Lately, some of the things that I say reflect things my mom said decades ago. I met a woman the other day who was cheerful and bouncy, with a large white flower in her bright, red hair and a wide smile. I immediately told my son that she looked like a hot ticket. He looked at me like I was crazy. “She’s a WHAT?” he asked.

And so it is with the items on my Christmas list that I gave my teenage and young adult children, most of whom are economically disadvantaged, (ie poor, broke, don’t have a pot to piss in). I asked them to get me something that tickles me. For those unfamiliar with this description, what I am asking them to buy me is something that makes me giggle inside. “Ahhhhh”, you think, “There can’t be too many items that do so that are inexpensive and suitable to give as a Christmas gift.” But you would be wrong.

Things that tickle me:
**Socks with far out designs. (I work with young children, usually on the floor with my shoes off. While my dress has to be “casual business”, my feet can be free and easy.)

**Jelly Bellies, especially popcorn and licorice flavors. (I would be on cloud 9 eating them, one by one, savoring the flavor.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it would be so awesome if one of my children would buy me a body wash from Bath and Body works, for my nightly bubble baths. (Sweet Pea is my favorite scent!)

I would be made in the shade if I were gifted with a nice, strong pen, preferably with purple or green ink.

A new mug with a sentimental slaying would be fab. (I LOVE to drink my tea.)

A gnarly new wallet would be welcomed, (one with extra room for pictures of all my kiddos!)

Bubble gum flavored lip gloss, with a hint of pink coloring, would help me look like a fox. (even if only around my mouth area…for the first five minutes…before I lick it off…,)

So, you can see, I would be tickled by a variety of inexpensive items that my kiddos could buy me for Christmas. In fact, anything that they buy for me with love will be copasetic. It would bum me out if they spent a lot of money on me, because it really IS the thought that counts!

As I crash on Christmas eve and go to sleep, I know opening my presents on Christmas morn will be a gas, yet won’t cost my children an arm and a leg.

Here’s to hoping your children get to keep their appendages also!


Comments on: "Buy Me Something That Tickles Me" (23)

  1. good list!

  2. I love your expressions! I have a friend who was raised in the deep South, and her expressions tickle me pink! She’ll tell me that someone is “three crayons short of a box” or that “he was on it like a chicken on a June bug” or that so-and-so is “as happy as a pig in mud.” I can’t remember half of them, nor can she when I ask her to try, but when we’re talking they just pop out of her mouth and make me smile.

  3. Your personality reminds me so much of my mommy! I can’t wait to give her the heart felt present I have thought up πŸ˜€ She will relish in my sentiment.

  4. I hope your kids have seen your list!

  5. Your idea of Christmas gifts matches my own. I love goofy things and would love any of the above. I use to work in a Doctors office and while the uniform of the day was white pants, a scrub top and white shoes, I use to buy wildly colored socks and shoelaces! The patients always looked forward to the brightness down near the floor. Mele Kalikimaka a Hau’oli Makahiki Hou from Maui.

  6. I loved this post! I’m reminded of the lyrics of a song from “110 In The Shade” …”simple little things…all I want are simple little things…”I ditto all the “treasures” you speak of in this postπŸ˜€!

  7. Nice list! I can never think of anything to ask for when my kids want to get me something, now I have some ideas πŸ™‚

  8. Wonderful! Those types of gifts are the bee’s knees! I mean they would really be cool beans, not to mention the cat’s pajamas!

  9. Mags Corner said:

    What a great post, hubby, my eldest son and I were discussing this very subject yesterday. Hope you get those things that tickle you and you all have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs

  10. Wonderful post! I have two kids with disabilities, and I love reading your entries! You mentioned a book a while back, what is the title? I know you’ll have a wonderful Christmas, all of you deserve it!

    • Thank you for asking. I’ve written the book The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane. It is only available as an e-book as no publishers were interested in publishing it in hard copy, unfortunately. It is available on I-Tunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.

  11. Groovy, man! ( woman!)

  12. I wonder if your kids know what that phraise means. It will be interesting to see what they get you. Wouldn’t your child with sperger’s take you literally and get you a feather or something? (smile) You’ll have to let us know what you get.

    • Yes, you are right! They think I am funny and “old”. Just like when I tell them not to scrape things because it gives me “the willies”. I provide a lot of comedy for them!

  13. I just love this post. we love all the things you mentioned, too! What did you end up getting? XX

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