My 13 year old daughter announced to me the other day that she is in love!  As a young girl once myself, (many, many years ago, ) I remember the joy of first love, the innocence, the caring how you look, and the giddiness involved.  Marie showed me a picture of him. His name is Jose and he recently moved to their school from Guatemala.  Cute kid. He had already accomplished one thing…motivated Marie to go to school every day.  She also dutifully did her homework, because if she didn’t she would have to sit with the teachers at lunch rather than…Jose!!!!

When I came home from work today, my husband was exceptionally glad to see me and he said he needed help. Marie had come home from school and asked him to pick Jose up and bring him to our house.  They had been “calling each other” all afternoon.  The major problem is, both are profoundly deaf. Jose was calling her on his house phone.  Marie was desperately trying to text him on her cell phone.  A child of technology and a certain standard of living, Marie could not understand why Jose did not have a cell phone.   Jose called time and time again.  Exasperated, Marie asked me to “talk” to him.  As with Marie’s speech, his words were indistinguishable.  I explained to her that I could not understand what he was saying.  Marie came up with the bright idea of calling my other daughter, Dinora, who is also from Guatemala.  “She talk same. Understand him!”  Marie signed.  I laughed and told her she spoke Spanish but would still not be able to understand him.  My husband just shrugged. He had not been able to explain it to her either.

Marie begged for me to just go to his house to pick him up.  She knew where he lived, she insisted.  He lived in “next town”.  The “town” we live next to is the second largest city in our state.  She proudly drew a picture of 2 cross streets and a house on the corner, next to a tree.  The house had the number 123 on it.  “There”, she signed, “Map same Judge Judy.”  She was, of course, referring to the Judge Judy television show where litigants would demonstrate on a map, very similar to the one she drew, regarding how a car accident had happened.  “What name street?” I asked.  She looked at me and signed “123”.  “No, what NAME street?” I signed back. She didn’t know, but said the map was good and it would show us how to get to his house.  My husband and I burst out laughing hysterically, hurting Marie’s feelings. We explained how we would have to go street to street throughout the enormous city looking for all of the houses with “123” on them until we found Jose’s.   She did not appreciate the humor in it.  She asked to me to call his mom, which I tried to do.   However, Jose repeatedly answered the phone, wanting to “talk”  to Marie.  So, there were the 2 of them, both “talking” to each other for over an hour, neither one aware of what the other was saying.  Perhaps that is just as well…

Comments on: "Love isn’t BLIND it’s DEAF!" (21)

  1. meredith said:

    What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. How sweet!!!

  3. Great story. My daughter has a speech delay, but I know that’s not going to keep her away from the boys when she’s old enough. I hope that doesn’t happen too soon, though.

  4. Bless both of them. Young love can be hard enough. They have double trouble. I hope they finally got it straightened out.

  5. What a sweet story indeed!

  6. Wow, and I thought regular dating was difficult when I was a teen! What a funny story–of course, I can see why your daughter was not amused, but maybe someday she will see the humor.

  7. You are sooo good at writing! 🙂 I love your stories. 🙂

  8. Aww! Totally warms the heart.

  9. so cute! one of my aunties is deaf too, but she speaks very well since she became deaf at 24, she does not hear at all, but she uses the phone anyway, her tipical phone call sounds like this:
    she dials the phone number, she waits a little, she introduces herself screaming, she screams her message to the attention of… she hangs the phone without any further compliments, very nice! She also answers the phone (it has a red lightbulb that turns on): she starts screaming she is deaf, and then she asks to call after 7,30 PM
    I like her so much and her motto: Nothing is going to stop me!

  10. Maybe Judge Judy knows where Jose lives?

  11. Yep, that’s true teenage love. They just needed to be connected and “hear each other’s voices”.

    Have a great week.

  12. oldbrusharbors said:

    What a lovely story, I enjoyed it! God Bless Bro Pat Old Brush Arbors.

  13. What a lovely story. I’m smiling now. 🙂

    I guess the spirit just wants to do what it wants to do and gets frustrated by the details of ordinary life 🙂

    I’m really glad I stopped by!

  14. TheNorEaster said:

    Oh, that’s great! I am hard-of-hearing myself-severe to profound-so that story was just an absolute delight!

    Tell your daughter she made me “happy excite”!!

  15. Very sweet story!

  16. Ana Badra said:

    I just found your blog and am amazed. I’m reading it all! Going backwards, I’m already on page 4.
    You’re incredible and the blog is really inspiring, I love your children without having ever met or talked to them…
    Angel is fascinating, Steven is adorable (I love reptiles too! And the Croc Hunter! And I wish I had a snake… really bad), Marie’s my favourite and I love reading about her. Francis is a fighter and he encourages me to work hard. You haven’t talked much about Dinora, but her miracle made me cry like a little girl. So do your posts about your mother, whom I wish i had knew, for she seems outstanding.
    You’ve gained another reader! A faithful one!

    You should write a book!

  17. rhemashope said:

    This is so cute. And the Judge Judy map is about the dearest thing I’ve heard!

  18. Oh, man…I stumbled on your blog just now. I SWORE to myself that I would get some sleep tonight, but now I know what I’m going to be doing once I put the kids to bed. I love your blog!!!! 🙂

  19. carriemumof2withasd said:

    This made my day lol. Sooo sweet and very entertaining!

  20. did you ever get to the bottom of all this, has he been to visit since?

    Gill in Canada

    • 5kidswdisabilities said:

      Nope. Never figured out where he lived, and every now and then I still get calls on my cell phone from him making noises in the background. Marie used to do this when she was younger, call people on the phone and “talk” to them! If we are lucky, they won’t find out where each other lives until they are 16!

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