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My job includes coordinating both a summer and winter program for children who are blind and visually impaired.  Last winter our lovely little group of about 40 went to an indoor water park during February vacation. If you have never been to an indoor (or outdoor for that matter) water park, you are missing one of life’s most wonderful playgrounds with water slides for all ages and skills. My age may indicate I could manage the “black hole”, but my skill kept me in the kiddie area!  (Ohhhhh!  The KITTIE pool again!!!)   Lounging in the lazy river on a double tube was a great way for staff to keep an eye on their child without letting them float gleefully away amongst the throng of people enjoying the current. A huge water playground centered the park, with slides and little pools and tons of water play, including the huge bucket of water atop the structure.  Every so often, the bucket, filled with water, would tip over and the torrential water would come gushing down, soaking everyone as though…..well….as though a bucket of water was dropped on their heads. Because my daughter, Marie, was also on school vacation and she joined us, I chose this particular water park because it featured a surfing pool.  Marie LOVES to “surf”, and on every other occasion we have come to this facility she has spent the entire day doing so, waiting, nose pressed against the glass, at the door first thing in the morning to come in, and being the last one for the security guard to throw out at closing time.going to this water park.

My big surprise was that Marie wanted to help out a group of younger girls who are blind.  The girls had staff who amicably allowed Marie to join their group. Despite the fact that she normally communicates in American Sign Language, she somehow managed to be very sociable and get along well with everyone. Having such a strong love for “surfing”, my expectation was she would help for a little while, but spend most of her time surfing. Surprise of surprises!!!!  My wonderful daughter did not choose her own activity, but spent all of her time with the little girls, helping them on the slides, doing the “sighted guide technique” to maneuver around the crowded park, showing them where the food was on their plates, (using the clock method,) and so forth.  Marie was having a grand time, and the girls all seemed to adore her.

On the last night of this program. Marie was seated in the booth at the restaurant with two of the girls and their staff.  One of the girls all of a sudden started waving her hands wildly in the air, not just once, but she kept going! Prone to seizures, the medic ran over and asked her if she was okay.  Of COURSE she was okay, she said, she was just TALKING to Marie!!  The laughter started at their table and  soon circled around the room as everyone realized what she had said…she was signing to her, of course!!!!


To read more about our life, here is a link to my book:

The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane

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  1. Such a heart -warming story, and aren;t kids brilliant like that. MM

  2. Aww, that’s just lovely. Isn’t it wonderful when our children surprise us like that 🙂 Thank you for sharing and brightening up my day.

  3. Great story. Sometimes our kids make us so proud. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a lovely experience to share with us!

  5. That is such a great post . . . also, where is that indoor water park? That looks amazing, and I know of some special needs families here that could benefit from a wonderful place like that, thanks!!

    • There are quite a few indoor water parks all over the country. Six Flags one, and Great Wolf Lodge runs a few. I absolutely LOVE them…where else can you go during the winter and have such fun? (Well, besides skiing and sledding and all, but I don’t like to be cold!)

  6. Oh I just LOVE the things your kids get up to! I love reading your stories and just hope that I can have so many positive stories come from my little fellow eventually!

  7. So sweet, made me smile 🙂

  8. What a wonderful story!

  9. Kids are always special 🙂 love your stories, adore that they are real 😀

  10. Stolen innocence 2012 of United Wheeldom said:

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  11. What a great story. You should be very proud of your daughter.

  12. Too funny…watching my five year old sign is much akin to a crazy funky chicken…(he is a hearing child)

    A few years ago, my oldest son (then age 2.5) was arguing with his hard of hearing cousin (age then 5)…if you’ve seen two young children fight you’ve seen how kids can get out of hand when arguing…now picture these two boys…as fired up as fired up can be…and silent.

  13. What a great story!

  14. Marie obviously has had a good role model in you. It was a wonderful story and you should be proud of yourself as well as for Marie. She sounds delightful!

  15. Kids teach us so much!

  16. I really love your posts.

  17. That’s so sweet!
    Those are the stories that need to make the headlines!!

  18. I have nominated you for a lovely blog award! Hope you enjoy it!

  19. What a nice story; sending out a big tail wag and a WOOF! Love, Maggie

  20. Love this blog.

  21. adorable story, your daughter has a kind heart, it shows. Be proud!!! When I read this it so reminded me of my soon to be 16 yo, he is so young at heart. I appreciate the story even more being a mom with RP. You are an amazing person & I am so thankful you share your blogs with me. We have been to numerous water parks. French Lick (Big Splash), Six Flags, Wisconsin Dells, Big Splash – outdoor in MO, they are some of our favorite times.

  22. Cool. Good job on the daughter, btw.

  23. Love this post!!! It’s great when we have moments when our children make us sooo proud!!

  24. Jessica N and Makiko said:

    SO cute!! Love this.

  25. Oh wow what a wonderful story. that’s too adorable.

  26. Ty so much for sharing this. It has been a rough week and I really needed the genuine smile this gave me.

  27. Wow, what a great story! It sounds like your daughter and the other children had a great experience. 🙂

  28. Beautiful! It warmed my heart 🙂 ~maria

  29. Such a cute story, and that water park looks AWESOME. I want to go to there 🙂

  30. Awwww such an awesome story to start my day off right. Thanks!

  31. What a great moment. Kids are the best!

  32. I’m now a seminary student preparing for ordained ministry, but in my first career I was a teacher and guidance counselor for the visually impaired. I love stories like this. Thanks for sharing through your blog!

  33. Excellent! What a proud Momma moment for you! Way to go Marie!

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    Read this wonderful story about Marie…

  35. simply beautiful 🙂 it’s wonderful when kids “grow up” in those moments but still hold onto their youth. so unforgettable.

  36. Looks like Marie has found that joy comes from giving. I wonder where she might have picked that up? We have a special needs grandson and it’s always a blessing when someone shows patience and kindness the way Marie did.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is great. I’ll drop by iTunes as well.

  37. Wonderful post as usual, enjoyed this one particularly!

  38. I loved the way you ended the story. Very funny!

  39. Lady swan said:

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for following my blog.

  40. Kudos to Marie for her beautiful, loving and unselfish gift of compassion. I loved that story, thanks for sharing it mom!

  41. Reblogged this on Toni Spearman and commented:
    Beautiful story.

  42. Amazing Lady! Thanks for visiting my (ehm ehm) very NEW site! God Bless!
    E: Your mostess gracious hostess at Autism Cafe! {^>^}

  43. Thanks so much for liking my blog post!!! I really appreciate it!!!

  44. How gorgeous what an inspirational story and it made me smile too thankyou.

  45. What a wonder-fun outing and Marie is wonderful. Give her a big hug for me and tell her she did good.

  46. I enjoyed reading your lovely story. What a sweetheart Marie is to see past her own desire and help the other girls!

  47. What a great post! Love it and I could visualize it as well. Thanks too for stopping by my post earlier today.
    God Bless you! Sending this on to a friend who works with hearing impaired folks. I know she will “love” this!

  48. What an awesome story! It is so cool that she was signing to communicate with Marie 🙂

  49. stehanie.H, said:

    I loved this story, I giggled at the end. Thanks for sharing.

  50. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I had to giggle at the end. Your daughter Marie is sure a sweetheart.

  51. What a cute story! I’m blind and am very interested in learning more about people who are deaf and ASL. I want to learn as much as I can about different disabilities as I think it gives a good perspective and I want to help as many people as possible as I have personal experience as a blind person with mental illness. Where I live there’s a deaf girl I believe around my age who I really want to get to know. I’m learning some ASL but it’s from a friend who doesn’t know it either and is learning from a website! I’ll send you the video in an e-mail. Anyway I figure there has to be a way that me a hearing person who’s blind and this girl a who is sighted can somehow combine our strengths to communicate. Any thoughts? Have you come across this particular situation. I’ve read some stuff on deaf blind people but it doesn’t reply as neither of us are actually deaf blind. Just one deaf and one blind but each with the oposite sense. That’s why I say it’s a unique situation and wondered if you had thoughts. Love reading all your posts.

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