No Electricity?

Is there something wrong with me?  Our electricity went out this morning and my ONLY thought was that I would not be able to use the computer. No heat…fine. No cooking…fine.  Food melts in refrigerator…fine.  But no computer and I’m freaking out!


PS. As you can tell, the electricity came back on, I’m a happy camper now…


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  1. Now this is funny! Thanks for the grins.

  2. Yeah, even here in Nicaragua, where the power goes out once a week or so, I still have the same reaction.

  3. The age of the computer most certainly has changed the way we work and think. What will the future hold when electricity is replaced by something else?

  4. haha….sorry! Had to laugh!
    Glad you have your computer…errr I mean…electricity back! 🙂

  5. I, and many others, feel your pain.

  6. Liar! You are at the coffee shop nibbling a fine pastry and sipping espresso from a tiny china cup with your pinky raised. You enjoy the uppity atmosphere while your abandoned others are left to fend for themselves.

    (Glad the lights came back on!)

  7. jadesandwich said:

    My power went out the other night. The first thing I did was be thankful that I had an iphone with internet access. Sad but true haha

  8. Love your honesty lol.

  9. ha! i know, we’re addicted!!! who need lights – just wifi!! 😉

  10. LOL I can’t lie- that’d be my first reaction as well and if most people were honest, theirs as well- we’re social creatures and the Internet has opened a very large world to us lol

  11. Unbelievable! But I completely understand! Here in Brazil every time there’s strong rain the power goes out. Sometimes just for a few minutes and other times for a couple of hours… It usually only happens in the summer months when the rain is VERY strong… Still, every time I panic thinking: O no, what am I going to do if I don’t have internet??! 🙂 Sad but true we are addicted.

  12. I can SO relate!

  13. LOL! Hubby forgot to pay the cable bill the other day, and I woke up to no internet. I actually had to *gasp* clean the kitchen!

    I finally called and straightened it out, but I told the customer service lady “A clean house is the sign of a broken computer”. She hadn’t heard that one before. 🙂

  14. Yay! So glad its back!

  15. The snow storm here left many without power. (Luckily not me. I had a Christmas Movie Marathon to get to during my snow day!) My parent’s power went out right as my mom was about to make her coffee. She looked around. No coffee, can’t start the dishwasher, can’t do the laundry. She wrapped a few presents then took a nap!
    It made me think what I would have done without power. My first thought was catch up on blog reading….I would have failed miserably!

  16. Glad you are back online! And I totally agree, no computer, or no cell phone, is tough!

  17. I’d be the same!

  18. It happened to me too and I realised that I had become addicted to the internet, something which I swore would never happen to me 😉

  19. Oh my, I was so worried for a minute there. :0

  20. lol i’m a bit that way. accept when we lost electricity in winter and we were hand raising a cockatiel which we still have. He had no feathers and was in a little box with things around him to keep him warm. I ended up crawling in to bed and cuddling up to the box to keep him warm.

    lol Blessings! Maria Joe and loving guide Karly. Email/ I Message: &fb twitter: bubbygirl skype: bubbygirl1972

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