Because my youngest daughter, who is deaf, goes to school out of state, I sometimes rent a hotel room for myself, my oldest daughter and her son, Alley (Alejandro) to visit together.  Last weekend was one such weekend.  I love to see the interaction of the three of them, Dinora signing in ASL to Marie and Alley trying to copy the signs with his small hands.  (He explains that Marie can’t talk because her ears are broken, so she has to use her hands…)  His favorite sign, “swimming”,  is used often because he wants them to spend all of their time together in the hotel pool.  It was during one of their swims, while I was sitting in the lounge chair by the pool, sipping a nice tall plastic cup of Diet Coke, and smiling while the three of them frolicked, that I was overwhelmed with a feeling of joy in my heart. They were beaming with laughter and exuding a happiness that one could not overlook…a deep, profound happiness which doesn’t often come to Marie. Seeing her eyes glint with laughter, tears stung at the back of my eyes, then slowly slipped down my cheeks.  To think that a child who had been so severely abused as she could come through all of that darkness and  despair to ultimately be able to experience such joy made my heart want to explode with love for the three of them.  I could not remember ever having been so content in my life, but my reverie was soon disturbed, but not unpleasantly…

My tears of joy were soon replaced by tears of laughter.  Alley came out of the pool and looked around…  “Where’s the cat pool?” he asked.  “The CAT pool?  There is no cat pool!” I replied.  “Yes! Yes!  In hotels there are sometimes CAT pools!” he argued, frustrated that I could not understand what he was asking. “You know, the pool for the kitties.”     Ah!  The KIDDY POOL!


To read about Marie’s early childhood, here is a link to my book:


The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane

Link to the Readers Digest review of my book:  http://www.rd.com/recommends/what-to-read-after-a-hurricane/


Comments on: "I Didn’t Know Cats Like to Swim…" (93)

  1. ABSOLUTELY the funniest thing EVER…

  2. Very cute!!! Kids say the darndest things don’t they? You might enjoy one of my stories that I wrote about the then 2 year old daycare baby…I sure had a good laugh when I realized that she had been telling the truth (when I thought she was making up a story!!!): http://athankfullyimperfectwoman.com/2013/03/29/goats-in-bathrooms-kitchens-and-jumping-on-chairs/ – I hope you enjoy!!!

  3. Funny things kids say!

  4. My morning chuckle. Adorable!

  5. That was greatness! I love the stuff that comes out of their heads! It is so awesome!

  6. I see terror in them eyes lol

  7. That’s so cute : ) Kids are always saying the cutest things, and in their own way, it actually makes sense!

  8. songtothesirens said:

    I really enjoyed your recounting of your experience of watching an abused child’s eyes light up. I’ve got tears in the back of my eyes now, as well. What an absolutely awesome and precious moment that must have been for both of you.

    I like the “CAT” pool, too. Only out of the mouths of babes 🙂

  9. Loved it thanks for sharing…some cats really do like to swim, I had one! 🙂

  10. I will never look at the Kiddy Pool quite the same. Great story. May you experience many more joyful moments with your precious family.

  11. This is so very funny! I get why you laughed till you cried. But the feeling I really come away with is sharing your tearful joy over Marie’s delight. I hope you realize that YOU are responsible for giving her that chance to experience such joy, and I hope it will continue to encourage you through difficult times–knowing that, when all is said and done, you are truly making a difference in these kids’ lives.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. The fact is, these kids have made a difference in MY life for the better.

      PS. Alley calls me “Mimi” for nana, and I noticed your blog is “Mimi’s Wardrobe”!

      • Yes, I’m Mimi. Our first granddaughter was barely saying words when one day she saw my husband and said in her sweet baby voice, “Hi Diddeh.” It sounded like Didi, so we called him Didi. I was so afraid she’d call me Gaga that I decided Mimi went well with Didi and started calling myself that, so she did, too! Now the GKs talk about going to “DidiMimi’s house.” 🙂

      • That is so cute…especially how you prevented “DiddehGaga’s house”!

  12. This reminded me of when I was a child and my uncle built a little doll house for me and my sisters. We had cats and a dog. When we were done playing with the house, we called it the “cat house.” as we already had a dog house. We never understood why my uncle would start laughing every time we mentioned the “cat house.”

  13. Hahaha!! Precious!!

  14. That photo is hilarious!

  15. What a blessed moment! May your life and the life of your family continue to move forward in happiness and contentment!

    As a child, I had a cat who would join us sailing on a small sailboat around the cottage’s lake, hang-out on the raft, and if we didn’t bring him out into the water, would wade in up to his chin meowing at us. May he rest in peace!

  16. This post made me LOL! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. What a gift that was for all of you at the hotel. The cat pool thing is hysterical!! I think Marie was adopted by a very special mom.

  18. Hilarious, how cute is that!!

  19. How lovely 🙂

  20. Your posts are such a blessing … a true delight in a world that at times seems to be getting a little too dark… thanks for your contribution to lighting it up!!!! 🙂

  21. You sound like you have a great attitude on life.

  22. Where I live we have one of the top schools for ASL and I just found out through my new friend who has a daughter who is deaf. We met when they adopted a kitten I sold. She’s a polydactyl cat! I have the father who is one too and apparently Hemmingway collected them because they are rare. They have mitten like paws. Mommy got dirty and she seemed okay when I bathed her. also a polydactyl. Maybe she can swim? I never knew they were rare!

    Aside from this I was over visiting my friend and her daughters and realized my alphabet abilities to sign frustrated me so I’ve since been taking online courses to sign words. I give you accolades! 5 with ‘dis’ ABILITiES? Amazing mom! Love your posts!

  23. What a cute story. You put a smile on my face today. 🙂

  24. Pastor Roland Ledoux said:

    Oh my goodness, way too funny! You’re not Erma Bombeck, reincarnated are you? HA! I don’t believe in that kind of reincarnation but Sister, you have a way of WRITING! AND where-ever did you get the pic of that cat! The eyes are what did it for me!! What a time I had reading this my first post of yours and then I laughed so good I had to go down to the next one about you “exercising” in your van!
    The Bible tells us that “a merry heart does good like a medicine!” I want you to know you have to be the healthiest woman around, and not only that you must “heal” everyone you come in contact with or who comes in contact with your words!!! I LOVE it and all I can say is God bless you greatly. You provide a ministry (service) that is sooooo needed in this world today!! Again, bless you abundantly Sis, I have to continue reading and following!!!!!!
    P.S. I’m trying to get serious for other reads but the smile won’t come off my face!!

    • YES!! YES!!! Someone who finally gets it that I am reincarnated Erma Bombeck! (Actually she was one of my favorite favorite authors!) I am so glad that you like my blog. Thank you so much for following!!

      PS. I am very healthy and very rarely get sick. I attribute that to my upbringing…dragged around the country during childhood, sleeping in our van. I assume that I must have built up immunity to every known germ available in the United States.

  25. Thanks for sharing this post!

  26. Funny and inspiring.

  27. Those Norman Rockwell moments make this life worth living

  28. Cute and really funny.. see me laughing!!

  29. Love your blog ♥ I can relate , I’m also a mom of a boy with a genetic condition, find your blog so inspiring 🙂 I nominated you for the Sunshine Award, you deserve it . God bless your family 🙂 ♥

  30. Great story. What a good start to a Monday morning and a dentist’s appointment later!

    • Ohhhhhh….dentists…ohhhhhhh….nothing funny THERE! (The only thing I don’t like in life is going to the dentist and cars that break down.) Good luck!

  31. Beautiful post! I live those wonderful mommy moments when your heart is overflowing with joy! 🙂

  32. That made me chuckle. Too cute!

  33. I hope you will accept the following award below. It is offered in appreciation of all your inspiring works. Please keep inspiring all of us!
    Very Inspiring Blogger Award

    • Thank you so much for the award nomination. I have found that I have all I can do to get one little post out a week and I do not have time to adequately fulfill the reward requirements. I do appreciate the thought, though.

  34. profound and hilarious. priceless 🙂

  35. You have a very interesting site. Thanks for stopping by my site. I am going to follow your site.

  36. Michele said:

    Kiddy pool, how cute!

  37. i think i can borrow that line , cat pools!! cool! pleasure to read your posts 🙂

  38. Thanks so much, Linda. Lovely blog. I really enjoyed this post today. It brings to mind my work with homeless, often criminal, always addicted and abused youth fro several years. I loved the chance to be a tiny part of their lives and dreams, How fortunate your children have so much love. I will return to see what adventure you all are up to next and hope you stop by my blog again, too!

  39. Great post and thanks for the like. I have to apologise as I thought I was already following you and wondered why I hadn’t see your new post in the Reader. Now put to right. Thanks for sharing such wonderful experiences.😃

  40. musingpurple said:

    Next time I go on vacation I’m going to ask all the hotel staff where the cat pool is :p My husband might disown me, but I’d like to see the expression on the faces of the struggling-to-be-polite hotel staff when they try up answer my question ^^

  41. you are an inspiration

  42. Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  43. maggiemurphy said:

    You are probably bombarded with this stuff, but I nominated you for a blog award. I admire your devotion to children no matter where they begin the journey..

    • Thank you so much for the thought and the nomination. I’m afraid I can’t complete the written part of the award requirements to do it justice. Thanks anyways!

      • maggiemurphy said:

        I figured…I had to shorten the list to three questions myself…keep on doing what you do 🙂

      • maggiemurphy said:

        No worries, I figured you are a busy lady. 🙂

  44. As always…. wonderful.
    I don’t know how you feel about awards but your posts and sharings are always so meaningful and heartfelt that I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. So I have nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award. Go to blessedx5ks to see more information.
    Once again thank you.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment. I really can’t “do” awards as I don’t have time to do the written component well enough to do the award justice. But I do thank you for the thought!

  45. I love your blog! I have an autistic son who, even at 23, can still be a handful. I can’t imagine 5. Your posts are beautifully written.

  46. I love how children think like that! What a wonderful story! 🙂

  47. 🙂
    Alley is so cute 🙂

    I read your “about” page too..
    You have a wonderful family… And blessed with special and very smart children 🙂

    Greetings from Indonesia 🙂

  48. Really good. Didn’t see it coming. Keep up your good work with your special kids.

  49. I love children and their honesty! I will never forget trying to explain why my autistic son doesn’t talk to a three year old! Exhausting… But hilarious!

  50. That is v funny and I love the pic of that cat

  51. As a special education teacher, I can picture this whole scene, complete with tears of joy! Thanks for sharing! I love your dedication and love for these children. I provide equine therapy to the children at my farm and you never know what each day will bring. It is always full of adventure!
    Loved the pic of the cat!

    • I’ve always wanted horseback riding for my kiddos. The closest we came was to take them horseback riding on a mountain in NH. They had quite a laugh…the horse I was riding decided he wanted to scratch his back. He slowly lowered to his knees and I fortunately jumped off. Then he rolled over and scratched his back on the ground. They still tease me that I was too heavy for the horse…

  52. What a sweet story! Thank you for the smile!

  53. Swimming is a favourite sign here as well…..

  54. Reblogged this on Sherry's Space and commented:
    I am sorry to here that.

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