For those who know me, you may be sure that I am referencing a new foster or adoptive child. Not this time! This time, my new daughter is my son, Francis’, new wife.  She is wonderful and sweet and recently blew me away with the Mother’s Day Card she sent.  Separate from my son’s, she sent a beautifully designed Papyrus’ Mother’s Day Card with 3-D flowers and a lot of sentiment.  But the sentiment that was most important was what she wrote inside; “Thank you for being such a great mom and raising such a wonderful son!”  Isn’t it thoughtful?  I now officially have another “daughter” and she’s all grown up.  I didn’t have to  do a thing…


Comments on: "Another Daughter to Celebrate!!" (47)

  1. Congratulations to your family…and mostly to you for getting to bypass those difficult teenage years!! 😉

  2. Congratulations!
    A much easier parenting job when they come already assembled.
    What a blessing to have such a sweet and thoughtful daughter in law.

  3. Congratulations on being the awesome mother-in-law!

  4. These line “Thank you for being such a great mom and raising such a wonderful son!” Is indeed very sweet and sincere coming from a daughter-in-law 🙂 Congratulations great mom!!

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations!

  7. No diapers to change! This is the way to go:)

  8. How awesome! This is so touching. It’s hard enough a raising a child, it’s a zillion times harder to raise one that way you have and have a daughter in law tell you … you raised your son well. Those are not words one hears often. You must be really amazing 🙂

  9. No`ono`o Pono said:

    Ho`omaika`i ! .. Congratulations!

  10. It certainly sounds like the perfect addition to your family. Congratulations on gaining a thoughtful daughter.

  11. Finally! You have a new daughter the easy way, only having to raise a great son!! LOL

  12. Congratulations on your growing family!

  13. So very sweet!

  14. I know the joy of a daughter in law. I’m sure you will bless each other for many years to come.

  15. Wonderful! A new daughter-in-love, as I refer to my daughter-in-law. And all without dirty diapers and sleepless nights! Now all you have to do is wait for the grandkids!

  16. That’s beautiful and words like that can only come from the heart. Xxx

  17. You share with others so much joy, thank you for being such a great human being 🙂 :

  18. Nessy Eater said:

    Congratulations! Such a thoughtful card 😀

  19. angelsinthesnow said:

    Continue! The person above is right, this is what we’ve been waiting for! Besides, we all read your blog for your fantastic observations on life, and humour and storytelling like yours can easily be translated across – this is just a new and exciting aspect of your life 🙂

  20. sounds like your son picked a smart woman for a wife 😆

  21. Congratulations! Its always so wonderful to grow your family by marriage!

  22. How nice!! 🙂

  23. Congrats – may she continue to treat you well.

  24. Congrats! Very sweet of her!

  25. Congratulations on the new addition to the family; such an exciting time

  26. northmelbournemum said:

    How wonderful

  27. Life is good! Congratulations ❤

  28. Wow, what a daughter to have too! I must remember that for my own mother in law…

  29. Well, she is lucky to have you for a mother-in-law – you are so welcoming of her! That’s wonderful. I have great in-laws too. It makes such a difference, especially since we’ve had kids of our own.

  30. very happy for you. x

  31. Beautiful. A blessing from above.

  32. so now you get to enjoy the fruit of your labor Mama! congratulations on your new daughter and for raising an amazing son. I always enjoy your blog and wanted to nominate you for the Super Sweet Blogger award – you can read more about it here:…-blogger-award/

  33. How wonderful. Not an archetypal mother in law then! Congratulations.

  34. HI. oh wow the card sounds so sweet.

  35. This is another example of how positive you are and how you spread your love around! It multiplies by adding!

  36. Congratulations to your family, especially Francis! Many blessings, much peace, and perpetual joy to them 🙂

  37. HI!
    It seems so great to have the younger generation really appreciate what you do for them. It makes me think of my wife to be who has relatives in her family that think I am so great to them & her too. That is so special because they know that you have really put the time & effort into who & what you love so much. It takes a lot of dedication to become that special & know how to make others lives filled & enjoyable later on by what you teach your kids too. this is so neat. Love knowing the older generation can be loved when they have put their all into what matters! This is truly what we grow up for when older. Thanks for all your great comments & inspiring me with your posts!

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