blanket. My friends had to spend the two hours digging me out! It definitely reinforced my decision to move to Hawai’i 52 years ago. I admire those with such fortitude to live through severe winters.

  17. Beautiful but burrrrr! 😊

  18. Debbie Spivey said:

    It’s snowing here in Northern Virginia right now…Ugh! I love winter when it is winter, but according to my calendar it is supposed to be warm now!!

  19. Hope you enjoyed your birthday, despite the snow!

  20. Theincensewoman said:

    I want spring too. We still have snow here too. Theincensewoman

  21. I’m really enjoying your blog! Great picture of a cabin buried in the snow – nice on a postcard, but not when you’re the one who has to shovel out! Hurry up Spring!

  22. That is a lot of snow! I think spring has finally sprung here. Happy belated birthday!

  23. And I’ve been complaining about my weather up here in Washington State? Hell, I live in the Bahamas compared to you!

  24. I am reading and sympathizing with your post while looking out the window at yet MORE snow falling on us, here in Northern Ontario. Worst winter on record for 25 years!

  25. Happy birthday! I can’t believe the winter you guys have been having. It’s odd to say, but I’m glad I’m in Denmark! Go figure.

  26. The weather doesn’t quite know what to do, does it? We have 70 degrees one day and in the 40s the next. Maybe that is just Oregon spring, tho.

  27. It’s like that here in Newfoundland as well! Another snow storm last night. Some areas got up to 35 cm of snow.

  28. Followed & on my blog roll!

  29. Yes I we do love the blog roles! XXX

  30. Spring is coming…slowly but surely.

  31. Snow does make pretty photos. But it’s April now and the snow must go! Our spring is still hiding under a snowbank somewhere. So after all these months, I’m anxious for spring too… with that same look as you 🙂 ❤

  32. Gorgeous photo!

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