Having been on a diet for forever, I was starved for something sweet. I admit that I used to eat a lot of “comfort food”, so finding a way I could still do this and not gain weight has been a challenge.  Fortunately,  I came up with secret of packing little bags of Jelly Bellies, these great little jelly beans that really taste like what they say they taste like. My favorites are licorice, cotton candy, and, (of course for anyone who KNOWS me,) buttered popcorn.  I purchase only my favorite flavors, and package about 20 of them into little bags. Then, throughout the day when I need a little boost, I eat a few, and I am happy.

It has dawned on me that my life is full of little jelly belly moments, not in relation to the real jelly bean, but as a reaction to little events that can happen that also give me a boost and make me happy:

little baby smiles everywhere; in the grocery store, as I am stopped at a red light and look sideways, in a shopping cart, and in the many wonderful photos on WordPress blogs

ordering a salad at Panera bread getting a reward for free

a hug and an “I love you” from my husband

seeing a grandfather walking along, holding the hand of his joyous granddaughter, all dressed up with coat and fancy hat, skipping happily along, ribbons trailing

sun beaming through clouds after a rain; even better, a rainbow, but that is a rarity and would be worth a whole bag of jelly bellies

a person coming out of the store and holding the door for me, smiling

getting that next to last piece of bread in the loaf so you don’t have to eat the end

hanging a picture on the wall and having it come out straight the first time

finding a $10 bill in the pocket of a coat I haven’t worn in a long time

getting cup of tea at that one perfect temperature

getting three green lights in a row when I am in a hurry

taking a group picture and having everyone turn out beautifully (okay…I have only dreamed of this happening, but it would be a jelly belly moment if it did)

having all of the socks match when folding the laundry

the warmth of a fireplace while lounging on the couch watching favorite tv shows, (mine is Parenthood, of course)

being able to sleep late on a day I would have normally gone work

being able to fill my gas tank on a nice day, instead of a cold or windy day

being the last car to go through a green arrow light

having at least a smidgen of milk left in the container, enough for my tea, after 3 large young men and 1 thirsty “old” man have used it

having a clean house with nothing left to clean, (alas, this will never happen in my house…if it did it would be worth a 1,000 pound jelly bean.)

eating dinner together as a family…contently…

no line at the bank

being dressed warm enough in the winter so I can actually breath in the crisp air and enjoy it

eating lobster…whoooo!  (that, too, is a whole bag of jelly bellies!)

a hug from a child, especially if it is accompanied by and “I love you”

Little things like this keep me going, keep me happy, and encourage me to live on…

What are some of YOUR jelly belly moments?



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  1. Hmm… A jelly bean moment for me is when one of ‘my kids’ at the school I volunteer for hugs me for no reason or calls me a nickname like ‘mom’ or there are a few 5th graders that call me ‘George’.

  2. WOW!!! That sure is some list of jelly bellies!!! :O I’m sure I can’t match it but I know this isn’t competitive: it’s personal.

    I guess some jelly belly moments for me would be:

    – having a great night’s sleep without the wife snoring in my ear ( maybe a bag of jelly bellies would come in handy beside the bed! 😉 )

    – going for a brisk walk to town and back on a cold and frosty morning, just like I did today

    – taking the perfect picture of an insect that decides to pose for the photo instead of fly away just as I press the shutter

    – eating turkey and stuffing sandwiches at New Year when everyone else can’t even bare the sight of it

    – eating a rice pudding with a big chunk of cake in it (my mum always made it like this)

    – eating tomato soup with chips (french fries) in when I got home from school

    – finding someone who sells jeans that are a good fit around the waist AND the leg size is perfect too (that IS a tough one in the UK!)

    – finding a window cleaner who would clean the inside as well as the outside windows

    – asking Santa to leave my wife a note for the following year to say that it’s just not normal for people to start eating Christmas cake in October!

    It’s little things like this that make me smile. I hope they did you, too!

  3. love your jelly bean moments. 🙂 the best thing about the jelly bellies, is that you enjoy them individually, not just throw a bunch in. kind of like your moments, savor each special one at time. 🙂

  4. Have you read 1000 gifts by Ann Volskamp??? Fantastic… All about those jelly belly moments…

  5. I absolutely love this post! For me the jelly bean moments are: catching my boys playing together sweetly; When my 2-yr-old calls his Playschool teacher (from a gift set) the mommy & all the students are brothers and sisters; and when my husband sends me texts through the day just to check in. I also love, love music, so hearing a favorite song or finding an amazing new one will totally change my mood.Thank you for sharing.

  6. I agree Ann Voskamp does have great stuff on “jelly belly” moments. I have personally been reminded of my moments as I have done her joy dares and other monthly challenges…. But mostly I am reminded that it is those little things that make me realize that life is joyous…
    lunch with a friend
    a glass of wine shared with another friend
    a phone call from my grandson (the last one was a lecture on penguins, the school topic of the day)
    a kindness done by a stranger: ie: holding the door
    a beautiful sunny day by the water
    the warm (Ish) rain that obliterated the snow yesterday
    I believe, that we just need to keep our eyes open and we will see those little blessings that life has to bring around every corner. Thanks for sharing your list.

  7. this one brough a smile to my face. I know i have already had some “jelly belly” moments today. My stepson, age 9, had a great sleepover with a friend last evening, and I was the first to encounter them when they woke up. he was so excited and happy.

  8. OK, so you’re normal. – except for the bread crust one. I thought everyone fights for the crust. Maybe it’s my family that’s odd.
    I enjoy the feel and scent of air after a thunder storm.
    Catching the scent of lilacs as you walk down the street.

  9. my dog resting his head in my lap

    hugging people

    smiling at the person serving me and getting a smile back

    coffee. more coffee. even more coffee.

    wind rustling through bamboo

    watching my dogs snooze

    you write the best posts. thank you for making my morning.

  10. i have to admit that most of my moments are jelly belly moments, its absolutely true though,that the best jelly bellies are cotton candy,licorice,and buttered popcorn,much love to you and your family

  11. Wonderful post! Thank you for making me stop to think about my own jelly bean moments–my day just turned around! 🙂

  12. Some big ones for me are:

    Taking a nice long walk while listening to music with my headphones on

    Seeing how pretty the world looks when it’s foggy out

    Sitting in the woods and looking up at the sky on a clear night to look at the stars

    and my personal favorite:

    Baby smiles…those are good anytime and anywhere 🙂

  13. What a fun idea for a post!

    Jelly Belly moments:
    …going for a walk in the brisk, sunny Pacific NW with hubby
    …having our kids and their spouses come visit
    …playing with the dog
    …girl time with girlfriends
    …taking a motorcycle trip somewhere new

  14. What a fun way to look at those good things in life that we can take for granted. Love your list of jelly belly moments! My daughters provide me endless moments of jelly belly love.

  15. Wow, you made me smile – thankyou, it is the little things in life that make the big difference.
    For me : family unions, birds, sky, nature, learning something new, seeing results when children learn something new, knowing i’m not alone when i feel alone. These are just a few. Thanks for the spark. 🙂

  16. mscaregiverdonna said:

    My best jelly bean moment is when my seven month old grandson is brought into the house and sees me for the first time that day. His face lights up in excitment and love and the whole world shines in that moment.

  17. Love your list! A few of the items on mine?
    A hug from my granddaughter
    An invitation to an outing with my girls
    Dinner with my husband
    A really good book

  18. There are so many jelly belly moments in life and we need to keep reminding ourselves about all the positive things that we should be thankful for.

  19. What a great list!! Raindrops on roses . . . . Just kidding. No, actually I’m not. I love raindrops on roses and every other flower. Beautiful post!

  20. greenandclean said:

    Yep, it’s those wonderful little moments that get us through the often long days and weeks. They seem like such small things but for me they are evidence of a job well done.

  21. I`m in the UK and am reeling at the flavours available in Jelly Bellies – all we have are Jelly Beans and they all taste the same (I think – haven`t had one for ages). Like the bit about having socks that match when folding the laundry – that is a counsel of perfection! I wish!

  22. Love the socks matching bit….my five kids grew up in the sixties and seventies wanting to wear torn bluejeans, sandals, and unkempt long hair, but I could never talk them into wearing mismatched socks. It would have been so freeing for me and didn’t seem much worse than torn clothes.

    Too many jellybelly moments to know where to begin, but your telling about your group making food for the homeless and stopping to dance, brought back the delight of watching three pre-teen granddaughters dancing happily as they folded and put away laundry.
    Thanks to my granddaughters’ reminder, now that I am not having to use a walker, I put on Dixieland music and dance as I dust and mop. That lighthearted music transforms boring tasks.

    Thank you for all your posts. Every one touches and inspires me. And reminds me to keep you and your wonderful challenging family in my prayers.

  23. “getting cup of tea at that one perfect temperature”
    This one is so true!

    … a random hug from my youngest
    … a blog post from a cherished friend
    … an email from a loved one
    … glancing out the window and seeing snow
    … my hubby telling me he loves me
    … the dog snuggling up to me
    … a favourite song coming on the radio
    … my teenage son saying I love you Mum (wow!)
    … my baby nephew’s smile
    … an ice cold glass of water

    So many little things, all adding up to some happy times. Thanks for this post, you made me smile 🙂

  24. “Jelly Belly” moments, I like that.

    – My daughter playing with her stuffed bears as if they were babies, cuddling them, rocking them, pretending to feed them and change their diaper. LOVE IT!

    – Hugs and like you this is especially when they are paired with an “I love you.”

    -a completely clean house, which is NOT going to happen.

    (So many more now that I think of it and thank you for causing me to think about it.)

  25. Love this post and your constant optimism! You continue to go through so much in life, but always seem to remain positive. It is an amazing quality and one which you should never change! Keep on smiling because it is infectious! 🙂

  26. Lovely post, and some wonderful comments, too. A jelly bean moment for me is: Having the time to sit in my favourite park on a sunny day to read a book. I could write a whole post just about that.

  27. Mine would be: 60* in January and anything in print that says “by” followed by my name!

  28. My jelly belly moments is getting together with my best friend (from high school, and you know who you are lol) and being each others therapist, When my great nephew calls me Auntie K, I just adore the way he days it. Walking in a misting rain, the sight of a rainbow over the Newport bridge (I saw three just last year) they are breath taking!!!

  29. My jelly belly moment today was just now when you were the first to like my new post! Thank you thank you! As a new blogger I really appreciate it – and especially from you – a seasoned blogger and book writer! This new venture is one I’m undertaking with excitement and reservation all rolled in one. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. And may you have many more jelly belly moments!

  30. When kids say the cutest things. Like when my 3-year old calls the Green Bay Packers the “Green Bean Crackers”. 🙂 As a side note, dark chocolate Hershey kisses (they’re about 20 calories a piece) or 40 calorie lollipops–and even sugar free gum–help subside my sweet tooth every now and then!

  31. I love this post !
    My jelly bean moments would be :
    When your child tell you they love you when you haven’t said it first.
    When N who has ASD wants to cuddle ( ok that one if worth a whole box of jelly beans)
    When you come home from shopping and you have only been gone for an hour but your kids act like they haven’t seen you in years
    When my hubby asks if I want a back massage
    When the N and M get off the bus and are safely home .
    When I know hubby is going to be home soon and I just can’t wait to see him
    When my dad says he proud of me ( he loves me but is more of a person who tell you where you can fix things rather then praise you for the things you already have done)
    My list could go on . There are a lot of little jelly bean moments in my life , in fact that’s what gets me through everyday. Celebrating and looking at all the small things that make my life rich .

  32. My best jelly bean moment today was when I started reading this post.Loved it!

  33. optimisticgladness said:

    This is such a happy post. Love it. So simple, but deep at the same time. I have so many “Jelly bean moments.” that my bag is over flowing. To name one…”I love you ma. Thank you for spending time with me.” 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful post.

  34. My personal favorite: having all of the socks match when folding the laundry

  35. This post really made me smile & I love the concept of Jelly Bean moments. There are so many small moments in life which I don’t stop to really notice but they shall now be assigned to Jelly Beans. Thank you 🙂

  36. Love the jellybean idea and the rest of the post. Nice!

  37. Will this list be ongoing?? I hope so!! Love it….

    I followed….please come visit me sometime…

  38. Jelly Bean are my favorite candy… What a great way to relate it to life… Thanks for making me smile!

  39. restingintheword said:

    Loved this – it put a smile on my face.

  40. What a cute post, loved it 😀

  41. I absolutely love it when my daughter gives me an unsolicited “I love you”…

  42. Waking up in a panic that I need to get out of bed and go to work, and then realizing it’s Saturday…. 🙂

  43. Love your post! I am disabled and I find joy in the smallest “jelly beans” of being able to wake every morning with joy in my heart, a portion of my health and strength, and God gracing me with life to share in my two grandsons lives. Being able to share a message about God’s goodness given my limitations brings “jelly bean” satisfaction to my life. It’s what I live for. And after reading your post, I now have a new inspiration to build on, “jelly bean”moments! Thank you for sharing!

  44. I love your blog snf have nominated it for the blog on fire award.
    Please see this post … http://seekingfinding.co.uk/2013/01/13/231/

  45. What an awesome and inspirational post! Thank you for sharing your jelly belly moments with us.

  46. My Jelly Belly moment is that feeling I get when I’ve finished all of my daily writing deadlines on time, and still want to write more.

  47. I’ll bet you have a lot of Jelly Belly moments because you look for them. I tell my kids, “You find what you look for.” I could do it more myself, though. Some of my moments are hearing a bird sing near my window, seeing one of my kids give the other one a sweet note or gift, my husband doing the dishes. Thanks for getting me thinking about these.

  48. I love this post!! Jelly bean moments; what a wonderful way of saying pay attention to the little things in life!

    Some of my jelly bean moments: a cup of tea gently warming my hands, sunlight streaming through the blinds in the morning, being wrapped in a really soft blanket, hugs, feeling the ground beneath my feet. Just to name a few!

  49. Jelly belly moments;) that is a creative way of looking at life!
    -walking outside after a good rain
    -having my kitties entertain me
    -the feeling after a long walk
    -the wind blowing my hair out of my face
    and MANY more!!!!

  50. Love your Jelly Belly moments! One of mine is spending time playing with my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter. Her smile literally lights up a room.

  51. A lot of my moments get written about. Children take center stage and miracles overlooked. And eating jelly bellies.

  52. To love someone or even LIFE is to give thanks for it. I thank you for the lesson on APPRECIATION. Something I have to put into my attitudes to improve upon greatly. A bag of Joy Boasters indeed appreciation. If there is something that lights up my emotions it’s being acknowledged and appreciated. Jesus said we reap what we sow. Well you’ve sown the spirit/seed of thanksgiving in my parched soil. I do thank you for that but that word of thanks would go no further if i wasn’t truly inspired to continue watering it with prayers that I to would now also as you sow the very seed of that wonderful and powerful fruit that I got from you. # EarsToHear praise and thanksgiving the fruit of APPRECIATION.

  53. When one of my children wakes before the other. We cuddle on the couch with our juice and coffee and enjoy a quiet moment. 🙂

  54. What a wonderful list of jelly belly moments, I especially like anything with hugs, smiles and I love you’s….thanks for the uplifting post on this dreary monday morning.

  55. I absolutely love this post. of a truth its the little things that count. 🙂

  56. Love this post so much, as it seems many others do! What a lovely concept and thank you for sharing =]

    I have a bit of a brain freeze on thinking of my jelly bean moments right now but I know there are lots. For me my favourite jelly bean moments are perhaps getting a text from someone who is very dear to me but who’s contact with me is very on and off. Cuddles with my kitten – which is a frequent jelly bean moment! Car drives with my Mum. Getting the kitchen all sparkly.

    Many things =]


  57. Big one right now is finding someone new liking my poetry at bythemightymumford.wordpress.com! It’s what I spend most of my time doing when not doing everything else.
    You have a great attitude. Met my wife while being a Home Missionary working with the physically and mentally challenged (the present euphanism, I think?) and now take care of my wife who gradually failed in health over the years.
    Maybe I should try this—I generally buy a large bag of popcorn, chips or small bag of candy (I’m a diabetic 🙂 ) and consume same on the 1/2 hour or so ride hope from work at 1 AM in the morning!

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  59. watermark17 said:

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing and being a beautiful inspiration. A jelly-belly moment for me would be watching my kids catch on to a new skill in the pool. Or those moments when I can remember to take a deep breath and LIVE. Peace Joy and Love!

  60. Reading each new blog post you share with all of us! A warm, sweet, creamy latte’. Watching videos of my three girls when they were babies and toddlers. Seeing my husband smile.

  61. Just discovered your blog and I love it! Great insights and laugh-out-loud moments – what more could a reader ask for? Well you delivered with “jelly belly” moments. Great idea and I can almost taste the coffee flavored jelly belly as I think over my gratitude moments of today. Thanks for the wonderful posts —

  62. Hi. I liked your jelly belly moments. I am not sure if we have those in Australia but they sound yummy.

    regards Maria and crew from australia email: bubbygirl1972@gmail.com check out http://www.95-the-mix.com where we play lots of great music

  63. boughtandsetfree said:

    Jelly Belly moments for me are smiles.
    I love the smile of a child, a friend or complete stranger.
    I just love smiling and laughing or even singing or dancing out of the blue with children, friends or strangers at home or in a public place and walking away like nothing happened.
    Who couldn’t use a laugh or a smile? Or an impromptu moment to cause a little more joy.

  64. Those are some really good jelly belly moments. One of mine would be when I snuggle with my little girls and one of them falls asleep in my arms. Doesn’t happen often as they are getting a bit older

  65. Wow. These are great. I’m going to start looking for some of them in my day tomorrow!!

  66. Hmmm…it looks like my last response didn’t come out….I was wondering if an ongoing list that we all participate in could be created?

  67. Love this post. What a reminder that joy sometimes comes in little packages. 🙂

  68. Having all the socks match would deserve a whole bag of Jelly Belly’s for me. Right now I’m in a phase of life where I’m starting over so finding those moments has been a blessing for me. When I finally get to read the last chapter of the book I’ve been reading for awhile. When my ADD/ODD teenager gets ready for school without a fight. When I get to work early enough to find a decent parking spot. When I find a new blog like yours! 🙂

  69. When someone else is around to eat the second to the last piece of bread so I can have the end 🙂 enjoyed your blog! Stay strong and wrapped up in all that chaotic love !!

  70. What a gorgeous post and I loved the Christmas Day story of your son inviting his friend to the movies. Truly inspiring and I’m so flattered you had time to stop by our blog. Thank you for finding us and I’m so happy to be following yours now. You’re a true inspiration – my top jelly bean moments are seeing my children share a truly happy moment together (quite rare!) special hugs of course, watching them learn and care for others, hearing them say something like ‘mum, wouldn’t it be great if we could let that poor woman (sleeping or begging in a doorway) come and live at our house’ , discovering beautiful posts and blogs like yours, getting a like from the author of beautiful blogs and posts like yours:) oh and I agree with so many of yours too. Xx

  71. […] 5 Kids With Disabilities And Remaining Sane Blog rings the bell again with a wonderful post titled Life Is Like A Tiny Bag of Jelly Bellies.  Linda shares a number of little events that give “her a boost and make her happy.” […]

  72. I love the idea of “Jelly Belly moments”. We think along the same lines – I wrote a post about a month ago called “Perks”, that had a similar idea (I’d link to it, but I don’t know how!). think jelly belly moments that come at 5am, when you’re bleary-eyed and breastfeeding, are the sweetest of them all!

  73. This was beautiful! I started doing this with my daughter when she was in college. When she would be having a particular difficult day, I would have her tell me something that she was thankful for, kind of like a jelly belly moment….some days it was just as simple as “I like what I wore today”, other days it would be more, and the list would be a little longer.
    The point of it all was to get her to look around, and realize that we really do have a lot to be thankful for. Those were some rough days for us, but I believe it really helped her (and me!) get through some tough days in college.
    I noticed some other people mentioned the book by Ann Voskamp. I’ve read it and recommend it…it certainly helps me when I focus on the good things in life! 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading about more of your “moments”! God Bless you and your family!

  74. I love this. Your blog made me smile and reminds me of the things to be grateful for.

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    My Jelly Belly Moments…
    my daughter’s good morning hug, so sweet and full of love
    having the kids do something the first time asked
    being proud when we can drop everything and get our family of 5 out the door in under 20 minutes for impromptu outings and adventures
    catching the light bulb moments when teaching
    turning the radio on to the perfect song for the moment
    my husband holding my hand
    shopping at Aldi, no more coupons!
    watching E twirl and sing the night away
    friends that warm my heart, fill my soul with laughter, and even if it has been months since last meeting, pick up where you left off
    camp fires, traveling the back roads, and everything in between
    hanging out with gentle, imaginative M
    a glass of wine and my husband’s company
    tasty pulled pork and creamy, tangy cole slaw
    family adventures whether in the back woods, along the beach, or out on the road
    seeing the world through little R’s eyes
    eating, cooking, grilling, and talking about food
    Saturday morning family snuggles
    decorating for the holidays, any holiday
    clean sheets
    So this is such a small bag of my jellies, my mind is filling with more as I type. What are some of your Jelly Belly moments?

  76. I love this! You have totally inspired me to write in my jelly belly moments (one of them being the “I love you, Mommy” I get from my daughter)! I also bed to learn to focus more on the buttered popcorn jelly beans and less on the licorice ones (which I detest). Will pingback when I get a moment to gather my inspiration.

  77. […] of Linda’s posts was titled “Life Is A Tiny Bag of Jelly Bellies” and I just had to know what was up. Forest Gump says it’s like a box of chocolates, […]

  78. I love it – jelly bean moments! Hoping for this flavor tomorrow: being able to fill my gas tank on a nice day, instead of a cold or windy day 🙂

  79. Today you are the recipient of the Super Sweet Blogging Award! (http://abundelic.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/super-sweet-blogging-award/). Thanks for your inspiration!

  80. Thank you for visiting me and bringing me back here…I do follow you but clearly don’t drop in nearly enough…I sooo needed this and today YOU were my jelly belly moment!

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    It’s the little things in life that really matter! So what are yours?

  82. That’s a great list! My favorite show is Parenthood too. And who doesn’t love Jelly Bellies? I could make any moment a Jelly Belly one.

  83. madaughter said:

    Love your jelly-belly moments! The smiles of babies are wonderful, aren’t they?

    Here are just a few of mine:

    A back massage from my husband when I’ve been slaving in the kitchen,
    Having the whole house to myself for a few hours
    Sitting with a cat on my lap.
    Eating out for breakfast
    Singing in the choir at church

  84. Love your blog 🙂 This post bought a smile to my face.

  85. rebeccavt said:

    I love, love, love this post! Little jelly bellies throughout the day; little treats of sweetness, tiny gifts…you have really hit the nail on the head! thank you, I will be keeping this idea in my mind and heart and will thank you each time I am blessed to receive a “jelly belly”!

  86. I really like this (though I totally hate licorice, but I’ll give it to you, girl!). My jelly belly moments: coffee in bed with my boyfriend on weekend mornings, lazy days spent watching hours of TV(LOVE Parenthood too!), walking to the subway on mornings when it’s sunny and brisk and clear, extra pickles on a sandwich! Love your blog.

  87. jelly belly moment … getting a call from the school at 5:30 a.m. because of a snow-day.. then sneaking in the kid’s rooms softly tell them the good news … then watch their faces and smiles as they are half asleep … best ever!!!!
    oh… and reading your sweet blog on a not so sweet day … yes… jelly belly moments 🙂
    THANK YOU!!!!

    • Love your jelly belly moment…only I would not have woken them up, I would have crawled back into bed and fallen asleep!

      • you gotta do this just right… you can’t wake them up completely … but make them believe you are the answer to their dreams… it takes practice … and then you can go back to sleep!!! 🙂

  88. I needed to read this today. Long, hard day. I had just read a quote, “everyday cannot be good, but there is good in everyday”. I plan to use this quote, and perhaps mention you and your jellybean moments in my own blog if you don’t mind. aprojectforkindness.wordpress.com
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  89. I just finished writing for today. I added a link to your blog. Hope you don’t mind. I might even use jelly bellies as incentives in my Kindergarten classroom when we see our own moments to help encourage kindness.

  90. Great post, it made me smile so much!

    So many jelly belly moments for me too…
    A rare sunny winter day to go hiking outside
    An ‘I love you” from the man I love
    A day when my cat just wants to cuddle instead of chew on my hair
    A pj day
    Dinner at my grandparents house

    The list could go on, so many things to be thankful for 🙂

  91. One of today’s jelly belly moments- finding a blog that makes me smile!

  92. One of my jelly belly’s is creative people like you stopping by my blog, so I know about you and can enjoy yours! Thanks and looking forward to reading your posts.

  93. Hi, I came to read some of your blogposts today and I love them. My jellybelly moments include finishing all the folding up and ironing, sleeping in late on Sundays and getting a kiss and a hug from my boys.

    • Ironing? I hate to say it, but I don’t even own an iron. If it is wrinkled, I throw it in the dryer with a wet facecloth for about 10 minutes. That’s cuz I’m lazy…
      If I had to iron, that would be a whole bag of jelly bellies if I finished it! (This comes from my childhood when I used to have to iron my dad’s handkerchiefs and underwear. I vowed when I was old enough, I would never iron again!)

  94. Love this! It really made me start a think! I am going to make my list tonight!

  95. What a wonderful thought! I think a lot of people, (me included) get so wound up in trying to achieve very big, very visual goals that can make all their FB friends jealous! It’s so important to simply enjoy the precious little moments that matter most to you! I think I forget that far too much – so thank you for the delicious little reminder!

    • You are welcome.

      I guess I am old fashioned. I never got “into” Facebook. I actually have a page and I can see what others write, but it is boring and a waste of time for me. “Oh! I just got out of the shower and I smell good with my new perfume.” “Was late to college because I got stopped at 4 red lights”. and the infamous “I am so hung over I can’t see straight.” Maybe blogging is the same, but to me posts have more substance.The day I start writing about how I smell after my shower is the day readers will stop reading. (Well, unless I smell particularly great, like hot buttered popcorn or cotton candy. Wait! I’m write back into the jelly belly mode!)

  96. This is a great analogy. I really enjoy your writing. Some of my jelly belly moments:
    -Drinking a full cup of tea while its still hot
    -When I’m tired and my toddler daughter comes up to me, pushes me to lie down, rubs my face, kisses me and say “ok?”
    -I come home after groceries to make a meal and my husband has tidied up and done all the dishes
    -watching my daughter and dog play
    -capturing a moment with my camera
    -time spent talking with a close friend
    -seeing how happy my parents are as grandparents
    Your moments are great! Looking forward to reading more

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