Lamb Chop Reincarnated


Our region of the country received another snowstorm yesterday. To cope with this “storm” (3 inches), everyone in our area rushed to the grocery store to buy their beloved bread and milk. It says something about us that these two items are our staples, as opposed to beer and peanuts, ice cream and wine, or, my favorite, hot buttered popcorn and Diet Coke.
Leaving the house this morning, I searched everywhere for my gloves, which were nowhere to be found. Gloves, like socks, seem to disappear one at a time. Because they are not washed in the washing machine, the dryer cannot be to blame. I did manage to find one glove, one of those tiny gloves that look like it would fit a Barbie doll, but, when stretched and pulled, actually do fit on a grown-up. After much searching, it’s mate seemed to have flown the coop. Desperate because it was 10 degrees outside, I lunged into the sock bucket and pulled out one of my husband’s warm, white, fluffy work socks. Anything would do as a glove at that point, plastic shopping bag, pillow case or underwear. The sock seemed most like the glove. (In the background Sesame Street was on tv, aptly projecting the activity “Which of these things looks like the other? Which of these things don’t belong?” which managed to guide my choice.)
Off I went, gloved and socked.
Anyone who knows me knows that I like to sing and bop to music while driving alone in the car. I have to keep this activity private because if I sing when the children are in the car, they bitterly complain I sound like a baby monkey screeching for its mother and look like I am having a seizure with my bopping, (no offense meant to people who actually do have seizures whom I am sure have much more graceful ones.) This morning I was gloriously alone, sun shining on the fresh fallen snow, traffic moving at a standstill, and music flowing from K-Love radio station, which is especially enjoyable on a frantic morning. As I was sitting there in traffic, my right socked hand was waving in time to the music. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Then, almost imperceptibly, the glove folded over and formed a mouth, opening and closing in time to the music. Soon, we were both singing together in wonderful harmony, me and my socked hand. As we sang, memories of my favorite childhood television show, Shari Lewis and her puppet, Lamb Chop, sprung to mind. It was nothing short of a miracle that Lamp Chop chose to be reincarnated as the sock I was wearing! Imagine that! She was missing a couple of eyes, her ears and a nose, and her lips could have used some lipstick, but she was otherwise white and furry and unmistakable. What a joy it was this morning to Lamp Chop join me, singing our little hearts out.


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  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez said:

    I had a Lamb Chop when I was little. 🙂 I bought one on ebay for my daughter a few years ago.

  2. “This is the song that doesn’t it end and it goes on and on my friend” – Miss that show!

  3. I loved Shari Lewis and Lambchop! I think my mother wondered if I really thought I was a lamb rather than a human. I still remember some of the shows after all of these years and I mean the early shows not the ones my children watched when they were growing up. What a great memory you brought to my mind. Stay warm 🙂 and thanks! 😀

  4. I’d have to say that growing up Lambchop always freaked me out a little. I always thought of him/her as a Muppet reject.

  5. You are definitely not alone in singing in the car 🙂 My kids look at me like I’ve lost my mind when I turn on songs that I listened to as a teen lol
    Stay warm and safe 🙂

  6. I love watching LambChop! (Only for me it was the 90’s version) S. lewis always makes me laugh like a kid 🙂

  7. I sing my heart out in the car(while alone) Since moving to Oregon, I have started listening to K-Love…So good!

  8. Lambchop!! Now I have that song in my head!

  9. Love this story. I sing in the car and talk out loud to God. I don’t dare look at other people in cars to the side or approaching. I don’t want to know what they think. 😄. Keep up the good work.

  10. I love the way you describe things……..I can see and feel it and become a part of it for a moment. Fun to slip into another life for a moment. Thanks.

  11. Oh wow.

    I totally loved this post. How cute. lol

    Maria, Joe and Karly.


    Sent from my iPad


  12. This is the song that doesn’t end,
    Yes it goes on and on my friend.
    Some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…
    *Repeat forever*
    Drives my kids nuts and thank u for reincarnating Lamb Chop so I could remember where I learned the never ending song 🙂

  13. I remember Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop too. One of the best acts on TV when i was a kid. Sad loss.

  14. My son has found all of the old clips on YouTube and watches them over and over!

  15. Lamb Chop! How could I forget about that awesome duo.

    I wish I could find my gloves. I have NO idea where they are. Maybe it’s hanging out with your other Barbie glove?


  16. When my son was a preschooler, he used to have his hands talk back and forth to each other just like that. They’d carry on long, drawn-out conversations!

    Gloves and hats are that way in our house. I usually go to the Dollar Tree at the beginning of winter and pick up a few hats and a few sets of gloves. That way if they go missing, it’s not too much out of pocket.

  17. Brilliant! You are brilliant.

  18. This so made me smile, thanks!

  19. I miss Lampchop!! I too sing and bop in the car. My daughter now joins in, but the boys will have none of it. Happy Car Dancing! And thanks for the giggle.

  20. Mags Corner said:

    You gave me a smile and giggle or two. No better place to sing than in the car, but I have to say I have never tried it with a sock on my hand. lol Hugs

  21. That is just so cool!!

  22. I have a lamb chop puppet, that lives on top of my living room book shelf. I found it in the gift store at the hospital where I delivered my youngest son, one day when I had been there for a prenatal visit. Maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones that made me squee and giggle like a little kid all the way to the cash register to buy it, but I doubt it. There was no way I was leaving without her, and I think my husband knew me well enough to know it 🙂

  23. Your post is so amazing, I loved reading it (:

  24. You have been awarded the Lovely Blog Award . Nominations- If someone does not accept awards, well it still stands even if you cannot fulfill the requirements because this is a no strings attached nomination; only fulfill the award if you have time and are inspired.

  25. Now “this is the song that never ends” is on repeat in my head. 🙂

  26. You made me smile! I loved Lamb Chop when I was little. I love the image of you driving down the road bopping along with Lamb Chop. 😀

  27. The theme song is stuck in my head now! That brought back great memories 🙂

  28. Ha, I bop and sing too! (Also only in private!) but I don’t have a sock on my hand…hmm…

  29. My gosh. I had forgotten all about Lamb Chop. Thank you so much for the reminder!

  30. i’m not familiar with them but Lamp Chop looks really cute 🙂

  31. Those were days. It was simpler. We used our imagination. Today it is soooo graphic.

    • I agree. I see the shows kids watch these days and I am amazed. And my daughter, Marie, loves the ScyFi channel, but half the time the shows are violent, bloody and too graphic…I love a good science fiction story, too, but enough with the violence…

  32. You sound like a really fun person. I love sock puppets. In fact I use a sock puppet named Liberty to tell children how to stay free of addictions and dependencies in the curriculum entitled Empowering Kids for Life. I used a sock puppet because the curriculum is used in missions around the world as well as in the US. You can take a look at it if you want. Here’s the link where you can read it.–Empowering-Kids-for-Life-Leader-book-and-CD-with-teacher-tools_p_160.html

  33. I loved Lambchop when I was wee.

    I’m a very open and accepting person but I have a firm policy of not tolerating people who give me a hard time for singing in public. It feels like some folks just think people shouldn’t sing, that they’re obligated in some way to make fun of such people. Life’s too short for that nonsense. Sing shamelessly!

  34. Awweee, amazing! I feel the happiness radiate from this post! XX

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