You know you’re addicted to the computer when:

You get up in the morning and before you have your cup of tea/coffee, you turn the computer on so it can warm up and be immediately ready for your nimble fingers once that cup of of tea/coffee is in your hands.

When the power goes out in your house you don’t give any thought to all of the food melting in the freezer, or not being able to cook, or not having hot water for a shower, or even freezing if it is Arctic weather outside and the furnace depends upon electricity.  All you care about is that your computer won’t work!

You plan your lunches so you can eat them with one hand and use the other for the computer. (If I weren’t so conscientious about family dinners, I’d do the same thing at dinner…)

You get up in the morning and your husband, who treats you dearly, is using the computer and all of a sudden you hate him and you want to scream, “GET OFF THE COMPUTER, IT IS MINE! MINE! MINE!”, but instead you pleasantly say, “Good morning” with thoughts of revenge in your heart.

You pet the dog with your left hand so you can type and use the computer mouse with your right.

The phone rings and you don’t answer it because you are right in the middle of getting a high score on your favorite computer game. Even when the message recorder comes on and you hear your husband saying “Are you there? Pick up the phone!” you still ignore it…

You are disappointed when you don’t have any “mail”.  Now that gmail separates the ads from the social e-mails, there is often nothing to read.  You never really WANT to read the ads, but when they were included, it gave you a sense of satisfaction because your e-mail had lots of goodies to read, (except for the ones on male enhancement products of course.)

The final reason I know I am addicted to the computer is that while I am in that dreamy state, falling asleep, I see the game Candy Crush in my head, and make matches…

Please join in…I am looking for how YOU know you are addicted to the computer…


Comments on: "You know you’re addicted to the computer when…." (62)

  1. autismmama76 said:

    TRUTH. 🙂

  2. addiction to wordpress has replaced my addiction to facebook

    • Isn’t that funny. I don’t use Facebook except for Words with Friends. I apologize to my Facebook “friends”, but what people write on WordPress is generally more interesting!

  3. Your blog always puts me in a better mood. Thank you!

  4. …I read as my heels are being clipped every second step by the full-of-(heavy)-child, giant green wagon, I pull behind me. Of course with the left hand, cuz frees up the right-hand for quicker comment typing (this response;)
    And, YeS! I Have indeed been yelled at by LO “MOMMY! Where are we going!?” –As I look back & have walked passed our own driveway! LOL! Wait until your MOBILE my dear … Just Wait..
    addicted yes 😉

  5. Oh my..I am in trouble! (:

  6. Think you’ve got most of them!~ In my case, there is also the fact I have my computer right next to the window, so I can see my daughter coming down the hill from the bus stop….

  7. 1wanderingtruthseeker said:

    I am so addicted my husband calls my computer my boyfriend. I also got a tablet so I can take it on the go with me and when I’m too lazy to walk into my bedroom to get on my desktop. But when I have to answer on make comments or my blog, I go into my bedroom.

  8. i am addicted. i turn it on and it buzzes to life as i get my coffee and i do as well. i swear, i could sit happy all day. thank goodness, i have friends who drag me out!

    • I, too, would be happy to sit all day on the computer, but my schedule never allows. (But BOY do I love it when my husband goes away for the weekend and my kiddos are occupied elsewhere…)

  9. Mol!!!! I’m addicted to the humans smartphone… Poor thing hardly ever gets to use it (until the battery’s drained)…


  10. Guilty: Paragraph #1!!!!

  11. Hiya, this is so true! My hubby manages without his computer during a whole day (his day off), I confess that I cannot!! 🙂

  12. Oh candy crush… I had to delete it from my phone. I’m writing my phd thesis and am pretty sure if I’d spent my candy crush hours writing it would be complete by now!

  13. This is too true

  14. It’s not so much the computer but my iPhone. I check it for messages before I step out of bed in the morning. Terrible! I need an iPhone intervention. I hate it, yet I can’t live without it!

  15. Hahahaha – so true. 🙂

  16. I don’t do any of the games, but I keep in touch with friends and family via email, and for the past year, through my daily blog. Since I am caretaking an adult son with disabilities, the computer helps me stay connected and feel less isolated. I do have to fight the addictive tendencies of it, though. Luckily I have so much else to do I don’t really have the opportunity to get too hooked on it…or so I tell myself!

    • For you, the computer isn’t an addiction, it’s a necessity!
      I love the game Words with Friends because that keeps me connected to friends who live far away. It’s kind of like playing a real game with them.

  17. Life and Other Turbulence said:

    I’ve discovered noise reduction headphones…thanks to my daughter who suggested I use hers while she’s away. They’re fabulous…I plug them into my laptop and listen to music on iTunes while I become completely engrossed on the computer…all while my husband watches ESPN just feet away from me. If he has something to tell me, he has to wave his arms to get my attention because I am so fully engaged with what I’m doing. I know these headphones will have to be returned to their rightful owner pretty soon, and that will be one sad day for me. Then it will be time to immediately go shopping…Best Buy should carry them, right?

  18. YOu pack up your mac mini and take it away with you. Blessings! maria and Joe chapman

  19. I used to be so much like this lol I’ve dreamt Tetris and Facebook! and after my Facebook dream the first thing I did was pick up my phone to update my status about it lol My children have their own laptops so I can use mine any time.
    Since I started working from home I found I was working way more than I thought and so now make a point of eating lunch away from the computer and having a break. Mine you, I recently got a smart phone and now I use that to get online at lot when we are out/on trains/in waiting rooms etc. so maybe the addiction has just transferred! :S

  20. Glynis Jolly said:

    I used to be just like that. Yet, about 6 weeks ago, maybe it was 2 months, My addiction came to a halt. Yes, obviously I still spend time online and even have 3 blogs/journals going, but I get up out of this chair more often to do other things. When the power goes out, which happens too often around here, my worry is am I going to be stuck in blistering heat or shivering cold; it’s not about the computer. The love affair with my computer has dwindled down at a casual and friendly relationship.

  21. Thank you kindly for stopping by my blog and liking my post – ‘An Uncommon Love Story.’ Reading your stories about raising children with disabilities takes me back in time. We unfortunately lost our son who had CP. I often think how very much he would have loved an iPad! (My constant companion) Be well.

  22. I know I’m addicted because I use it on the sly and try to “cover” my use by pretending to check the weather forecast… I’m really checking my blog.

  23. Egads! We do the same things! I invented the cream cheese and Cheeto sandwich so I could eat Cheetoes without getting orange fingers all over my keyboard. Good stuff, BTW.

    I know I am addicted when… I am scolding the hubby to get to bed at 1am because it’s late and he’s a pain in my rear to get up in the morning, after-which I get caught up in 5 bazillion more PINS leading off the ONE Pin I found on Pinterest just before I was going to sign off for the night… and then I make myself a PopTart. Because PopTarts are what you eat at the computer when you are going to be on past 1am. Damnable Pinterest!

  24. I LOVED the part about your husband being on the computer!! I too have had those same thoughts! LOL made me want to go out and buy him his own! Thanks for sharing, love your posts and your humor . . check out my last one on my zip lining adventure! Blessings, Linda

  25. Ha, I used to see the Jewels game I played when I closed my eyes!

  26. digitalgranny said:

    Oh Lord I relate. I am so addicted.

  27. great article, I’m an addict! Thanks to Rachel Lampen for sending me your way! I’m also a coach who works with moms and families with special needs kids, we should connect! Leonaura

  28. I have an on-line business so I can always use that as an excuse to go on the computer which is the first thing I do in the morning when my feet hit the floor is turn on the computer. It has a very short battery life and if I forget to hit the power switch, it will turn itself off when its juice runs out and I almost cry if I’m in the middle of “Free Cell” which is my tune-up for the day. I also have a blog, but I work at a regular job 40 hrs. a week and at my own job for about 20-30 so I don’t have the time to be on this baby for long periods. I’m afraid to get an iPad.

  29. I check email too frequently and get bummed out when there are no new messages to read. It’s silly and not the best use of my time.

  30. stephie2010 said:

    You know you’re addited to the computer when… The first thing you do is check twitter instead of read the newspaper. IF you’re blind, and you hear your screen reader reading things to you while sleeping.

  31. I love this! I think I could be on the verge of an addiction, I think the husband part gave it away LOL, and not to mention my disappointment with google’s new email system. Thanks for the post it made me laugh.

  32. It’s sad to say, but these are all so true. Definitely need to ween myself off of technology!

  33. That’s hilarious! I’m not to this point but that candy crush obsession is a serious one for me!!!

  34. So true!!! And so funny!! LOL! I am more addicted to WordPress than I am addicted to Facebook! And I agree with the paragraph about when your husband is on the computer and you secretly get mad. I feel this way when my husband and children get on the computer AND when they talk to me while I’m on the computer! It drives me crazy!! hee hee Good Blog! 🙂 I’m now following!

  35. You know you are addicted to the computer when your baby grandson wants your attention and you have to tear yourself away from it. Thanks for liking my blog post.

  36. You know you’re addicted to the computer when you realize, suddenly, that you’ve had to pee for at least an hour and your bladder is about to wage war with your entire body….and you still say “eh, I can wait a few more minutes,” and continue typing away.

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