Joining my blogging friends, I am thankful for my family, friends, and our comfortable life. However, the holiday of Thanksgiving also provides a wonderful opportunity to express my appreciation for the “little things” in life. For instance, all of those wonderful times when you get green lights all the way to work! I actually treat traffic as though it is the norm to prevent getting annoyed or anxious. That way, I am super happy (and thankful) for those times when all of the traffic lights are green and it’s like smooth sailing all the way!

There are several other little things for which I am grateful:

curling irons: without them my hair would be frazzly and I’d look like Einstein, (no offense Mr. Einstein, if you are reading this from heaven…)

working pens, preferably in a lively color: who has not had the problem of searching frantically for a pen only to finally drag one out that doesn’t work?

TIVO: there are only a few television programs that I like to watch, and they inevitably are televised during a time I am unable to watch them. TIVO is a life saver AND a time saver because I not only get to watch “my” shows at a convenient time, but can fast forward through the commercials!

reading glasses: yes, I have reached the age of needing reading glasses. How wonderful it is to put them on and not to have to squint!

coin holders in cars: putting all of my spare change in the coin holder serves me well when quarters are needed for a parking meter or a Diet Coke at McDonald’s! (No reprimands, please, I know Diet Coke isn’t healthy, but I love it anyway!)

money found in the dryer: isn’t it exciting when you have emptied out the dryer and several quarters and a dime are sitting there at the bottom? I was SUPER lucky the other day and found a twenty dollar bill! (It was like winning the lottery!)

half and half cream: we go through so much milk in this house that there was a time when there wouldn’t be any left over for…..sob, sob…that first, steaming, wonderful cup of morning tea. My wonderful husband discovered half and half which no one would dare drink. Problem solved!

comfy shoes: there is nothing that stabilizes and calms me more during the day than wearing a pair of warm and snuggy comfortable shoes.

spritz of body spray: not being a perfume person, there is nothing better to lift my spirits than a nice body spray of citrus or apple cinnamon. (Of course, if it is late in the day, it COULD make me hungry…)

I am very thankful for all of these little things in life that have, in some way, added to my happiness in life. Now, if ONLY I had an automatic car starter, (hint, hint, hubby dear.) MAYBE I will get one for Christmas. Then, in the freezing winter, I can walk out to a WARM car with my comfy shoes, stylish hair, smelling of fruit. Ah….I can only dare to dream…


To read more about our life, here is a link to my book:

The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane

Link to the Readers Digest review of my book:


Comments on: "The Little Things for Which I am Grateful" (48)

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez said:

    Have a wonderful, peace-filled holiday with your friends and family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What’s an automatic car starter…? Only in America 😀

    We ave two traffic lights between here and where my wife works, and that’s 65km away. The other day she found both were green as she was also chuffed – I guess it’s all relative, eh?

    • Whooo! That must have been exciting for her!

      An automatic car started starts you car at the push of a button. In about 5 minutes, it is all warm and cozy. I know, I know, it’s a wasteful thing, but as I get older, my fingers and toes FREEZE while I am waiting for the car to warm up, and then I can’t handle the steering wheel too well. So it really IS a safety device for me, (if you can believe that!)

  4. HaHa A working pen is truely a blessing around here and reading glasses (cheaters); I’ve had to resort to having a pair in every room! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. So sweet! Your post reminded me of something my mother in law has always done- praise Him for green lights! When I would drive with her when I was a teen, I thought this was silly, but over the years, I have learned to praise Him for everything- including my wonderful MIL! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Awesome list! Isn’t it funny how the little things really aren’t all that little after all?

  7. Thank You…this is superb!

  8. Thankful for a garage door that finally closes!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  9. Your and your blog bring an incredible amount of joy to my life, for which I am grateful! I have always felt blessed– I live in a paradise called Maui where winter is like Spring on the Mainland. I have work that I enjoy, sons (though at a distance) that have always provided me with love and laughter and an abundance of wonderful friends. We do need to stop and think about all the little things as well. Have a wonderful holiday….hau’oli la ho’omaika’i…Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Hi. i love your list. Im with you on the body spray and comfy shoes. Maria and Joe Chapman

  11. I am grateful for being so darn adorable and for good dreams. hahaha. But seriously, I was homeless just three-four weeks ago and living in a small Honda. The state senator, one of those nasty republicans, essentially saved my life. My cat was my tether to reality.

    So really I am happy, my depression is still there but at least I have moments of real happiness and the hope for a future. My writings here reflect haltingly my reflections and my feelings that feel like a whir. I am thankful and fortunate that peace and understanding trumps all.

  12. Oh yes, nothing like a pen that writes well, every time. And I can relate to wanting a car starter- not for where I live now, but for years ago when I lived in northern Vermont. I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one.

  13. What a wonderful list of the things we take for granted. xxoo

  14. Dear Linda,

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but sometimes I think we should! I would like to thank you for brightening my otherwise very ordinary weekend, because this afternoon I finished your book “The Apple Tree”. I have been following your blog for a while now, since you kindly followed mine and I “found” you as a result.

    Having spent the last 2.5 months out of work after moving cities, I have had the pleasure of reading many books in a wide variety of genres. Yours was the only one which has had me laughing out loud, and groaning at the many tough and embarrassing situations you have been put in. But more than anything, this was the only book that had me crying real tears for a prolonged period after it ended.

    You are truly an inspiration! Not only have you made the lives of your husband, mother, brother and your own son happy and successful, but you have transformed the likely terrible destinies of your four adopted children and the others who you fostered along the way. I appreciated your honesty around taking time for yourself to recharge and allow you to focus back on your children, and particularly loved the way you can see the funny side of almost every situation.

    In our fast and furious world, you are a rare breed who understands that there is not a “one size fits all” approach to life. Everyone is different, for better or for worse, and everyone deserves the chance to be happy and successful. I’m sure your whole family loves you to bits!!

    Thank you again! Happy Thanksgiving (better late than never!)

    • I think this is the most wonderful comment I have ever received! Thank you for not only reading my book, but for reading it in the manner in which it was intended. I am so happy to have feedback from you! I know people are reading it out there, but, except for my family in friends who HAVE to compliment me, only a few others said they “liked it”, so your comment is especially meaningful.
      I hope you find that job soon…

  15. Our Thanksgiving was in October…yes, I’m from that place to the north. : )
    But your post definitely reminded me of all wonderful little things to be grateful for…like the fact that I have time to add a comment because the kids are still asleep on Sunday morning!
    thank you, thank you, thank you!

  16. Great idea for a post. One of my favourite things is when I arrive at a platform or station and the train/bus arrives straight away.

  17. I am glad I’m not the only one that gets excited about finding money in the tumble dryer filter lol xx

  18. Money in the dryer and Tivo definitely make my list too! 🙂

  19. This is a good idea! AND a good list…. A lot of these would be in my top 10 too!!!

  20. I do so agree… we all have to learn to be grateful for the little blessings in life especially while struggling through the many challenges we have to face in our daily life… if we cannot even think of it or be grateful for it, life has no meaning..

  21. Everyone who can appreciate those ‘small things’ takes so much more pleasure out of life. Because there are small things all around us.

    I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  22. 🙂 we could be sisters. Love it!

  23. That’s a great list of little things! We’re actually getting a remote car starter installed today after work!!! Admittedly not so grateful for the arctic air mass of -30ºC temps this week, but grateful for a little help from technology ❤

  24. The Invisible Sage said:

    Greetings Linda, and congratulations! :). I have nominated you to receive the Shauny Award. Please go to to see the details.

  25. Those are all wonderful things. I always say the little things are most important because big things are only once in a while, but we have little things every single day. (Spare change in the car is for milkshakes for me!)

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