My 13 year old daughter who is deaf still believes in the Easter Bunny.  I think it has something to do with her not being able to hear people all around her talking about it!  She still believes he brings eggs and an Easter basket, (which, of course, we worn out-THIRTEEN YEARS OLD-parents still provide.)  Well, yesterday she had PROOF that the Easter Bunny exists.  She went with her dad to the local mall and she went into the ladies room.  As she was coming in, the Easter Bunny, (who MUST be a “she” because “she” used the ladies’ rest room,) came out of the handicapped stall.  Now, I’m guessing she was using the handicapped stall so there would be enough room to take the costume down to use the toilet.  Had Marie walked in 5 minutes sooner she would have seen what would have looked like a dead Easter Bunny sprawled on the bathroom floor!   But, NOOOOO, she walks in as the Easter Bunny comes strutting out of the stall and waves to Marie.  She is thrilled, of course!  Then she stops and thinks.  She yells after the Easter Bunny to come back, she forgot to wash her paws!!!!!!


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  1. How cute! What a memorable day for your Daughter.

  2. I love it.
    My 48 year old daughter and I still exchange Easter baskets.

  3. How sweet! My two older children always insisted that they saw the Easter Bunny in the hallway near their bedroom doors… and they were almost in their teens at that point!
    Ahhh… the joy of believing is a precious thing!

  4. Oh she sounds precious!!!! That was a sweet story. LOL “forgot to wash your paws!” How wonderful to have that magic still inside. My son believed in Santa up till last year. He’s 10 now.

  5. How sweet! My daughter is almost 17 and way past believing, it takes a lot of the fun out of it.

  6. Kirsten Lesko said:

    “Come back, she forgot to wash her paws.” LOL! That’s classic.

    I’m always surprised that my son believes in the Easter Bunny. It seems so lame & I don’t remember ever really buying it. But HE sure does! Santa Claus just seems so much more believable to me. I still miss believing in him.

  7. jo-sexualself-injury said:

    How can you not believe in the Easter Bunny!?!? Great story.

  8. I just want to say that you are a wonderful and warm person who deserves all the blessings in the world. May God bless you in everything you do.

  9. How incredibly cute!!

  10. Ha Ha!!! And it is so important to wash your paws especially if you’re handling other peoples chocolates.
    Reminds me of Bill Cosby’s old show “Kids say the darndest things”

  11. Hey thanks for coming by my blog recently. I came over here and read some of your posts but didn’t have time to comment. I just want to say that you are amazing and it just warms my heart to think of you and all the good work you are doing. I struggle with one two year old without disabilities. I have a huge amount of admiration for you and you must have days where it’s so hard. I hope you have many, many surprise Easter Bunny days for your daughter and all your family. This is such a lovely story. With love x

  12. You mean the Easter Bunny is not real????????????????

  13. Oh, that is SO sweet!! There is something so innocent about her still believing in the Easter bunny!!

    I got a little worried this past weekend when we went to Borders and someone was dressed as the EB and my daughter said, “That’s not the Easter Bunny. That’s someone dressed as the Easter Bunny” and when I asked her how she could tell, she said she could see the person’s neck under the head part of the costume.

    But I was relieved when she said, “It’s okay…the EB probably sent that person to help out since he’s so busy making Easter baskets”. Whew….a narrow escape!

  14. Absolutely hilarious story! I just loved this.

    I swear this is exactly why I continue to read blogs. You can’t beat the wonderful stories that mothers have to share. 😉

  15. Deanna Schrayer said:

    Oh how funny! That’s one you won’t forget anytime soon, and thank goodness for that. 🙂

  16. my 11 yo son with asperger’s still wants to, too, though we pretty much gave up and broke the santa news to him last summer.

  17. She might want to sanitize her chocolates before she eats them, now that she is aware of the EB’s poor hygiene habits…

    We have some disabilities and mental illness in the family, but not all at once and living in one house. Wow! I guess you have to be able to do your best everyday and never feel guilty that you could have done it better. In the past I found it very heartbreaking that I couldn’t “save” anyone from themselves and I had to remind myself that I could only do my best and the rest is up to them. Bless you!

  18. What a great image. I can just picture the Easter Bunny coming out of the stall, and your daughter being concerned that she didn’t wash her paws. Too funny!

  19. Thanks for finding my blog! I’m happy to have found yours, too. Wow, five with disabilities. I bow to you.

    My 13-year-old son still fully believes in the Easter Bunny, too. : )

  20. This is too funny. I am so happy I came to read this.

  21. Actually I just read this to my husband too and we both think it is the most adorable story. =)

  22. I agree an adorable story………

    Gill in Canada

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