One day several years ago, many months after Marie came to live with us, my husband, in a good mood, came into the kitchen, swooped me backwards, and gave me a passionate kiss.  When we had finished, I noticed Marie standing there, gaping, eyes wide, with a shocked look on her face.

“What was THAT????’ she asked in American Sign Language.

“A kiss,” I told her.

“No, no”, she signed back, “a kiss is a little peck on the lips” she said as she came over and demonstrated one on the dog. (Heaven knows a teenager would never kiss their MOTHER!)

“There is a different kind of kiss when you really love someone like your husband” I said.

“That is amazing!  How did you LEARN to do that? ” she asked plaintively.

“You don’t learn it, you just feel it.  It is natural when you love someone,” I explained to her.

“Well,” she huffed, “I’m going to wait until I’m 17 to do that,” she said as I said a silent prayer to myself that I should be so lucky for her to wait that long!

I laughed inwardly at her innocence, this worldly child who, because of her child abuse knew the mechanics of sex more than anyone her age.  I doubted she ever saw anyone really “in love” before, and she had never seen anyone kiss passionately, which really surprised me.  The more I thought about it, though, I realized she hadn’t been exposed to it in her young life and the only other way she might know would be from watching television.  Because of her deafness and lack of early education,  she had a low reading level and was not able to understand the captioning on tv, so she did not generally watch comedy or drama series.  Her favorite tv channel was (and still is,)  the Animal Planet where captioning is not really needed to enjoy the shows.  What wonderfully active lives those animals live!  Exotic lives!  Interesting lives!  Dangerous lives!  Sometimes romantic lives; nuzzle noses, lick, bite, cuddle, hug, dance and flap their wings as a means of showing affection.  But a long, romantic, “mushy” kiss? I think not….Marie had to learn that from her parents…





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Comments on: "I Don’t Think Animals Kiss…" (38)

  1. That’s lovely! Funny and touching and lovely! I’m so glad you recycled it for us newcomers!

  2. ThAnk u! It was a cute story! 🙂

  3. Hey, no need to apologize for recycling. I often wish I could find the time to look through all the archives of a person i just recently started following. I know there are gems there.So, I like it when there are re-posts. This is a wonderful story!

  4. Thank you for bringing this one back again. It’s poignant and cute.

  5. kristilazzari said:

    Thank you for recycling this!

  6. Beautiful! I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. If a child is fortunate enough to witness their parents truly in love, they will probably go on to have healthy relationships as well.

  8. I agree with Tiffany…children learn from watching their parents and you’re obviously setting the right example. And, since I’m fairly new within the last year, this didn’t seem “recycled” to me at all. Lovely.

  9. This is funny…

  10. Awww! What a sweet post and wonderful story. I am a relative newcomer to your blog, so I’m happy you decided to share it again.

  11. haha! Mushy kisses. You humans! I like to slurp everyone a bit myself, but if I really like you, I try to “corncob” groom you with little snaps of the teeth! Woof!

  12. great story, thanks for sharing for us new folks 🙂

  13. that’s so precious 🙂 lol

  14. strawberryquicksand said:

    Looks like you got a few more readers now! What a good story. 😀

  15. I catch our little boys looking at us when we kiss sometimes – assessing what is going on. It is a wonderful thing for children to witness parents being loving towards each other. I loved this post, thanks for recycling 🙂

  16. Lovely! It’s heartening to see exemplary parenting. your children are blessed. Two thumbs up.

  17. Glynis Jolly said:

    You know, Marie just may surprise you and wait until she 17, or even maybe 18. After all, her past experience is bound to play a part in her future. AND now being exposed to the love of a caring family is sure to give her self respect and confidence to do just that.

  18. I love it! I think it’s a sweet thing when parents show affection towards each other in front of their kids! It shows them love in the right the right context 🙂

  19. You are so blessed and your kids are blessed to have you. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.

  20. Adorable! Thank you for brightening my day. God bless you!

  21. writingforjoy said:

    It is wonderful how we are created to be people of expression. It is a joy to know your daughter was able to see in her life healthy affection for your love even though it came later than one would expect, she has learned 🙂

  22. Love that you share all the wonderful, challenging, and even sad moments in your extraordinary life. Everyone of them touches our hearts and helps keep us in touch with what matters in our lives.

  23. This is so innocent and sweet x

  24. Thanks for reposting this. How sweet.

  25. billiamholt said:

    Is there any better venue in which to learn such a thing? Good Show!!! 😉

  26. Thank you very much for dropping by my blog today !! I don’t know how you do it. (You must hear that A LOT!) Five children with disabilities, a husband AND a blog – amazing!! I have an absolutely wonderful grandson who has Autism. Each and every year he surprises us with how much he changes and grows. From being a little child who couldn’t speak or deal with any type of “tumult”, he’s become a happy, laughing boy – who loves to ask his grandmother, “You’re teasing me, right Gigi?” And its the love and assistance he receives from those who love him (as well as his teachers etc.) that have have helped to make him the fabulous little man he is !!

  27. Awesome post about the passionate kiss. Just confirms that our children learn by what we model.

  28. I like this blog, and am curious what you’ve done to get so many followers in just a couple of years. Wow, that’s awesome…

    • I’m not sure why I have so many followers. I do love to read other people’s blogs when I have time, so that may have something to do with it. I think the rest just found it by internet searches. Mine comes up for strange topics, like Tiki Statue, Wedding Clip Art, loosing money at a casino, alligators, along with the regular searches for kids and families with disabilities. I get followers from at least 20 internet searches a day. I guess they come and decide to follow, (for which I am so very greatful!)

  29. So sweet to hear. On a side note, Thankfully my little boy still kisses me as he is only five. I will be so sad when that starts to change 😦

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