When Angel recently graduated from high school, (Thank GOD for that huge accomplishment,) I lent him my mini-van for a car.  When Dinora graduated from high school, we paid 1/2 the price of a car for her so she could use it to go to work and college.  By the time we got to our 4th high school graduate, lending him my car was the best I could do! He has been thrilled with the mini-van, unfazed by the stares from classmates. He can drive and he has a car and that is all that matters!

Fortunately for me, who gave up my mini-van, I was able to obtain a huge 12 passenger wheelchair life van for free.  (long story.) It is so tall that I need a step stool to climb up into it.  And I am not very ladylike in doing so!  But once I get in and start driving, it seems like a regular car to me, as long as I just look forward.  I also just drive it forward, of course, because backing up this monstrosity of a van is a little beyond my capabilities.

This van is a 2002. Huge. Older model with some mechanical difficulties. Last week, it would not start.  It appeared that all of the oil had drained out of the engine. I couldn’t budge it.  A frequent user of AAA, I called for a tow to our family mechanic.  I told them my van needed a tow.  They asked me what kind of van.  “White”, I answered.  “Dodge”.  They asked me what model Dodge, and I told them a van.  (How was I to know that there are many styles of vans? I’m just a little old mother…) “1500?” they asked.  “Sure!” I answered.   I waited the requisite half hour, and along came a cute little tow truck with a lovely driver.  He took one look at the van, which towered over his tow truck, and started to laugh.  “They didn’t tell me it was a 3500 model” he said.  I took the blame for that, pleading ignorance about vans.  He did not look too hopeful that his little tow truck would be able to tow it, but because he did not want me to have to wait any longer, he offered to try.  He was very nice.  He backed up the tow truck and hooked up the van.  As he started to try to lift it, the van did not budge!  Instead, the tow truck moved, and the front of the truck was soon lifted high in the air! It was hilarious!  As the driver slowly lowered his truck, he apologized that he “did not think” he would be able to tow it.  And we both burst into laughter.

I had to wait several more hours for a flatbed tow truck to come to bring the van to the mechanics.  I didn’t  mind the wait.  I giggled the whole time!


Comments on: "I Thought That Only Happened in Cartoons…" (13)

  1. Bet you know more than you will ever need to know about different types of vans now!

  2. love the cartoon image in my head

  3. I can just see the tow truck’s front end going up in the air. Sounds like an episode of “I love Lucy”. So glad you can keep your sense of humor.

  4. I needed to read this as our 2001 van is about to kick the bucket, and I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry first! Bless your perseverance…

  5. kelihasablog said:

    LOL… that would be me… Hope you got it fixed for a reasonable price. 😀

  6. An excellent tale, and well told.

  7. Alex Meryn said:

    Glad to hear your dilemma worked out with laughter! I do hope your van is okay?

    • The van continues to need work. Just last week, after filling up with gas at a gas station, the van would not shift. Come to find out, the shifter had been so rusty it froze in place. I was still stopped at the gas pump,holding up traffic. As is my luck, the gas station was also an automotive repair. The technician actually had to climb under my van, with another technician on the driver’s seat with his foot on the break. While under the van, he somehow put the car in “drive”, and crawled back out as the car was in dive. The technician drove around the parking lot and stopped in an empty slot, where the other technician had to crawl back under the van and manually put the transmission in park. Fortunately, they quickly sanded off all of the rust and I was on my way for a measly $59! I am the luckiest person on earth!

      • Alex Meryn said:

        It’s always so encouraging when people go to the lengths these guys did to help someone. I love it!

        And my absolute favourite sentence, ever: “I am the luckiest person on earth!”

        I think it might be that only those who understand the alternative ever say it out loud…

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