Hotwire is My Hero!

hotel_clipart   I don’t travel very often, but when I need to book a hotel, I use  They offer wonderful hotels at a low rate; hotels that have extra rooms that they need to fill up.  The catch is, you do not know the name of the hotel, just the “type” of hotels that are included in each category.  Hotwire has never disappointed me, as they have always provided quality hotels at a greatly discounted price. This past weekend, I was scheduled to do a presentation for a large parents conference held at Perkins School for the Blind, about a two hour drive for me. Because the conference was scheduled to begin at 8:30 am, and I would be reimbursed for my travel expenses, I contacted Hotwire to book a hotel room. The least expensive one listed was $69, which was a real bargain because hotels in and around the Boston area are very pricey. I booked it on line, and awaited the name of the hotel.  It was not a brand name I had ever heard of, so Google checked it out for me.  It was listed as an “elite, boutique hotel”, and the least expensive price listed on their website for a room was $180!  Now, I am definitely NOT elite, and have never visited a boutique before, but for $69 I was going to give it my all! Upon driving up to the hotel’s front door, I learned that valet parking was mandatory. I relinquished my “Best Mom” fake jeweled key chain to the parking attendant, (pardon me…to the VALET.) Politely and without comment, he struggled as I do to climb up into the driver’s seat of my large van, and drove away in my 2002, dented, dirty, 15 passenger with a raised roof and wheelchair lift van.  He parked it right between a Rolls and a Jaguar, and it looked like a large, dirty, cheap piece of coal between 2 diamonds. Even my car was going to get a new experience! The lobby was gorgeous, as are so many in expensive hotels.  Lots of fresh flowers, a water fountain cascaded down the wall, and a lovely tray of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  Checking in was a pleasurable experience with a tuxedo clad clerk, who offered me a cookie.  (I would have taken one anyway, so the fact that he offered was a bonus, although I would have preferred he offered me 10.) My 6th floor room, with the curtains open, had a breathtaking view of the Boston skyline at night.  The room itself was definitely “boutique”… furniture with trim lines, a wood floor with plush, beautifully designed, throw rugs  that added an elegant, clean look to the room. Because it was late in the day and I was tired, I put on my jammies, brushed my teeth, and climbed under the luxurious, fragrant, CLEAN sheets and comforter. I honestly felt as though I were laying on a cloud. In addition, there were four different types of pillows on the bed so that I could choose the one which would best facilitate a good night’s sleep.  Ahhhhhh…..sleep….on a cloud overlooking the Boston skyline… The modern bathroom had a very large walk-in shower with huge round shower heads pointed in all directions.  In the morning I took a shower, or, should I say, I EXPERIENCED a shower. It was all a new thing for me; hot water flowing over my body from all different angles.  Do people really LIVE like that?  The shampoo was ultra fragrant, with a conditioner and body wash that had complementary fragrances.  (Think orchids, strawberries and oranges…) I felt like a fruit orchard, and it was a very unique feeling! (I guess that is what makes the hotel “boutique”.) As I finished showering and came through the frosted glass door of the shower, I shocked myself when I saw another dripping wet, old, fat, ugly naked woman coming towards me in the room. I screamed.  I shuddered.  I looked closer.  It was ME.  Reflected in the mirrored wall just outside the bathroom.  Although breathing a sigh of relief, I was also filled with horror at the image in front of me.  I don’t know about you, but I NEVER look at myself naked in a full mirror.  Any illusions I may have had about my looks were proven false in that moment.  Oh, well…it’s a good thing I feel beautiful on the INSIDE… After getting over my shock, I dressed and made myself a nice cup of tea with the provided Keurig.  Now THAT is my idea of a boutique hotel…one that provides fresh tea to my liking.  Now, if only I had a few of those chocolate chip cookies from downstairs…         ************************ I would love to come and speak for your group or at your conference.  I would do it for free, but would need the price of travel. For functions in the North East, that would be only gas money. Link to my book: The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Link to the Readers Digest review of my book:


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  1. What a wonderful experience at a great price!!

  2. I’m always afraid to take the risk!! I am glad it turned out so well for you, though! That’s awesome!

  3. Life and Other Turbulence said:

    Will have to investigate further…never paid any attention to it, but can hear their television/radio jingle easily in my head. If your experience is the norm, I’ll be using it for sure!

  4. I didn’t realize had deals that great! I’ll check them out next time I need a room. You had a fantastic deal! Last time I was in Boston (which was years ago), I paid a lot more than that!

  5. As usual, I enjoy your stories! May you experience many more “elite, boutique hotels” during your travels of speaking engagements. May you tell yourself, wow, look at that beautiful woman in the mirror whose lived many years in that body learning, growing and helping others. If I could change one thing about the body as I grow older, the elasticity of my skin would stay as it was in my twenties!

    • Thank you for your comments. My reaction to myself in the mirror was facetious for the purpose of the blog entry. Even though what I said is somewhat close to the truth, It doesn’t bother me really…

  6. FANTASTIC!! Great to hear of your adventure and thanks for the tip! Was just online looking for flights, switched over to WordPress, this was my top post in my reader feed, so glad to have found it.

  7. As usual, you have me laughing because I’m just loving your story and your sense of humor! Okay, I try to love myself as I am now (an almost-60 grandmother of three) who had to get new “fat clothes” because the old “fat clothes” were too small! But I can still laugh at your sense of humor! And when anyone suggests I go swimming, my reply is, “My one contribution to the planet is that I do not appear in public in a bathing suit!” Hope I gave you a laugh back.

  8. I am so glad you had such a wonderful experience. I do not travel often but will definitely consider hotwire in the future. I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to your writing.

    • Thank you for reading.
      Yeh, I don’t travel too much and if stay in a hotel it had been the cheapest one available. Now that I’ve found Hotwire, I travel in style. (Although not as “in style” as this particular hotel…)

  9. I just moved from one island to another and am definitely in need of a nice boutique hotel. I’ve used Hotwire before and have always had good luck with the hotels. I’m just soooo glad I’ve never encountered myself naked in a full length mirror. It would’ve been a frightful sight. The older I get, the smaller my mirrors get. As I head precipitously toward 70, my mirror is now about the size of a compact!

  10. Hotwire is hot on my list for the next time I visit the States. You should be on commission for them 😉 Love the post.

  11. We tend to use Priceline instead of Hotwaire, have gotten some fantastic deals at awesome hotels! The mandatory valet parking is a laugh when you pull up on an 800 lb motorcycle, we’ve actually been allowed to just leave it on the sidewalk near entrance doors 🙂

  12. Maybe I should be brave and give it a go. It couldn’t be much worse than the hotels I’ve paid top dollar for and would not have been a bargain at half the price. 🙂

  13. Sleeping on a cloud! Sounds fantastic! So happy you had that experience!

  14. that fat old lady showers in my bathroom too!!! Glad you had a good time, sounds like you deserve some luxury from time to time.

  15. So glad you got to enjoy such comfort and rest and absorbed it all and even was entertained by the image in the mirror….after all, it is only an image, the whole darn thing! in peace….

  16. Thank you for this! Not only is it a great marketing piece for Hotwire by a REAL person, but the best was the end when you said that you love yourself on the inside. Amen, Sister!!!

  17. Great piece all around, but I laughed loudly at the description of your after-shower experience! 🙂 Thanks for making my day!

  18. A wonderful post. I’m not so hot on full-length mirrors after a shower myself, Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking “the heartbeat of a mother.”

  19. ghoststoriesfiction said:

    What a lovely little hotel you describe! I think I related more with this because you were there to do a conference at a blind school my husband is registered blind, he has no central vision. So I suppose this story sort of pulled me in on reading that part. Any way I thoroughly enjoyed your tale of the little hotel boutique. I shall be back soon to read more of your posts. Take care 🙂

    • Welcome!
      I’ve done a lot of work in the field of blindness,(especially macular degeneration,which is what I suspect may be your husband’s diagnosis.) Visual impairment is so much harder on people who acquire it. Children born blind seem to just accept it because they don’t know any different.

  20. Linda, Thanks for being the first to like one of my first few posts on my experimental blog. I am honored.

    Your description of the experience you had coming out of the bathroom has so many dimensions to it! More than that the hotel had such a full length mirror one could really be shocked in the situation your were, you’re really “beautiful on the INSIDE”, I’ve no doubt. And then, your husband so much respects your right to view yourself in a mirror lighting around which is “flattering”! But what shocks me is this: Do women think of other women as “dripping wet, old, fat, ugly naked woman” subconsciously?

    • No, I actual admire OTHER women as beautiful, even if they classically are not. It is only in looking at myself that I see a such character, but really in a cartoony way. (I view my whole life as a cartoon!)

      • Good…Humorous you’re! I think the divine in us recognizes the divine in others as soon as the first moment of attention. And then as soon as the mind begins its analytical work, we become judgmental! You know all that – short, tall, thin, fat, shy, modern, hesitant, bold, pretty, ugly, young, old, white, black and things like that….

      • Having found the beauty in my brother who was born with a cleft palate repaired poorly, a flattened head, ears that stood straight out to the side like Dumbo’s, (and the same ears I have,) and a face “only a mother could love”…taught me that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and not necessarily in a traditional manner!

  21. I am glad you enjoyed it. You deserve to feel like a queen for a day. The vision of you van made me LOL.

  22. I have just dedicated a post to you:

  23. I have prayers for you and your family! You are an angel incarnated as a human!!

  24. Oh this sounds heavenly.

  25. I will have to try this site. So glad that you had a good experience and shared it with us.

  26. Die reis said:

    What a nice experience!

  27. Before my, ahem, self image caught up to my actual image, I nearly jumped out of my skin at the fat old woman standing behind me in the mirror. New rule – only from the neck up. Thanks for the laugh and thanks for reading.

  28. I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award follow the link to find out the details.

  29. Thanks for the tip. My next trip to the Philippines will include a week in Manila seeing the sights. I just checked Hotwire has 7 different hotels under $100US per night.

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