All on Equal Grounds

I received a wonderfully insightful comment from  at “From the Inside Out”that I would like to share:

“Your attitude about your life-calling is an inspiration in itself.  You don’t consider yourself a martyr.  Instead, you see your background as preparation for what God has called you to do, and you take pleasure in the fulfillment it provides.  No accolades necessary.  My takeaway:  Each of us has been formed and prepared by God for a unique purpose.  We can each embrace our own.  Thank you for your inspiration!”

To which I responded:

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  You have great insight into the way I feel.  I really love raising my kiddos, and I think I am pretty good at it.  However, I am no more remarkable at it than the friendly waitress who served us, carrying that huge tray of food without spilling a drop, pre-eminently bringing us extra napkins and salad dressing on the side, pleasantly refilling my glass of Diet Coke ten times, and splitting our dessert on two different plates each filled with its own whipped cream.  

No more remarkable than the teachers who teach my children with great compassion and understanding, imparting educational wisdom on them even though I can’t get them to make their beds.     teacher-give-chance-to-students

No more remarkable than the truck driver who hauls the oranges up here from Florida, going for days without seeing his family, stopping to take cat naps at the rest stops; I would have gone bonkers with loneliness after the first half hour, would have had to stop every 50 miles to pee, and would have fallen asleep at the wheel after three hours.

No more remarkable than the individual with a developmental disability who works as a bagger at the grocery store, who carefully puts the heavy items on the bottom of the bag where I would have thrown the cans of tomatoes right on top of the bread and the carton of eggs in upside down.  

No more remarkable than the dental hygienist who cleans my teeth while I whine like a baby, offering calming words and a smile I can see by the crinkling of her eyes, because her mouth is covered in a mask, (or is she really laughing at me?)

No more remarkable than the computer designer who works magic in the computer world, enabling me to play games, use e-mail, research projects, make the print larger, (for my older eyes which refuse to accept glasses,) and BLOG!

No more remarkable than the pastor who preaches, imparting words of wisdom and hope to his congregation, of which I am a humble part.

No more remarkable than the bus driver for public transportation, who cheerfully stops to pick up strangers, dropping them safely at their destinations, (when I would have surely clipped a few mailboxes, and maybe a few pedestrians, and I sure would have shut the automatic door too quickly on someone’s butt.)

Yes, the waitress, the teacher, the truck driver, the grocery bagger, the dental hygienist, the computer designer, the pastor, the bus driver and any other profession where you know someone loves his/her job, we all have one thing in common; we are good at our chosen jobs. No accolades necessary, success is the feeling of a job well done.  

This is the life we choose to lead, all on equal grounds.   


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The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane

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  1. Beautifully expressed! Still know that your love and strength are still something precious.

  2. ok then … no accolades for you … B U T … I must tell you that people like yourself, have not only been given the grace to do what God has prepared for them, they inspire others to look beyond their own abilities and dare to think that more is possible… as was the case for me when I first read your blog… I heard this yesterday … IMPOSSIBLE … or I’M POSSIBLE… reminds me of you 🙂 … Keep going … sowing your seeds of encouragement … on this side of eternity you might never get to know what grew from that!

  3. Delightful! Such fortunate children, to have a mom like you!

  4. I agree with your whole (humbly stated) premise: I do love what I do — writing, blogging, discipling, leading retreats. To operate in my unique gifting, doing what only I can do, what I was designed to do, is the greatest life ever. What else am I supposed to do? Stand around waiting to be useful? Thanks for another great post!

  5. Quite lovely, may I reblog?

  6. Brilliant post!

  7. Doing a job with all sincerity makes all the difference. Well written!

  8. Reblogged this on billiescauldron and commented:
    Felt a need to share this post. I know sometimes my writings may appear to segragate, like doctors and pharmaceuticals from my life, but that is my life, and I know it may not be others life, or what they need or believe, if have stepped on your toes please forgive me.

  9. You are so inspiring. I am so blessed to read you.

  10. Reblogged this on leafstrewngirl and commented:
    A true inspiration.

  11. Wonderfully written! Really enjoyed reading your take on every day life.

  12. What a wonderful post, it really makes me stop and think what to be thankful for…And who for that matter 🙂

  13. True – so true – if I had written a similar list, it would have included:
    “Highway engineers – who look at bare ground with a two-laner running through it and manage to envision just where overpasses, underpasses, on ramps, off ramps and 4 lanes each way need to be built to actually deliver people where they want to go – – – Left to me, we would have mounds of dirt and a very confused foreman, scratching his head and wondering where the heck to pour concrete….”


  14. Add inspirational speaker to yourresume! I enjooy reading your blog. I am a special ed teacher and I love my job, which I have had serveral different position. But I knew or sometimes prayed, that the children were leaving me at the end of the day. I wish more of my student had the chance to leave my safety to your arms. your kiddos have had a difficult beginning of their lives, but you have tried to make up for that by giving them the love all children deserve. Please keep writing and inspiring!

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    Such an inspiring post and blogger that I just had to share!

  16. Reblogged at SomeCrafty. Your posts and blog have been very inspiring to me. Well Done!

  17. If everyone in the world had your humble attitude, they would be much happier and the world would be a better place to live in. You are right, we are all remarkable in our own way and we all contribute to each other with our own unique differences.

  18. HI. another great post. People sometimes tell me I’m amazing etc. and You’ve put in to words ow I feel about it.


  19. The issue in my family life as i was growing up was an abusive arrangement where she used words and physical force to

    Illustration of vibrations of a drum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    demand control of me and my bothers and sisters. I have worked on getting rid of vibrations of what i see that annoyance me and i turn it around into positive energy of love for myself and the other people. apparently i needed extra experience of this because my wife Michelle has a children that has autism. It looks like when i was going though abuse i was not aware how to heal my self enough so this why i find myself with this vibration in my life again while going through it and after wards. but now everyday Anthony is surcharged on being a teacher to me by doing things i see that annoy me and it up to my body and spirit to turn it into love for myself and Anthony. I am on my path to heal my physical body and spirit vibration of my past and present. you are right i heal everything i don’t not like by touch and i am becoming aware of this more and more each day. you told me i was creating a play ground and i have discovered what it is and it is my blog. i am healing myself and others in my circle of life. I heal what i do not like and i do not like that people are sleeping (consciousness) which means they do not know their true self. I have worked 18 hours a day for the last couple of days so i think that is why you saw spinning around me and a headache. today i cleansed myself and created love symbols on my body to help me with my flesh. i notice you are aware of when someone is viewing you and you create protections around yourself. i was looking at you a few days ago and while i was doing this one of your cats looked at me and i saw reflection of light of my presence in your cats eyes of myself. cats are your watchful protectors to beings that are aware .. thank you for sharing your insight it has been very helpful to me. how do people who are aware communicate ? spirit to spirit, seeing auras that will allow one to understand better everyone and everything . when someone gives you counseling one hears with their ears and then they react but some people when they receive words of advise wonder if this is correct and is it correct for me. when a person is aware they hear with their ears and see the spirit symbols and visions to enhance the truth, so vibrations can continue on a better and better path of sight and wisdom. I am always looking for ways to validate my experiences and i went to a psychic show and i had a woman look at me the same way i do while looking a someone.and i said nothing to her but she was hundred percent accurate. where does one go to validate spirit symbols and visions and and seeing spirit entities and giving and receiving messages spirit to spirit like esp; I found three sources which are myself and my wife and the psychic.

    I love seeing and being part of spirit knowledge(consciousness)

    weather- about the only thing i see is there is a big big storm that is not good in europe that is covering most of that area

    love and gratitude


  20. I really needed to hear these words today. Sometimes, I get so sucked down by the bad, I forget to see the good. Thanks for sharing…

  21. If you can do what you love, then you are a very lucky person xxx

    • I agree! And money isn’t everything…a person might have a choice between a high paying job and a job they love, and it is the job they love that will have the most impact on their lives.

      • So, so true. I’ve just left my ‘career’ to concentrate fully on my crafting business and I absolutely love it. I’m just a generally happier person 🙂 x

  22. Appreciation and gratitude are so important to a happy life. And your post makes me happy 🙂

  23. You are great! I get such inspiration from your positively human blogs. I only have two and they challenge me beyond reckoning!

  24. I get real inspiration from your positively human blog. I only have 2 and they challenge me beyond reckoning. Thank you. Keep on doing.

  25. divinerush ღ said:

    You are such a beautiful human being. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  26. divinerush ღ said:

    Reblogged this on Dívíne Rush and commented:
    This woman is inspiring so please check her out & read her stories. She’s a beautiful human being with such strength 🙂 Check her out!

  27. violetannie63 said:

    Reblogged this on The Paper Wallflower and commented:
    I don’t normally re-blog posts from other people (hey, I have enough trouble coming up with my my own and getting you to stay with me!) but I thought this one warranted special treatment. I have been following Linda Petersen’s blog “Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane” for a little while now and it is inspirational and funny and interesting and boy, does it make you look at your own life and what you are (or aren’t) contributing to life. Linda is one of the special people – give her blog a go or at least read and comment on her post.

  28. violetannie63 said:

    Hope it’s ok that I re-blogged your post on my little blog. You’re an amazing person (regardless of what you might say about yourself!) 🙂

  29. Wonderful inspiration. Wish everyone valued everyone else as much as you do. What a wonderful world. We are blessed you share your time and thoughts with us in the blogosphere.

  30. I like the way you look at life. It’s really positive.Makes everything seem worthwhile 🙂

  31. “Beautiful” 🙂

  32. two words…”Remarkably Beautiful” 🙂

  33. laughingcrowknits said:

    Reblogged this on laughingcrow diaper covers and commented:
    Just thought we should all read this one!

  34. Generous, radiantly inspiring. Thank you. May your path be strewn with flowers of love….

  35. This is a good reminder that God has given each of us different capacities. Together, we make the world go around.

  36. What great perspective, and very well said. Thank you for sharing. You have given me a lot to think about thought the day today 🙂

  37. oh, I got the chills.

  38. I agree with everything you say, that even not so “special” work has effects on everything around us. Even the little jobs nobody really likes to do are some we are most thankful for, because these little things are what makes life so interesting. I too seek not to strive for wealth or fame, i wish to do a job I desire to do in order to help, which I consider my personal mission in life.

    Also, I want to thank you for liking my blog, something that inspired me even more and I hope the mail I sent arrived without any problems. Thank you for your inspiration, thank you for lending me strength by being an example worth striving to learn from!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Good luck in finding something you love to do, and good luck in your blog. I hope that you can find the satisfaction and enjoyment I have had in writing my blog…

  39. So true…we all have something to offer each other.
    Well said!

  40. Thank you for the reminder that actually most people are remarkable in some way. It makes me feel very awkward when people say I’m doing “a noble deed” by leaving my “normal” life to spend time caring for my mother at the end of her days. It isn’t noble – it’s what I can’t help doing, it’s love, and it isn’t hard because I know God is guiding us.

  41. Yes, equal, not same. 😉 xoxoM

  42. I like the shout out to the teachers. In my former life, I was one. Thanks for dropping by “Honey” again. BTW, you sure do deserve those accolades.

  43. divinerush ღ said:

    I thought of you straight away when I was trying to decide who to nominate. You’re a fantastic person, with such an inspiring story, I’m always blessed to read your posts. Thank you & wish you only all the happiness in the world. Here’s a Shine On Award.

  44. My goodness, you inspire. You inspire in others to find in themselves, that which drives, motivates, and fulfills a life.
    It is no small thing the way you move mountains, and you do move mountains.

    Moving a mountain seems impossible and amazing when you do not see the dedicated person who shifted each pebble every day of their life, one at a time, seeing the end result in their mind without a path to guide them.

    We see a mother who moved a mountain. You say that you have moved pebbles. The tasks you fulfill are equally as important as the result… Thank you for sharing all that you do.

  45. I am kind of obsessed with your stories. You are truly an amazing woman, Linda and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  46. Definitely blessed to be a blessing 🙂

  47. You are such an inspiration.

  48. You are AMAZING and AWESOME, those WONDERFUL CHILDREN are so WELL BLESSED. Your blog site is So Wonderful. I shall return. THANKS

  49. If we could only continue to honor each individual for their abilities – however different they are – then perhaps we could all genuinely smile at the love that pours through our pores.
    Continued blessings on your journey, your adventure, your life.

  50. We have much in common! By the time each of our two kids turned five, their disabilities also became apparent (Tourettes with LD, ADD, and OCD; juvenile arthritis)…and so I put that special ed degree to work after all. We laughed, cried, and in the process learned about life, love, and God Himself. I look forward to following your blog.

  51. You have a great outlook on life, it is a good example for others.

  52. Wow.. Just amazing!

  53. I agree. When I was younger I used to ask “why are we urged to be doctors and lawyers, we can’t all be doctors and lawyers, and imagine a world without garbage men – eww” _ we are all important. That’s why I don’t enjoy watching soap operas everyone is a beautiful doctor and lawyer and never actually seem to work, how boring.

  54. Not knowing what God has planned for us, yet accepting it as God’s will be done gives us the strength and courage to be great at His plan. I thank you for your post it was an incredible expression of love for life and for God.

  55. Your eyes are wide open, my friend. 🙂

  56. Wonderful piece. Thank you for the inspiration.

  57. great work you are doing dear….love reading it

  58. Very humbling insights. Thanks for taking the time to publish them.

  59. So much more space for people to excel than we first think. When I grow up I want to be… good at my job and happy.

  60. Such inspiration touches a sister heart. Sometimes it is the outlook of another mother’s kindred spirit that keeps us going and today that is you. Thank you.

  61. Hey, I nominated you for an award! Check out my blog!

    • I really do appreciate the award nomination, but I really don’t “do” most awards. They are really not something I can follow up with….it involves work on my part and I am really quite lazy!
      Thank you anyway.

  62. Was great hanging out with you for awhile this morning! As an astro-numerologist I totally agree with the concept you present here: we are all different with gifts that perfectly align to our purpose for the benefit of the whole. Keep the joy bubbles floating!

  63. Thank you for this beautiful post!

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