Working this summer running an educational/recreational program for kiddos with disabilities, I have been giving my good ole, 12 passenger van with a wheelchair lift a run for its money.  Surprisingly, despite numerous past mechanical difficulties, it has become a war horse for transporting us throughout the state to many wonderful adventures!  Because it is an industrial type van, it supplies the children with a lot of extra bounces, creaking, twists and turns.  (It is good thing they are all snapped down into booster seats and seat belts or by now I would have many little dents in the ceiling from their bouncing heads.)  They laugh and screech and go “weeeeeeeeee” as though they are on a ride at an amusement park. (I dare say, some of the children have never experienced such excitement…)

Over the weeks, I have become somewhat lax in van cleanliness…food wrappers, discarded art projects, broken recreational items (such as water guns and deflated balls,) and, EWWWWWW, old clothing left by the children, litter the floor.  I KNOW it is not proper, but, somehow, I am so busy with the program arrangements, supervising the children and driving them back and forth from their homes that at the end of my 12 hour day, that I am too pooped to do anything but sit in my lounge chair at home and watch Judge Judy.  I did the only thing I could do under the circumstances…purchased a couple of cute, little, purple, sweet smelling air fresheners for the van.

The day after this ingenious addition, the children filed on one by one for a trip to the aquarium.  Many of them commented on the smell, including one little girl who is blind who remarked “Do you have flowers in the van?  It smells beautiful, like flowers and sunshine!”  Thus proving to me that those Febreeze commercials where people are put into smelly, messy enclosures really DO smell only the Febreeze!


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  1. If only refreshing our lives would be so simple! :-).

  2. The photo of your van brings back many memories for me! As I read your post, the mention of the blind individual made me remember a funny moment from my past. I drove a van just like yours and always talk to the individual and include them in everything. I was backing up and simply asked them “how does it look back there guys” I get one reply “its all clear, Carmela” Thank heavens I recognized the voice. It was the blind lady who responded!

  3. That is such a lovely story. Just goes to show, it’s not always about how things look, it can be about how things smell. That’s such a nice change!
    I’m sure your van is just filled with good times, fond memories and now… great smells!
    Wishing you many sweet smelling safe travels.

  4. Even just a small change in environment can brighten our days! Enjoyed this post very much!

  5. There are certain smells that are very evocative of childhood memories for me. I couldn’t describe the way my grandma’s house smelled, but it always smelled the same, and I loved the smell!

  6. Loved this story…

  7. What more could one want; sunshine and flowers! Forget the rest.

  8. Stolen innocence 2012 of United Wheeldom said:

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  9. LOLOLOL !!! You are justtttt amazing !!! And not alone!! A few air freshness do the trick around here as welll 😉 summers a busy time! cheers!!!,

  10. As usual your story just sings with the possibility of great adventures. I live on an island of sunshine and flowers so it’s good to be reminded to stop– feel and smell them. Sometimes my busy days get the best of me as well. It’s good to know I can count of Fabreze to conquer those “lived in odors”.

  11. It’s sort of like having a sign that says “Sorry for the mess but I LIVE here”.

  12. I know you are tired and there is so much work to do, but I’m so happy to hear you are doing that. What a blessing for the children. God will provide rest, and I pray he will give you strength for each day before that rest comes. Don’t sweat the wrappers and keep the flower smell going.

  13. I so enjoyed perusing your blog. What a special lady you are:).

  14. A fun read. You have the ability to create stories from your day-to-day life. A good ability to have in order to “remain sane” as you handle your hectic life. I wish you the best and some days of rest and quiet, too. Sounds like you deserve it.

  15. God bless you for all the love you share!

  16. I’m tired just thinking about how much you do each day. What a great solution!

  17. I love your blog and it is my pleasure to nominate you for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”!
    If you choose to accept it, there are a few requirements that you’ll have to follow. You can check them out at http://leslieannvarela.com/2013/07/17/very-inspiring-blogger-award-acceptance/
    Congratulations – and thanks for shining your special light for all to see! Leslie

  18. The air freshener ppl need to put you in their commercials. That was an ingenious plan. I’m so gonna steal the idea for my kids room. There are cheese doodles and stinky socks everywhere.

  19. Oh damn! And I have always dissed those air fresheners. I must revisit them.

  20. I Love It!

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    Every week I read a lot of blog posts. A few really stand out. I really enjoyed this post and wanted to pass it along.

  22. I’m SO excited to read your blog!!!! God bless you and your beautiful family!!!

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